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Chuu Etteck My R : "Your tears say more than actual evidence ever could." How SJW's think they're changing the world.

Jonathan Cineus : The Simpsons predict the future AGAIN!!!

G Issa : WITH A MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE? NOT LIKELY! *maniacal laugh*

Key Strix : Funny how YouTube recommended this to me after hours of watching the Ford vs Brett Kavanaugh hearing. I love it~

EmanGameplay : Brett Kavanaugh in a nutshell

zero tolerance : If I'd meet a real life space alien, and they asked me for a good representation of human culture, I'd suggest them to watch an hour of the Simpsons.

Boco Corwin : Holy hell, this is relevant with this #MeToo stuff going on.

MakoRuu : "Your tears say more than actual evidence ever could." 2018 basically.

TomSFox : This used to be an exaggeration.

This channel has no videos, please unsubscribe : "...and when Marge Simpson put the cat out. Possibly because it was harassed, we don't know." lol

thndrct218 : Just another day at CNN

Eric the Viking : So unbelievably accurate in 2018.

NinjaOnANinja : This is basically what America has actually become. News people making up polls and selling biased data to ruin places so that the evil ones stay in power.

Matthew Shortle : The Simpsons predicted Brett Kavanaugh and the #MeToo movement.

RettMikhal : The line "Let's have less Homer Simpsons, and more money for public schools." is very underappreciated. It's a great satire of political issue dodging. As if those two things have ANYTHING to do with one another. Homer is not even technically quantifiable like funding is.

SoCali : It's funny how something meant to be an overly exaggerated piece of satire has become the reality of our society. I mean "Your tears say more than real evidence ever could", that could be the motto of the Me Too movement. Not to say that all of these victims are lying but there has to be some evidence or some level of due process before someone's life is ruined.


Martian74 : This is the Brett kavanaugh hearings in cartoon form.

Gnarwhal : So scary how relevant this episode has become 20 years later

TheCptCoy : I got recommended this after watching the Kavanaugh hearing. 100% accurate.

Simon : “Your tears say more than actual evidence ever could“ is relevant once again

psikogeek : I never met Brett Kavanaugh, but his being on the same planet is raping me.

PartyNiga : This episode sums up the #metoo bullshit hype despite its like over 20 years old

Matt Stint : 1:47. Girl: "No Mr. Simpson, that's sexual harassment. If you keep it up I will yell so loud, the whole country will hear." America: "hahaha, with the man in the Whitehouse? Wahaha, not likely!" *lecherous laugh intensifies*

Conner Campbell : The Simpsons: Predicting President Trump, #MeToo madness, and trial by media well over 20 years in advance.

Kaiser Frost : I wish Gentle Ben were a real talk show.

Lawlzinator : Kavanaugh scenario in a nutshell

Mark S : This was ahead of its time. This is basically CNN today. No need evidence, just the accusation is enough and the media jumps all over it. This is also why you will not see this kind of writing today on the Simpsons. The SJWs have taken over that too.

Nigel Dreiner : I've never seen the American media nailed so perfectly in under 3 minutes.

John Galt : The Senate hearing today.

LordScrambles : 0:17 Christine Blasey Ford testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Darth Vyris : Replace Homer Simpson with Brett Cavanaugh and you'll see the democrat witch hunt that's going on.

MekaShadowlight : I loved how the simpsons made episodes like this back in the 90's. They were so accurate to the truth, now they have dumbed them down for "Sensitive" audiences

Robert Smith : Who came here from the Kavanaugh hearing circus?

EenEchte Historicus : Brett Kavanaugh anyone? There, I said it.

wolvieguy : Every man accused of "sexual harassment" being assumed guilty, a media circus, and feminist nazis leading the attack looks like the Simpsons predicted the future again.

Darth Trumpius : I don't know Harvey Weinstein, I never met Harvey Weinstein or had any contact with him but.... boohoohoo, I'm sorry, I cant go on!!

Vale Sauce : this is actually a pretty accurate representation of media in real life

youreverydaynobody : watching this in 2017 like damn......how did they know it would be like this.

THEMilkSHAIKH : WTF this is exactly what's happening to Kavanaugh!

Miles Prower : Portrait of an Assgrabber - Produced by Harvey Weinstein

son4tine : 1:15' An Harvey Weinstein's Production

Heineken FiftySeven : OMG this is completely prophetic!

HumanRights4Everyone : They would *never* make this today. It's also never been more relevant. XD

Millennial Man 83 : The whole play book the Democrats used on Kavanaugh, Trump and Alex Jones

robert daniel : Kevin Spacey

Julien Mark : your tears say more than real evidence ever could

Ultra : Theyre doing this to Trump/Moore basically

Ryan : What is this the Kavenaugh hearings.

Steve Serpe : this is basically Brett Kavanaugh