I Joined Team 10 So You Don't Have To

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Nicolle : that paul video was so cringey af edit: i'm gonna keep this video playing in the background just so you can get those $64 back

Joey O'Brien : Jake Paul is going to crash so hard in a few years

PudPud : I'm watching this again after watching the whole Shane Dawson series and Nerd city's video and I'm like, why Shane didn't mention that in his "documentary"!? It's so frustrating...

Evan Edinger : loved the neopets easter egg

Evita : "If you're a kid out there like I was trying to start my social media career, you could become successful. And if you can't sacrifice some Starbucks for the next few weeks, then maybe that just means this life isn't for you." This is the most manipulative thing I have _ever_ heard on Youtube. Directed at children no less. What a disgusting scam.

Cory Mck : It costs $7 to unlock the full price

Shorty G : The Inner Circle sounds like the name of a cult

Alexias io : I'm willing to pay $64 dollars just to get all the videos and release them on the internet out of pure spite.

gillian murdock : maybe this is the reason drews channel got popular this year, he's just been studying the course he bought

1135782 : To be in Team 10 your IQ has to match the Team's name

hope : the sad thing is that they know all their viewers are under the age of 12 and take advantage of that. they promote their overpriced merch literally every video and they trick kids into this bs scam lmao

Louella.y : I'm extremely disappointed in Shane for making this guy look good

Sin Loi : The thing that pisses me off the most is Jake Paul being like "Oh, if you can't sacrifice Starbucks for a few weeks maybe this life isn't for you." As if people don't have bills and stuff lmfao. What a dumb, out of touch neanderthal.

Don't Mess Up My Tempo : I wish this video was addressed in Shane's series on Jake Paul. I don't know how Jake can claim he's not deliberately manipulating children after pulling something like this

Lisa : Why does Jake Paul sound like he's constantly out of breath He also sounds like a kid who had to do a speech but didn't actually write anything down or practice.

Nicolle : Team 1000 is for the people who've spent a total $1000

CitrusMew : Drew's son: Dad, why can't I go to college? Drew: uH WELL YOU SEE

Sarah Chan : It really is crazy that Jake Paul is famous. People have made fun of celebrities like the kardashians for being famous for no other reason besides maybe their looks for years, but Jake Paul isn't even attractive?? Like he has literally nothing about him that makes him worthy of the luxury he lives in

Sentret Sparkle : Can this be counted as manipulation for monetary gain? Can we sue Jake Paul for it?

Chloe Anderson : This was made a while ago so I decided to look at the website in Sep 2018. 1: They updated the quiz. Also made it 3 pages of nothingness questions and you have to enter an email to get your results. 2: Big announcement at the end of a 4 minute video. Timer continues going down even when I do not watch the video and instead stare into Jake Pauls half-closed really weird looking eyes. Can't he pick a thumbnail? WHy did he pick something that made him look like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age? 3: There is no more tabs about Team 1000, who knows whats going on there because I am reading nothing about it. 4: Also no About page. 5: You can no longer buy the roadmap. Is the website broken? Or have they realized everyone knows its bullshit and halfassed and decided "hey, lets take the money and run." 6: And finally, who knows what kind of social influencer I am, because all the link is is a broken piece of code saying my account is 'not in good standing'. So I guess I will never be like Jake Paul. So sad.

The Panda Named Amanda : i wonder if you'll get in trouble for showing his "premium exclusive content"

doorhanger93 : I hate how he so brazenly calls himself a "Social Media Influencer". It's like he's saying to our faces "Yes, we are literally just walking brand deals with no talent whatsoever other than to manipulate the minds of children... sponsor us, corporations." It's genuinely hateful.

Susu : For the scam alert from American Express, most hackers take out a small amount at first to check to see if the payment goes through before overcharging the heck out of a credit card. That's probably why it was flagged since you put $7 down and then $57, but still absolutely hilarious and sad.

Seyah : My little brothers are becoming jake paulers and I’m genuinely scared

Forrest Wilms : Lol the red 5 added in front of the $7.00. That’s hilarious

splorgan : I have exactly ten cents in my account

Sydney Tokyo : Did anyone see that change of word art from $7.00 to $57.00

Jack Devaney : To be fair, when I was a kid I wanted to be Jim Morrison. All kids have crazy aspirations. Buuuuut Jim Morrison was too dead at the time to scam me out of $64

pinkksoda_ : i have respect for this guy. it takes dedication to pay $64 for trash

Angy D : Shane should’ve talked about this

WarBear : why am i even paying for college when i can get jake paul to teach me business negotiation skills for $64?

nore : this is like.... scientology ?

Squid : Jake Paul JP Jello Penis

Chris M : @9:07 love how he typed yes, and then figured it out

andrea andrea : When you said “like team 10 but the numbers bigger” you low key sounded like John Mulaney 5:35

WarBear : lmao this is such a thinly veiled scam

Mikeita M. : It’s funny how he thinks he has more influence than the Kardashian’s I had to laugh at tht one

Expired Poison : *You can only be in Team 10 if your IQ is 10*

Johnna M : "So many kids don't have a reasonable aspiration in school anymore they just want to be on YouTube." Ugh. This is so true. I'm a teacher and I get that comment a lot. And there's nothing wrong with YouTube as a side thing, and I'm sure it's possible to gain a lot of wonderful experiences from it and sure sometimes you can make money off of it, but still. There's so much more out there than YouTube. Awesome video 👍

Maggie M : This sounds like Scientology ‘inner circle’ paying to get to each level omg

Stalin : The little stinker club looks better than all of Jake Paul's content.

Cal Avocado : shane didn't say anything about this in his docuseries....

Manic Millennial : can parents sue the paul for fraud?

h4thc2 : shane should talk about this this is pure fraude

Brendon Urie’s Forehead : *Asks you to text 1 if yes* *Texts yes*

Buick Debaron : If Team 10 is so named because Jake Paul takes 10% of all the money its members will make, clearly Team 1000 is so named because he will take 1000% of all the money its members ever make

serversurfer : tips for youtube *host videos on vimeo*

Via Mendes : 15:24 OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS SO TRUE! My 2nd and 3rd graders were writing about what they want to be when they grow up and *more than one* wrote "to be a youtuber" or "to be like Jake Paul"

SingTalkLaughLi -Lize Futcher- : I had a friend who liked Logan Paul once That's why I'm not friends with her anymore 😊

Brilliant : I love how he makes it seem like you have to be some sort of genius to become a youtube sensation. Just scream at the top of your voice and do dumb stuff and kids will watch