I Joined Team 10 So You Don't Have To

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Cory Mck : It costs $7 to unlock the full price

CKHere : This manipulation seems harmless now, but I guarantee in week to a month when all these children have their dreams crushed more that last week when they found out Santa wasn't real, they'll be borderline depressed. All thanks to Jake Paul...great video btw.

WarBear : why am i even paying for college when i can get jake paul to teach me business negotiation skills for $64?

WarBear : lmao this is such a thinly veiled scam

Lil Jack : He's become a fake tai lopez.

Nicolle : Team 1000 is for the people who've spent a total $1000

Girplejuice : I know we're supposed to hold you to never making another Paul video, buuut when Team 1000 actually becomes a thing, I kind of wanna know what that entails???

MrGarretto : Did anyone else notice the "audio jungle" watermark in the song that Jake Paul used in his video at 6:17

Elizabeth Sprague : you’re one of the most genuine and creative youtubers on here right now, in my opinion. you make excellent use of your platform and effortlessly weave in sponsorships that you believe in/use. your humor is incredible and the format of your videos works very well. keep up the great content, drew.

Sara Wawa : Is it just me or are jake Paul’s hand movements just slightly off. Like some people talk with their hands a lot, and I get that, but jake Paul’s hand movements don’t really match with what he’s saying, like his hands are saying something different than what his mouth is saying. His hands are just there, flinging all over the place.

hope : the sad thing is that they know all their viewers are under the age of 12 and take advantage of that. they promote their overpriced merch literally every video and they trick kids into this bs scam lmao

C/D/X/ : This is worse than EA's microtransactions.

London Iverson : I keep closing the video and reopening it so that I can watch the ads and help you re-earn those $64 bucks

Steven Galvin : I really liked the Edfluence course. I found that it was very helpful and I was able to make hella money and now I have so many haters all I can really do is dab on them. The fame and the money is pretty cool, and the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too

Geerte Wijgers : idk but jake paul is worth $4 million and kim k is worth $48 million so you tell me, which one has the bigger influence?

SPLORGAN : I have exactly ten cents in my account

Swelia : This was so hard to watch. Not because of you ofc, I’ve never seen a Paul video(just some small parts) and I never realized just how insufferable jake is?????

Sara Wawa : Oh my gosh jake Paul is a genius, he is using the classic foot in the door technique to get people to buy his shitty whatever. If you can get someone to do something small for you, you are way more likely to get them to do something bigger later. You know, spend the 57 dollars, jake clearly knows what he’s doing

Saitama : Wow this is an actual pyramid scheme, everyone at the bottom contributes a little bit in the hopes that they will one day live at the top of the pyramid. Jake has access to all manner of analytics so he knows full well that his audience is majority young naive impressionable children. So theres no doubt he set this up to specifically target them, selling them false hopes and empty promises of eventually living his lifestyle themselves. Some people give him props for doing a good hustle on youtube etc, which is true and fairplay to him. But this crosses a line at least in my eyes, he's almost quite literally taking candy from a baby, and it is truly sad

yandere : jake paul: already makes millions off of children watching his videos every day jake paul: decides to scam millions of children to milk them for even more money what a legend !!

Nicolle : that paul video was so cringey af edit: i'm gonna keep this video playing in the background just so you can get those $64 back

becky , : you're one of the only youtubers who can put out a 20 minute video that i dont fast forward through lmao ily

Kay Peranovic : Gods plan.

TRUE NOT DREW : Dear Drew, Please stop teasing us and FINALLY do a tour of your food shelf. I’ve been up nights wondering if it’s a jar of peaches or pickles. What brand that coveted far away box of cereal is. Is the self made of pine? Cedar? Particle board? My sanity is cut to ribbons. Please stop my agony. Sincerely, True (your arch nemesis?)

Bitch, i'm Madonna : Jake Paul sounds like he's missing a few trillion brain cells.

Andrea Robyn : Pay $57 for your membership for a small fee of $7

Alex Silverstein : I wanted to see someone investigate the full $64 Inner Circle, but most people who uploaded were only willing to shell out the $7. I figured it was an obvious scam but I figured someone had done this. Took me a while but found my way here and ended up watching all of Drew's videos in one sitting.

Kimberly Olson : Every time Jake Paul showed up, I feel like I lost IQ points.

Jacob Wilkinson : Ha, in Australia we have laws against blatant lies and hidden charges. That's illegal here.

aNewKingdom : Its funny, it's not my money so I shouldn't care, but when they declined his credit card and gave him a second chance not to spend the money I was hoping he wouldn't waste it.

Shanette Quao : $7 to swipe a card for all of my dreams? Well... hmm.....sounds like a disney film

Michael554466 : I hated the paul brothers before, but this greedy exploit makes me sick

Ken M : This mans is low key using this video to pay for his membership so he can learn how to make it big on YouTube. Clever

Serene Holsclaw : ok but your face looks so smooth

boyoboy10001 : I mean when Jake Paul says the tips and tricks of social media lets all remember the only reason why he got famous was because brother Logan had the brains to do so first so fk Jake he has no idea and he didn't gain anything by himself at all so... yeah!

Luis ruis : If you pay for jakes video bs you are not creative and just shouldn’t do YouTuber. That’s it 🙅🏻‍♂️

yandere : this is such a scam lmao, does jake really need any more money ??

MooLaLa : Drew with that shirt on you look like grown up Calvin

Emma Cloud : his face just... pisses me off...

The Panda Named Amanda : i wonder if you'll get in trouble for showing his "premium exclusive content"

Angela Larson : THIS IS HONESTLY AMAZING I mean, this is actually awful, but I can't wait for all these kids to get beat by their parents for spending tons on money on Jake Paul ""tutorial"" videos, only for the kids to (hopefully) realize just how manipulative and what a scam Jake Paul is. Our generation recalls the blunders of having to pay tons for a club penguin membership or buying "exclusive items" on online games. It was stupid but at the end of the day we still got to play the game, we got what we paid for. The next generation is gonna be telling their kids stories about Edfluence.

Luis ruis : There is no secret 😐 that’s it just do it!!

BangableRoz : Leon brought me here babes #tomatomafia

David Geier : Can we just sue his ass already? He is wasting people lives with his vlogs. He just beats around the bush for twelve minutes and then spends the last three on self promotions. It is bs

Emily N. : i just gave you $3 i really hope i get to punch you in the face soon

Meriam : I’ve had a fraud alert one (SINGULAR,ONE) time when I bought my laptop because it literally bankrupted my account. I’ve never had a fraud alert for any websites (and lol i basically live on Wish and eBay) sooooo

Nate Ciula : I see little John mulaney in you 😂

TherealBeaston : And btw after you spend $7 if you back out from spending the other $57 a message pops up that says "Are you sure that you don't want to be a part of team 10 and become internet famous?" Cmon man 😂 😂 😂 straight exploitation

Brilliant : I love how he makes it seem like you have to be some sort of genius to become a youtube sensation. Just scream at the top of your voice and do dumb stuff and kids will watch

Charlie Brown : i joined the little stinker club and now i have stank in the bank, papa bless