The Chipophone
Guy turns an electronic organ into an 8 bit synthesizer and plays some very authentic sounding chiptunes

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The Chipophone is a homemade 8-bit synthesizer, especially suited for live chiptune playing. It has been built inside an old electronic organ.


Johan Brodd : I seriously would pay for such an instrument.

abola2121 : Why haven't you Kickstarted this yet?!?!?

Lewis Hay : 1:53 sounds like a typical keygen

MrCrasherdog : We need to put this into production, PRONTO!

CabooseNor : Sir, I feel that you need some kind of commodore 64 superhero suit or something :D

Darkou : Shut up and take my money!

Tony James Gilpin : The Chipophone is my new favorite instrument!

Matt Barton : You, sir. You impress me. 

flip3213 : guy is a genius and amaing player holy cow!

Mein Liebe : For gamers this is the true classical instrument

ime275 : I love how he edits the audio at 6:00 to make it so we can actually hear him, this guy really knows what he's doing

Steffen Müller : Not only made good, it is good played too and a well chosen song selection.

Lani Alvarado : take my money.

Anony Mous : Korobeiniki... He...he knows what the Tetris Song is ACTUALLY called? This guy's awesomeness goes to 11.

Kevin Stanislawski : You owe it to yourself to branch out to dance music. 

DerpyFriz : I will find you And I will love you.

Gofast Carly : Why does he not take this to conventions?

Ferenc Csenkey : Can i buy one?

Dan : DUDE, YOU ARE AWESOME! brb to go pick up my jaw after that mega man 2 outro well done

John Williams : Somebody kickstart this!!

8 : You can start your own company and make these and be rich. Just sayin

AlexMario Media [Alex Lyons Archive] : I WANT THIS BECAUSE OF REASONS!

jacob zumpano : This is the greatest thing ever made ever. Ever. EVER!

Eric C : Your playing of "Commando was flawless, and Moving!!

Ankin Chin : YOU'RE AWESOME, DUDE <3

Øyvind : do we get you to mass produce and compactesize this thing? Kickstarter?

Master of Helium : Is it analogue or digital? Sorry for sounding stupid, but I just heard a bunch of analogue synths capable of sounding like 8bit or close to it.

Pink Meme : Can you play Darude Wamstorm ?

Tony Music : What do musicians use to play longer notes? An extension chord!

Anne s : frikken goddamn bloody awesome

its2in0the1numbers1 : It's like a real life version of Massive.

Mollie Stratton : Did you purposely make your voice sound like it's on an old VHS tape too? This is so rad.

Alex Kiu : Hey can you please do a full cover of Martin Galway's Comic Bakery? I would be so happy :)

Andy York : That is awesome, and you are awesome.

goldhillproductions : Incredible! So many feels :D

shazaibbiazahs : i was kinda waiting for some pokemon tune but no

AdeleEevee : this is what i want for christmas mommy

JJ Gaming : Is it just me or is the sound gone?

MrPianoplayer1 : anyone here from reddit?

León Álvarez : We are half way there to the best geek saloon of all times thanks to this piece of wonder of yours.

Benedict Heyer : I watch this at least once a year! Just love it :D

Graeme Norgate : Amazing !

Гриша Крамер : Хуйясе. Не плохая 8 bit-ка  

Almark : One of the coolest instruments I have ever seen.

Chris Stone : It's amazing what kind of shit geniuses do. Humanity's got some fire yo.

NeZversTutorials : You are most amazing man on the world for me!!!!

Lance Lentz : You are a wizard.

ProgWare : That's really awesome!!