Cancelled - Carnival's Project Pinnacle

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The cruising industry has produced some really amazing architectural marvels. However something was being developed in 2004 unlike any other ship ever built. A true rivalry between Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean to see could build the biggest. Carnival's concept was truly incredible... this is Project Pinnacle. Full Interview - Twitter - Instagram - Snapchat - Patreon - Personal Twitter - Personal Instagram - Mailing Address: PO BOX 43041 MAVIS ROAD, MISSISSAUGA ONTARIO L5B4A7 ------------------ Outro Song - Johnny Rock 'Across the sky' Follow Johnny Bright Sun Films 2017

Comments from Youtube

Cheezumz002 : That's crazy you actually contacted carnival's lead designer. Your channel is higher than most tv shows

Nick Gers : I can't even build a stack of pancakes.

CauseThisIsThriller : I honestly think it's so cool to look up cruise ships you have been on and think "I was in that exact spot" and it brings up so many good and fun memories.

HeroicSultan : How about: Cancelled: Group B (Extremely dangerous and popular rally series from the 80s).

E T : I wish that ship wasnt cancelled daam

joeylantis22 : Those other carnival ships are so depressing. Royal Caribbean is on a different level competently.

Matt S. : Ah yes, the largest cruise ship in existence: the sympathy of the seas, offering condolences and could-have-beens on 17 separate decks.

Please Stop : If the monorail gets stuck in the middle of the ocean, how rescue?

StsFiveOneLima : When I am on a boat, I want to know that I am at sea, in every way. I have cruised many times, and I can say that I detest the glassed-in feeling of most ships, and also the fully-lighted shit. Make a space, on such a magnificent ship, where people can feel like they are actually where they are: Upon the ocean, especially at night.

Captain Genius : A 'cancelled' idea would be the star trek Enterprise Las Vegas ship...It was supposed to be a full size replica of the model...

Shiny Skies : They should recreate this in 2017! I believe that it would be possible now..

Kam More : They dropped the ball on this one. This could've been the most grand ship

Aero : Do They Actually Have A Ship Called Ecstasy? 0:39

Skandar C : Amazing video Jake. Totally enthralling. Proud of you mate: And now, a list of Jake's most used phrases from the Abandoned or Cancelled series: "Absolutely massive" "But in all fairness.." "Let's go back to (insert year)" "Proved to be absolutely devastating" "And that's exactly what they did" "A plan like no other" And of course... "Whaaaaaatsup guys! My name is Jake" 😂😂 hahaha love you Jake 🤗

Moe F. : It looks like apartments on a ship. lol

Tyler Kochman : Have you done one on Vine?? That platform died quickly. So quickly I never even got around to even once visiting it before it died. But I sure as hell remember people making a big deal about it for a hot minute.

Nicky h225 : If it was not canceled it would probably would sink some some way...

Jack Sweeney : Wow BrightSunFilms your video is trending 22 never believed to see this congrats and I love your videos

Kissa Mias : I'm sure YouTube probably pays alright but your show is too good for this cheap website with such low brow viewers.

rjbonacolta : That ship is like something out of an absurd sci fi movie

Peasant : Can't believe my boy is trending

Ava’s World : You would have need to spent a month on this thing just to probably see half of it

# unicorn Life : Do Astro world in houston

Matt Ward : It's a nice story... but there is no chance this was ever a reality. Sure, maybe they commissioned some designs to extract individual component ideas, but there is no way in this world Carnival ever intended to build the largest ship in the world with the most extravagant features in the world. This doesn't match the business priorities of Carnival at all... past, present or future.

CajuN : I just got off the triumph. Her last sail. She will be docked forever and remodeled, and renamed to *Sunrise*.

Edward Travels : Wow. Imagine if Carnival had built this ship. Thanks for posting this video

Benjamin Graves : Congrats on being on trending! Been with you from the beginning!

KudosK : If it wasn’t cancelled. It would’ve been the “Pinnacle” Cruise Ships

Kissa Mias : So they decided to build the largest cruise ship in the world and thought it would be cheap?

Marcus G : You actually made it to the trending board. Big ups mate.

fortnite and mark ass brownlee : Last time I was this early, Disney Quest was futuristic.

Kitty Starss : I'm going on the Carnival Panarama or the new ship.

paige ! : Been watching you since you had 10k subs! Love ya Jake, keep up the great content :)

Anthony Zambi : Great Video! Hope you continue to make more cruise videos.

SirGawain8 : Can we have the files you got from Project Pinnacle please? Like PDFS or PNGS of them?

Couch Tomato : Your videos are addictive. I've watched some of them over 3 times

booblue : Make: Cancelled - Boeing Supersonic 2707

Ron I : Jake ur videos should be on tv... I keep watching them over and over lol

Manuel W : Wait a sec, this is a CRUISE SHIP!!

idr0ps : Still prefer Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Otaking Mikohani : If only this were made by Disney and had a high school built into it. Then it would be perfect!

Gamer Sometimes : Queen Mary 2 is an Ocean Liner not Cruise Ship

Golden Dollar : Never felt so sad for ships in my life

Melanie Perez : That's too bad, that would have been a pretty lit ship 🚢

Nice Little cow : Only if it was made it would've been awesome

Cruising with Tyler! : Sympathy of the Seas? Hehe--it's Symphony! 9:26

PoppaSmoke : I love your vids. The outro for this one was perfectly selected, caught me off-guard, good stuff.

MermaidsnStuff : You're trending right now!

mariomario813 : #60KSubSquad