Karl Pilkington Jim'll Fix It

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PurushaDesa : "They never really lived up to what the kid wanted." That's one way to put it.

DDnufcGamer : Now we know why the kids were disapointed...

wherefancytakesme : I think what I love about Karl is that he can say a really philosophical thing for one minute, and then completely blow it with nonsense.

MarcusAurelius : "I love the fact that it's the Karl bit he wants to replace, not the facking Pilkington" Brilliant

Cee Cypher Punk : If you were a young child and wanted to lose your virginity Jim would've fixed that right up...anything else, good luck

Vilkku : "He actually named the revel he doesn't like." - I laught out loud. 1:55 - 2:10 - I died

KANGARANGplus : I think we now know why the kids weren't happy . Ill show myself out

ArkhamInmateE32b : Bret Pilkington, folks. His dream came true, but he was too stupid to enjoy it. 

thebladezmanII : I'd say the kids were pretty disappointed when Jimmy stuck his tongue down their throats.

bobsickle : I'm loving that they got Bort on the list of names. Nice reference there.

David Hax : Steve pushed Karl to breaking point with his question, the he comes out with "I wanted to be called Bret.". You couldn't make this stuff up!

Robert Chewter : jim'll fix it. "dear jim can you fix it for me to have Jimmy Savile arrested "

ChristianH : Karl always brings Revels into the equation. 

My Art Page : dreams, what are they?

Adam : Karl might have got a finger up the arse on Jim'll Fix it

Kyle Netherwood : "What would've given you pleasure?" What a terrible way to put it.

Thomas Alvarez : This was before 2011 right?

Jesus Garcia : "Dreams. What are they?"

AI Alex : *sees video titled Jim'll Fix It* First line: "What do you think happiness is?" Well then...

fistingendakenny : Ricky slags Karl so much but Ricky hasn't been funny since losing Karl... Mad innit

SR Brant : I think I can hazard a guess as to why the kids always looked disappointed.

minimox98 : This is one of the best honestly i'm dying! 😂😂

Casper S� : I had no clue what this was when I started watching, but it was brill

hiko73 : 'Dreams...what are they?' Karl

Anantha Padmanabhan : I think everybody would have wanted not to be molested.

Sir HellGuitarLord : dear Jim can you fix it not to be such a paedobanger

Peredur Jones : Jim'll fix it, and pleasure as a kid should never be used in the same sentence..😂😂

Joe Schmo : "Dreams, what are they?" Karl Pilkington.

Sarah Boucher : Glad that jim’ll fix it never aired in my country

Ben Varma : I saw the title and was already dying

3gmatt1 : When I was a kid I so wished Jim could fix it for me.. As an adult I'm so glad he didn't.

Brother Bungle : 2:24 I can make that dream come true, AKA, for you.

Dhujdic : No Steven Merchant, Karl actually did not say life is like a bag of revels, thats just what you heard in your simpleton mind. Karl said about as much but 100% in his own words.

Linda K : Karl can be stilted by his box of rules until suddenly he finds an idea that is completely outside of his box. Bret

Sean Kratovil-Lavelle : Do you like the music..of shawaddy waddy?

Arjun : Karl's a genius

ancilodon : Also Simpsons reference at 2:08, Bort.

Offramp Tavanipupu : "Can you fix it for me to not be molested?"

Rabbit TeaPot : You and I both dodged a bullet there Karl lol

Freak Boy : You know what they say, Karl, "be careful what you wish for"

Jack Walsh : I think Karl is operating at a higher level than a book guzzler like Ricky lol

Vinyl Blair : That me name was Bret 🤣🤣🤣 I have just peed myself a bit

Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees : Old lady on the bus asked me if I was a Mongoloid-"Don't  be silly" I said,"There's no such thing as Flying Saucers".

Dylanj2104 : 02:05 Ricky's reaction I just died xD

Anthony Wilson : Jim fixed it for me he took me the barn and taught me how to milk a cow blind folded

British Nerd : This hasn't aged well.

GreyMatter00Duh : Wait, so he's so dim he forgot he asked to be called Bret when he specifically asked to be called Bret. I am starting to worry Karl has no critical thinking skills.

LEON H : He is actually right. Most of the time.

Sir HellGuitarLord : Paedobanger is a registered trademark of Yours Truly