Cancelled - Carnival's Project Pinnacle

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Bright Sun Films :

Skandar C : Amazing video Jake. Totally enthralling. Proud of you mate: And now, a list of Jake's most used phrases from the Abandoned or Cancelled series: "Absolutely massive" "But in all fairness.." "Let's go back to (insert year)" "Proved to be absolutely devastating" "And that's exactly what they did" "A plan like no other" And of course... "Whaaaaaatsup guys! My name is Jake" 😂😂 hahaha love you Jake 🤗

Dwight Howard : I honestly think it's so cool to look up cruise ships you have been on and think "I was in that exact spot" and it brings up so many good and fun memories.

Jack Sweeney : Wow BrightSunFilms your video is trending 22 never believed to see this congrats and I love your videos

Uncharted Travel : Jake is 10/10 fake confirmed 2017

Adam Gonzales : These ships are just too large. I even think that the Disney fantasy might be a tad to large. They just have too many people on board. You most likely will never get to do any of the most popular attractions on the boat because of the thousands on board. You want to be on vacation with your family not with 5000 other people you're rubbing elbows with

eh no : I wish that ship wasnt cancelled daam

FrontshoT : Do an episode on New Coke!

Cameron Bartie : I enjoy Royal Caribbean more though

3Gads : Last time I was on a Carnival Cruise, the food was crummy, the decor was gaudy, and the last day had everyone pukey.

Cheezumz002 : That's crazy you actually contacted carnival's lead designer. Your channel is higher than most tv shows

Couch Tomato : Your videos are addictive. I've watched some of them over 3 times

Citizen of Corona : I'm wondering if Carnival was smart in their decision to just create simple ships. I'm guessing it makes sense because they're the mainstream cheap cruise line, and if they created a major luxury ship like the Pinnacle, especially nowadays, it probably wouldn't have been successful. Prices would skyrocket and Carnival would risk losing its place in the cruise line market.


nowherestairs : This is your best video yet! Your narration has improved so much since you started this channel. Your videos are really a joy to watch and listen to. Cheers to you and your team! 🙌

Peasant : Can't believe my boy is trending

Cole Jones : Norweigan cruise is the way to go!!

Nol Dur : I guess I was on part of the pinnacle before because I've been on the magic's expanded deck (carnival magic)

Benjamin Graves : Congrats on being on trending! Been with you from the beginning!

Geo Jacks : great video have u considered doing beastly kingdom for canceled?

Ethan Christensen : that intro holy shit nice editing

Forrest Hassell : Do an abandoned of the Costa Concordia cruise ship!!!!

Jorge Zuniga : Do Astro world in houston

Kenzie : your videos are amazing dude! they're super well edited and it's clear how much research and work you put behind all of them. thanks for all that you do!!

Cheyenne Hayden : I am in love with Cancelled! Keep up the good work Jake!!

RGB : I actually just saw this video after disembarking from the carnival vista, no joke

Avery Lopez-Baines : Do the Ryugyong Hotel next.

Ryan : Do a cancelled/abandoned episode on the Boeing YAL-1. It's military not commercial but still interesting. It was designed with a huge missile destroying laser.

STMM Blu-ray/DVD Reviews : Another awesome video, Jake! Very informative!

Jean G. : Beautiful designed as it is, and the engineering marvel it would have been, I'm kind of glad it never got built. Normal cruise ships are kind of horrible for the environment, and something this large would have compounded this problem tenfold.

Matthew Rosenblatt : To note, the Queen Mary 2 is an oceanliner, not a cruise ship. Most websites will separate oceanliners and cruise ships from one another. If putting both into the same category, it should be Passenger Ship.

Master Link : ITS #13 ON TRENDINGGGG

Cornberry : You've earned another subscriber friend.

Katelynn Audin : jake is hot omg 😍😍

Golden Dollar : Never felt so sad for ships in my life

Cruising with Tyler! : Sympathy of the Seas? Hehe--it's Symphony! 9:26

Milk : Nice job getting on trending

AvaB815 : just realized 3/4 Disney cruises have a carnival cruise with the same name!?! edit- slightly confused with the replies. I was simply pointing out that some of the cruises have the same name. why are people arguing about which is superior??

MermaidsnStuff : You're trending right now!

Shiny Skies : They should recreate this in 2017! I believe that it would be possible now..

Lil' Chef : You actually made it to the trending board. Big ups mate.

JK Tech : I just subbed and you are like 600 subs off of 300k

Jack Hoenig : You should do a canceled video on the Super conducting super collider which was going to be built out side of Dallas Texas in the 1980's and was going to be bigger than the Large Hadron Collider in Europe. Btw love the video

Bubblegum fish : no wonder Chucky cheese is giving away 10 free chances to go there =>=

carloselrey36 : lmfao you look exactly how you sound

Luis Lugo : This is still my favorite episode :)

Holly Amato : It's amazing to see how much you've progressed both with your editing but also with your research and the depths you're going to (compared to when you first started expanding your series.) thank you for still being one of the few channels I always look forward to seeing new stuff from!

Jefe : wanted to take a second to appreciate how you manage to interview people directly involved with the stuff you research and make videos on. very impressive!

Maddox Win : I love your taste in music

Jen Hughes : Great video! I like how you interviewed the designer.