If you're going 80mph how long will it take go to 80miles?

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Mr Scientific : *I lost so many brain cells.*

Big Smoke : She is the type of person who looks up and down before crossing a street

Sweaky Balls : Future of America is looking bright

Sadi : *Later she became a TicTok celebrity*

Lol Penguinspoop : The other girl is obviously dumber for recording vertically

Amine WOOF : *Brain has left the chat.*

Vsauce666 PRIVATE: Michael satan stevens : If you're driving at 80 mph, then how long will it take you to drive 80 miles? *Top 10 mysteries EINSTEIN couldn't solve*

Big Smoke : Why is this in my recommendation after 6 years !?


Cheap Kiwis : i bet she puts milk then cereal

BuddahFlower : “Per hour?” *audiences holds their breath* “I DONT KNOOOOOOW”

BABALIANS : her brain is going -180mph

Michael Vendick : The dumb ones make good girlfriends

MateR : *70 nigga*

Liza Jane : And they say blondes are the dumb ones

Starlight Fox : These are the kind of people who eat cereal with a fork.

Vsauce666 PRIVATE: Michael satan stevens : She's is one of those people who think you can't look into picture of the sun.

ali hawater : Thats the kind of people u wana have a one night stand with

Adrian N : You all laughed in 2012, but now she's a Congresswoman from New York!

Pratham Sharma : PLOT TWIST- she is a paid actor

TalkToHand : our education system in a nutshell

Unusual Username : Who else is here from *recommended?*

Mohammad Abed : Hoping this is fake ._.

Just Zevar : This is a sign I should just put my phone up and goto sleep

Nikhil Jagtap : She better hit the poles rn

Justin Y. : It obviously takes 4 hours

Treyskyy : Her IQ is off the charts

Dreahh C. : Oh my god I got that first time.. was I the only one yelling at the phone 1 HOUR LADY!? lol

Dinko Cejvanovic : 0:47 She asked if she should divide and the other girl said no, so the camera girl is laughing at her but is probably more stupid.. 80/80 = 1 hour In case you ask camera girl how long it will take you to go 160miles, she wouldn't know that 160/80 = 2 hours

Lork Lorkman : hopefully she knows how to dance on a pole...

Joshua Taylor : The legend has it that she is still calculating. ;)

Wolfington94 : At the start she said “If you are going 80 miles per hour how long will it take you to go 8 miles?” Then after that she says “If you are going 80 miles per hour how long will it take to go 80 miles” so the other person has the right to be confused and guessed the closest answer she could think of for the first question so the other girl just needs to think before what she says

10,000 Subs With Only 4 Vids : E V E R Y W H I T E G I R L

Great Vibes - Documenting My Journey : So that's 80/80 * 1 = 1 So it will obviously take one day

[STATIK•OBS] : Makes sense...her name is Stephanie 😆😂

Sumukh : just found someone more dumb than me.

Hasib YouTube : She doesn’t have a brain she has Drain

Arctic Alex : Why this popping up in 2019 when it’s from 2012.....?

Dolan Stories : me going back to school from summer break.

Dan Lee : *The brain was an underpaid actor. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Hammer Hand : And she probably votes.......

faZe GaMeZ : The most american video I've ever seen on youtube

Pamela Alviento : This can't be real

h i : When you got hit by a bus earlier that day

MotionBrixBro Animations : Came for the comments

Dr Soap : I edited this comment so the replies don’t make sense

Shadow Wolf : IT'S 1 HOUR!! 1 HOUR!!!! WHO COULD NOT GET THAT RIGHT?????

Amazon and eBay Guru : *Why is this just going viral now?*

N5-FIFA : Is Thanos a thicc dhaddy?

Jedrick Cruz : Legends says that she's still confused