Climate Change 1958: The Bell Telephone Science Hour
In 1958 global warming by anthropogenic CO2 was already well established science Bell Telephone Science Hour

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Support Climate Denial Crock of the Week- go to: The famous Bell Telephone Hour clip, with the all knowing Dr Frank Baxter explaining a very modern understanding of climate science in 1958. Enlightening and infuriating. Show this to your ditto head buddy who thinks global warming was invented by Al Gore. Many people have seen this on other sites, but I thought it would be good to make it part of the Climate Crocks playlist. More climate history here: Gilbert Plass 1955 "Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change" Wally Broeker: Coins the term Global Warming in 1975 (click on link for original doc at google docs) James Hansen's 1981 paper in Science


Bradley Greenwood : Dr. Baxter, and the AT&T films we watched, made elementary school tolerable. I can still thread a projector :)

thorium222 : Well, nobody can say, we just didn't know...

rugbyguy59 : "Dangerous questions because with our limited knowledge... " Interesting, because while we know a lot more now, it reminds us that when deniers say "we don't know enough" they are actually suggesting we can just pretend not knowing means no problems.

tobyr3 : Clear warnings were present 57-years ago which resulted in only a tiny fractions of the changes that were needed. Many, who now are becoming aware of the problem, believe the warnings are recent and they have no historical perspective on the procrastination and the failed proposals that many believed would save us. Note: It was Bell Telephone Labs that announced the development of the solid-state transistor that led to the micro-electronics revolution. Many deniers today regularly demonize scientists to justify maintaining their self-centered world views.

Gus Frederick : In "Mr. Sun" there is a great segment showing how "Peak Oil" works, using an "Energy Bank" metaphor. Brilliant!

nash984954 : I'm pissed,let down and flummoxed that in 1958, the guy is describing the effects of industry 58 years ago, with deniers pretending the issue was just created recently to create carbon taxes, and nothing waited for James Hansen to arrive, it was pretty much suspected even then, that humans burning increased CO2 content, and the guy even said melting of polar ice caps which at that time there was massive cold and frozen tundra, and really massive ice floes, and now much of it melted. Thanks greenman, though I saw the full video, I think in 1958 when I was 8 years old and here in 2010.

uchudaikaiju : "down, down..."

Martin Hallén : Maybe its more silly that you believe you have better judgement than 97% of climate scientists.

Antithropocentric : Now you've got the Arctic confused with the Antarctic, or maybe you're forgetting that ice does indeed form in fall and winter in the Arctic? If you are trying to deny overall loss of ice, including most of the world's glaciers, you are full of it.

Antithropocentric : Here is a good article explaining the growth of Antarctic ice. Search for: "Mysterious growth of sea ice in Antarctica explained by stronger winds"..."Strong westerly winds around the South Pole account for an 80 percent increase in sea ice volume over the past three decades." Caution. The above article requires reading for actual knowledge, and it's not as easy to interpret as a Limbaugh sound-byte that attempts to debunk years of research with a minute of glib BS.

RechargeableLithium : Yes, on this planet things do freeze in the WINTER which is what the southern hemisphere is just coming out of. But while Antarctica is a continent (rock underneath, ice on top) and thus different from the Arctic, both continue to lose overall ice mass. You have a choice - believe cherry picking denialists funded by fossil fuel interests, or science with people on the ice actually watching it all melt. It's got ZERO to do with former VP Gore.

greenman3610 : see this video by nasa, just last week. New studies show very critical glaciers shrinking dramatically from below watch?v=qzVM-aR-e60 as for the sea ice, Ive answered that before watch?v=MPnj9eR7t0g You would do well to watch this comprehensive lecture by one of the world's experts, Richard Alley watch?v=o4oMsfa_30Q

greenman3610 : If by "ice sheets", you mean the actual land based ice on greenland, that is shrinking 6 times faster than 2 decades ago. If by "ice sheets", you erroneously mean the arctic sea ice, this year's ice was the 6th lowest in about 1500 years of records. Do you even know what you mean?

Gerald Allen : Someone forgot to tell Antarctica. Ice sheets are growing once more. Oops Al Gore lied.

Gerald Allen : And why are the arctic ice sheets growing once more? Was it because of global cooling now? Your gods, AL and Barry, are just trying to con money. Look at Al's selling carbon credits. What BS. You can't buy credits to off set energy use. The earth doesn't issue credits and a con man like Al is just looking for suckers, like you.

Antithropocentric : Your concept of who's doing the cherry-picking is highly ironic. One of the worst cherry-picks is the repeated false claim that 1998 heralded a start of "global cooling" by treating that El Nino spike as a starting point. And it doesn't even work in that context. Warming clearly continues. Look in a mirror and you'll have no tolerance for your own logic. CO2 controls about 80% of radiative forcing. Search for articles on that if knowledge is your actual goal vs. wingnut propaganda.

Antithropocentric : "We should all be dead by now!" is a hallmark phrase of people who cherry-pick data and can only see the world in extreme black & white terms. They filter out any shades of gray or uncertainly because simple minds need instant answers. Get a functioning brain, then get an education to fill it with something other than right-wing reactionary bull. Education doesn't work on the brainless so it's an overrated solution.

Antithropocentric : Al Gore was only about 10 years old when this film was made, but conspiracy nuts will probably claim he was "in on it" from the womb. Research on CO2 had already occurred by the 1800s (Tyndall, Arrhenius et al), so any conspiracy would need to span well over a century! The reality is that science and logic ruled this issue until the wingnuts merged it into their longstanding anti-regulation agenda. THEY are the ones who politicized it, but like most thugs they try to blame the other guys.

Antithropocentric : In modern times, people are emitting about 100 times more CO2 than volcanoes, you pathological liar.

Carol Nygaard : In the Bible, it talks about how we have a responsibility to take care of the earth. It was not silly in 1958, and it is especially not silly now. You are the one who is wrong! If only we had done something about it back in 1958!!

dougmolitor : You show a complete inability to even recognize lies. When an industry that makes hundreds of billions a year destroying the climate cannot convince 98% of the scientists (who live on grants) to repeat their lies...guess what? IT'S HAPPENING.

Cyrus Slapatich : Global Warming not panning out so good. Climate Change is the grandaddy of all them all. Too hot, too cold, fires, floods, draughts, melting, freezing, etc. All caused by climate change. A genius method to separate fools from their money and freedoms.

THELORDOFEXCESS : Denial and willful ignorance are clearly the primary pastime of Alexander Wanda.

RechargeableLithium : Sorry, no. I have to stick with real climate scientists and the world's peer-reviewed publications. Even the world's Navies are preparing to patrol the Arctic Ocean once it's COMPLETELY clear of ice. Commercial ships are traveling 'over the top' now, and countries are claiming underwater drilling rights. Look at this for just one example: (here on the Tube): CBBEyJVj5MY Google Real Climate - a climate blog by real climatologists

RechargeableLithium : Unfortunately, absent humans, the planet should be starting a cooling cycle the trends to the next ice age. Oops.

Hasem : I can't believe it!!!! Despite all that's been happening there are ppl out there still buying into big industry evil conniving trickery .....I guess some enjoy to have their brain washed on daily bases

acs197 : I suppose you need to see the oceans rise with your own eyes then.

acs197 : Sticking fingers in your ears and shouting, "I don't believe you! You're just telling lies!" Doesn't change what is truly happening to the planet's climate. It is incredibly childish to ignore the facts and believe what you want because it fits your political or economic ideology.

greenman3610 : volcanoes nonsense handled many moons ago. watch?v=WPA-8A4zf2c or google usgs, volcanic gases, climate -- You are using 1990's denial talking points, please try to keep up.

Jeremy Shipley : Indeed! We know that the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is due to burning of fossil fuels because you can actually analyze the different isotopes to tell where it came from. Also, we are burning tons and tons of fossil fuels every day, so it is sort of common sense.

greenman3610 : anyone that thinks "human breath" is the source of the additional carbon in the atmosphere should redo third grade science. OR, since I am here to help, you could just watch this - watch?v=WPA-8A4zf2c signed, REALLYnotolerance4dummies

NoTolerance4Dummies : There is a difference between denying global warming and denying the authenticity of certain "facts" that are presented. Unfortunately, addressing climate change is no longer being done for humanity's sake. Now, scientists--particularly at the IPCC--have begun to cherry pick which data they will accept or ignore, based on politics. This is shameful. Don't tell us that human breath (carbon dioxide) causes global warming, if this is false. Stick to the facts, and stop sabotaging your efforts.

greenman3610 : @rebeccaruiz70 what's kyiv?

greenman3610 : @Purelabor I think they did pay. Gore's sister died of lung cancer. It was part of his awakening.

greenman3610 : @Purelabor I think they did pay. Gore's sister died of lung cancer. It was part of his awakening.

torgman : We could drown the South, where a lot of deniers live? 🤣

Gerald Allen : Respond to this video... Honest American

Gerald Allen : @greenman3610 Honest

greenman3610 : @Purelabor some info about ice ages here. watch?v=8nrvrkVBt24 and be careful my friend. If the former congressman, senator, VP of the US, and board member of Apple and Google is a "never was", what might you be?

Gerald Allen : Don't forget the last say 20 Ice Ages that modern man caused. Wait, we did not have cars when that happened. Must have been space aliens. yea, that's it. Space aliens Gore is a bitter neverwas.

Ben Wolfram : Its the gesture professor from the beginning of "the mole people"!

Gerald Allen : I wonder how all those cigs that the Gore family produced over the years affected the climate? Shouldn't they have to pay for what they did to the air? Sorry, I forgot they are above the rest of us.

Gerald Allen : I wonder how all those cigs that the Gore family produced over the years affected the climate?

Steven Schneider : @TheEgg185 - Scientists didn't mock Galileo (Galileo often being acknowledged as being the first), the anti-scientific persecuted him. The anti-scientific continue to attempt persecuting scientists to this day. The anti-scientific being denialsts in general (AGW denialists in particular), of course.

The Egg : This is complete BULLSHIT. I LOL'd. Its a shame scientists who realize this is a crock of shit are ridiculed like gallileo.

Craig Browning : Does anyone know this film's sources for Climate Change Data? With President Trump's claiming Climate Change was invented by the Chinese, I would like to ask him , When did the Chinese invent it? and Who was responsible for doing so? And how did a Bell Labs Educational film from 1958 (put together by Republicans, by the way) make reference to it?

greenman3610 : @SunTzuing since I already corrected you on this once, this is no longer ignorance. You are a liar. see watch?v=boj9ccV9htk#t=05m03s

Truthiness231 : From the same producer as It's a Wonderful Life and Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Frank Capra. The guy sure knew what was worth making ^.^

DuctapePenguin : 1:25 ROFL!!