I Joined Team 10 So You Don't Have To

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Andrea Robyn : Pay $57 for your membership for a small fee of $7

CKHere : This manipulation seems harmless now, but I guarantee in week to a month when all these children have their dreams crushed more that last week when they found out Santa wasn't real, they'll be borderline depressed. All thanks to Jake Paul...great video btw.

WarBear : why am i even paying for college when i can get jake paul to teach me business negotiation skills for $64?

Lil Jack : He's become a fake tai lopez.

Girplejuice : I know we're supposed to hold you to never making another Paul video, buuut when Team 1000 actually becomes a thing, I kind of wanna know what that entails???

WarBear : lmao this is such a thinly veiled scam

Chë Mánñ : The CEO of EA, Ajit pai, the leader of scientology, and jake paul walk into a bar To read the rest of this joke, you must pay $64.50. Thank you.

Cory Mck : It costs $7 to unlock the full price

Drew Gooden : A big thank you to everyone who has signed up for the *Premium Little Stinker Club* 😎 I now don’t feel quite as bad about spending $64 on this video. If you signed up, you should receive an e-mail within 24 hours with all the necessary documents to get started. If it’s been a couple days and you haven’t gotten anything, first check your spam folder, and if it's not there, DM me your order details on Twitter @drewisgooden and I’ll make sure you get them. And remember: the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too

Taylor Avakian : Drew are you trying to copy me you little stinker you...

Master Chief : Is there a way to report Jake Paul for fraud? He's taking advantage of a bunch of kids by doing this.

Elizabeth Sprague : you’re one of the most genuine and creative youtubers on here right now, in my opinion. you make excellent use of your platform and effortlessly weave in sponsorships that you believe in/use. your humor is incredible and the format of your videos works very well. keep up the great content, drew.

Hi Hungry I'm Dad : Giving us $64 worth of content for free. Not the hero we needed, but the hero we deserved.

Fiona : this is literally like, scientology's business model this is insane

Rise Of The Kumquat : Someone should open a bunch of proxy YouTube accounts and leak all of the videos that are hidden behind the pay-wall.

gallivent : "If you can't sacrifice a few starbucks then... Maybe this life isn't for you" a fuckin mood

Steven Galvin : I really liked the Edfluence course. I found that it was very helpful and I was able to make hella money and now I have so many haters all I can really do is dab on them. The fame and the money is pretty cool, and the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too

Trey Tuxhorn : I really like how you frame your videos with the position of your head and the computer screen and the kitchen. It fits really well and very nice on the eyes. I love your videos. :)

London Iverson : I keep closing the video and reopening it so that I can watch the ads and help you re-earn those $64 bucks

MrGarretto : Did anyone else notice the "audio jungle" watermark in the song that Jake Paul used in his video at 6:17

Gabriel Ankenbrand : Buy Drew’s stapler!

Unspecified Unicorn : I just have the desire to see a video with you and Danny Gonzales

KetaVis : AUDIOJUNGLE Seriously though this feels pretty shady, thank you for covering this Drew, great work.

Swelia : This was so hard to watch. Not because of you ofc, I’ve never seen a Paul video(just some small parts) and I never realized just how insufferable jake is?????

Ulrik Ulriksen : It wasn't "Team 💯".because it is already taken

Zeynep Şatır : you need to be in h3h3 podcasts

CT Movies : 09:50 you sounded exactly like BoJack Horseman when he said Wazzuppp Bitchez in a flashback episode in S03

Derray Productions : Truth be told this is a genius idea, not ethical, but genius. More kids than ever want to be vloggers Jake is one of the top vloggers. Also kids look up to Jake so when a chance comes for them to be just like him they're going to jump on it. It's a huge scam, but it's a very clever one, he's gonna make a lot from this.

Maya : Wannabe Tai Lopez... he's hitting rock bottom

Nicolle : Team 1000 is for the people who've spent a total $1000

Missvoodoomama : What Jake Paul doesn’t seem to care about is the fact that not all of his young followers even have enough money for Starbucks. I know for a fact there is a kid out there who’s parents have to choose between food and healthcare. Yet he’s gonna implant this idea in there head that they NEED to sing up for this shit. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything but his cash. He’s taking advantage of the most vulnerable and naive audience. CHILDREN. Someone has got to stop this piece of shit.

Erik Andreas Paulson : Parents should join together in a lawsuit against Jake Paul for scamming their children.

Master Chief : 4:07 No, the reason Jake Paul didn' exist 5 years ago is because he was born 2 years ago. He acts like he was, anyways.

Fozzy Bear : I’m a little stinker now!

Krystal Flagg : And the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too

Senator Ben Carson : Next time Dont

Wawa : Is it just me or are jake Paul’s hand movements just slightly off. Like some people talk with their hands a lot, and I get that, but jake Paul’s hand movements don’t really match with what he’s saying, like his hands are saying something different than what his mouth is saying. His hands are just there, flinging all over the place.

Joe : I hope you did a chargeback

DJ Newell21 : Team 1000 is like Hunger Games where they take two people from each state and have 20 teams. Whoever doesnt make over 100,000 views every upload is killed off and you kill other teams with diss tracks

shut up, dallas : *and the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too*

yandere : jake paul: already makes millions off of children watching his videos every day jake paul: decides to scam millions of children to milk them for even more money what a legend !!

cherry c. : lol he doesn't average 12 million views per day, he's counting views per day from older videos which isn't included is the comparison to the kardashians lol he said they average 2 million views per episode (which is only when it airs and isn't really a fair comparison anyways) but he averages 2 million views per video as well (in the first day or by the second) meaning obviously they're just as popular they just don't work as hard lmao not to mention how many other business ventures they have there's no comparison really.

Geerte Wijgers : idk but jake paul is worth $4 million and kim k is worth $48 million so you tell me, which one has the bigger influence?

Cam N : I think it's vital that awareness of this video should be spread so other YouTubers don't make content where they spend money themselves, ironically supporting the Paul Brothers, just to show what's already been shown.

KemptKevin : You just bought Jake Paul some Starbucks

Pace Mihalcheon : This is basically like scientology

becky , : you're one of the only youtubers who can put out a 20 minute video that i dont fast forward through lmao ily

Kimberly Olson : Every time Jake Paul showed up, I feel like I lost IQ points.

Luis ruis : If you pay for jakes video bs you are not creative and just shouldn’t do YouTuber. That’s it 🙅🏻‍♂️

Gabriel Ankenbrand : Too much videotape of Jake Paul for one video!