The Chipophone

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The 8-Bit Guy : Very impressive.

Matt Barton : You, sir. You impress me. 

abola2121 : Why haven't you Kickstarted this yet?!?!?

Johan Brodd : I seriously would pay for such an instrument.

Lewis Hay : 1:53 sounds like a typical keygen

HEAVY SYSTEMS, Inc. : The chippophone will be like that old crusty church organ or piano donated to an old folks home in 2095...some 80 y/o dude will go up and play the chippophone like he's the elton john of chippies, then of course, it's actually the movie Cocoon, and then everyone lives forever disco dancing NES and c64 tunes.

flip3213 : guy is a genius and amaing player holy cow!

CabooseNor : Sir, I feel that you need some kind of commodore 64 superhero suit or something :D

Steffen Müller : Not only made good, it is good played too and a well chosen song selection.

Darkou : Shut up and take my money!

ime275 : I love how he edits the audio at 6:00 to make it so we can actually hear him, this guy really knows what he's doing

MrCrasherdog : We need to put this into production, PRONTO!

AlexMario Media [Alex Lyons Archive] : I WANT THIS BECAUSE OF REASONS!

Anony Mous : Korobeiniki... He...he knows what the Tetris Song is ACTUALLY called? This guy's awesomeness goes to 11.

its2in0the1numbers1 : It's like a real life version of Massive.

Tony James Gilpin : The Chipophone is my new favorite instrument!

3D Corruption Studio : This man is not a musician, he is an artist!

Mein Liebe : For gamers this is the true classical instrument

Gofast Carly : Why does he not take this to conventions?

John Williams : Somebody kickstart this!!

DerpyFriz : I will find you And I will love you.

NotASpyReally : I'm not sure why but at 2:32 I burst into laugh xD

8 : You can start your own company and make these and be rich. Just sayin

Benedict Heyer : I watch this at least once a year! Just love it :D

Lani Alvarado : take my money.

Sir Aragar : Shut Up and Take m'ah money!

matt606 : FAWWWK YEAH!!!!!

Ferenc Csenkey : Can i buy one?

MrPianoplayer1 : anyone here from reddit?

Reegareth : This. Is. Amazing. Why is this not a thing? A keyboard manufacturer should pick you up man and you can design this system into the software of keyboards.

Pink Meme : Can you play Darude Wamstorm ?


Dan : DUDE, YOU ARE AWESOME! brb to go pick up my jaw after that mega man 2 outro well done

Andy York : That is awesome, and you are awesome.

Tony Music : What do musicians use to play longer notes? An extension chord!

Helicopter Showdown : Fantastic segues from showing different techniques to their implementation in classic chip tunes. A+  =^.^=

puredruid : So that's where keygen music comes from...

Ankin Chin : YOU'RE AWESOME, DUDE <3

ProgWare : That's really awesome!!

Balazs Szoradi : LFT you're awesome :)

Christopher Sousa : Would love to sit in that chair, drink coffee, and listen to this guy jam away on his chipophone

Chris Stone : It's amazing what kind of shit geniuses do. Humanity's got some fire yo.

Haze Anderson : 268 people preached the evils of video game musics in the 80s. Thanks for the Commando High Score performance. :)

bazookadreng : There is someting that bugs me, why does the background noise, disapeer when ever he plays on the chipophone, but comes back when ever he speaks? It also seems like the music is waay higher quitly then the mic he is using

León Álvarez : We are half way there to the best geek saloon of all times thanks to this piece of wonder of yours.

Almark : One of the coolest instruments I have ever seen.

shazaibbiazahs : i was kinda waiting for some pokemon tune but no

NeZversTutorials : You are most amazing man on the world for me!!!!

Alex Kiu : Hey can you please do a full cover of Martin Galway's Comic Bakery? I would be so happy :)

opsimathics : radical and cool