Karl Pilkington Jim'll Fix It

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MarcusAurelius : "I love the fact that it's the Karl bit he wants to replace, not the facking Pilkington" Brilliant

PurushaDesa : "They never really lived up to what the kid wanted." That's one way to put it.

Vilkku : "He actually named the revel he doesn't like." - I laught out loud. 1:55 - 2:10 - I died

wherefancytakesme : I think what I love about Karl is that he can say a really philosophical thing for one minute, and then completely blow it with nonsense.

DDnufcGamer : Now we know why the kids were disapointed...

KANGARANGplus : I think we now know why the kids weren't happy . Ill show myself out

Cee Cypher Punk : If you were a young child and wanted to lose your virginity Jim would've fixed that right up...anything else, good luck

thebladezmanII : I'd say the kids were pretty disappointed when Jimmy stuck his tongue down their throats.

David Hax : Steve pushed Karl to breaking point with his question, the he comes out with "I wanted to be called Bret.". You couldn't make this stuff up!

bobsickle : I'm loving that they got Bort on the list of names. Nice reference there.

Robert Chewter : jim'll fix it. "dear jim can you fix it for me to have Jimmy Savile arrested "

ChristianH : Karl always brings Revels into the equation. 

My Art Page : dreams, what are they?

Shaun Pearson : that looks like that rapist guy...checking...holy crap it is. He had a children's show?!

Kyle Netherwood : "What would've given you pleasure?" What a terrible way to put it.

TheMasterpiecePD : Jim'll molest it

Thomas Alvarez : This was before 2011 right?

Adam : Karl might have got a finger up the arse on Jim'll Fix it

fistingendakenny : Ricky slags Karl so much but Ricky hasn't been funny since losing Karl... Mad innit

SR Brant : I think I can hazard a guess as to why the kids always looked disappointed.

AI Alex : *sees video titled Jim'll Fix It* First line: "What do you think happiness is?" Well then...

GreyMatter00Duh : Wait, so he's so dim he forgot he asked to be called Bret when he specifically asked to be called Bret. I am starting to worry Karl has no critical thinking skills.

acutelychronic : "dear jim, please stop touching kids"

Anantha Padmanabhan : I think everybody would have wanted not to be molested.

thescopedogable : His animated mum is kinda hot

Casper S? : I had no clue what this was when I started watching, but it was brill

Sarah Boucher : Glad that jim’ll fix it never aired in my country

Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees : Old lady on the bus asked me if I was a Mongoloid-"Don't  be silly" I said,"There's no such thing as Flying Saucers".

Anthony Wilson : Jim fixed it for me he took me the barn and taught me how to milk a cow blind folded

Peredur Jones : Jim'll fix it, and pleasure as a kid should never be used in the same sentence..😂😂

minimox98 : This is one of the best honestly i'm dying! 😂😂

xEazy420 : 2:24 I can make that dream come true, AKA, for you.

BOPPE : Lol Karl is smarter than both of the other two combined imo

Sir HellGuitarLord : dear Jim can you fix it not to be such a paedobanger

Sean Kratovil-Lavelle : Do you like the music..of shawaddy waddy?

3gmatt1 : When I was a kid I so wished Jim could fix it for me.. As an adult I'm so glad he didn't.

don't care : I wonder what Ricky and Steve have to say about jim will fix it molesting 170 girls throughout his career and the police and British government covering it up? Google it it's all over the mainstream media

hiko73 : 'Dreams...what are they?' Karl

Ben Varma : I saw the title and was already dying

Arjun : Karl's a genius

Kunta Kinte : He wanted to put a dolly in a chimp's tree and see him tear the dolly's arms off and then go to Mars and shout out FIIIIIIIIIIIIIISH!!

Bob : karl is actually really wise but they're too immature to take him seriously

Lena Oxton : Only now after he's dead we've realized Jim'll Fix It was just a massive ploy fot Jimmy to grope and molest children whenever he pleased. Such a shame he wasn't caught when he was alive. It's honestly incredible to think someone could go sixty years being a flagrant nonce and never got indicted over it.

ian hayes : wait isnt it jimmy fix it not jim'll fix it?

traditionalist man : Reading between the lines what he's saying is very wise. I think a lot of the messages he conveys are but for comedic purposes he says them in trivial, humorous sounding ways.

Linda K : Karl can be stilted by his box of rules until suddenly he finds an idea that is completely outside of his box. Bret

Kirsha-Ay : Look, this podcast was recorded years before the allegations of him didiling kids came out. I'm just here to have a laugh at Bret Pilkington.

Joe Schmo : "Dreams, what are they?" Karl Pilkington.

Bogeyboy3010 : Ah so Karl says if you have a bad thing enough, it's not that bad. I wonder if we bomb Syrians enough, they'll eventually go "it's not that bad".

Sonny Sullivan : yea karl mate there's a reason they're dissapointed