I Joined Team 10 So You Don't Have To

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hope : the sad thing is that they know all their viewers are under the age of 12 and take advantage of that. they promote their overpriced merch literally every video and they trick kids into this bs scam lmao

Its Sheena🙆 : ...and this wasn't the last video where you talk about Jake Paul and i love you for that😂

Confused Captain : and the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too

athenaatwar475 : If this were just embarrassing then I wouldn’t hate it so much, but the fact that it’s costly, incredibly low quality, manipulative, AND aimed at children just puts it over the edge.

Julz K : You've spent so much money on Jake Paul at this point, you're an official Jake Pauler

WarBear : lmao this is such a thinly veiled scam

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : Aw man... your little Stinkers page is down :( lol

niara : "I wholeheartedly believe this will be the last video I ever make about Jake Paul" flash forward 5 months later "I went to Jake Paul's tour"

anna moore : I hate that Jake Paul is scamming children and while putting terrible morals in their heads by making them think it's okay to become famous by being ignorant, unoriginal, and egotistical about wealth and material things.

Lone Wolf Ethan : Only an additional $64 for the Jake Paul deciphering pack.

Nicolle : Team 1000 is for the people who've spent a total $1000

QVACKE : Just realized 57 dollars written down even looks like $7.00 dollars ahah, just to make sure if a kid doesn't pay that much attention he'll think he's just spending another 7 bucks.

VII : This is like *Trump University* omg

Dead Inside : “LaSt ViDeO aBoUt JaKe PaUl”

Laura Caskey : Why can't Jake Paul wear a hat correctly? Like I just want to push that stupid snapback down on his head.

SPLORGAN : I have exactly ten cents in my account

Dead Inside : Drew: this is my last video about jake Paul Also Drew: spends $2000 on team 10s tour tickets 5 months later

Milana Mathers : I'm just gonna drop out of college and let Jake teach me everything.

g5rearea : That video is literally every single bs "learn how to make money at home with no effort!" scam.

MidgetBlaze : Team 1000 should be called Team $64

Nicolle : that paul video was so cringey af edit: i'm gonna keep this video playing in the background just so you can get those $64 back

Nicole Zimmerle : It’s like Scientology, but instead of world peace or whatever, you get Jake Paul.

David IsAwesome Animals : all the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too...

Shorty G : The Inner Circle sounds like the name of a cult

Prenne : "this is going to be the last jake paul video ever" *spends money to go to the team 10 world tour*

sliky : I hope you made back your $64 dollars while making this video, because this was not worth "a couple weeks of Starbucks"

TheRusschannel : In our current rouge Capitalism here in America, Its actually more easy to succeed the dumber you are.... true story as they dont give AF about screwing ppl.

meredyth with a y : Con artist, simple as that.

Stella Yeboah : “And the cars and stuff are cool and stuff too”- Jake Paul 2k18

CKHere : This manipulation seems harmless now, but I guarantee in week to a month when all these children have their dreams crushed more that last week when they found out Santa wasn't real, they'll be borderline depressed. All thanks to Jake Paul...great video btw.

Evita : "If you're a kid out there like I was trying to start my social media career, you could become successful. And if you can't sacrifice some Starbucks for the next few weeks, then maybe that just means this life isn't for you." This is the most manipulative thing I have _ever_ heard on Youtube. Directed at children no less. What a disgusting scam.

glitter frogs : literally just watched your video you made today on jake’s tour lmfao

Zachary Stamp : team 10? more like team 2 because everyone left

xoLoveTruelySucksxo : Isn't this like a pyramid scheme?

Shanette Quao : $7 to swipe a card for all of my dreams? Well... hmm.....sounds like a disney film

Vika Viktoriya : I like how the sacrifice in life to be a social media star is Starbucks. Love these videos!!!

Lulu : wooow this is like new levels of blatantly manipulative lol. i feel bat for the poor brats and their parents who are actually gonna get sucked into this.

YOU'RE SO HOT : Can you do porn so we don't have to?

Gojida : Lmao Jake said team 10 is exclusive hand picked "talent". Justin Roberts, Sunny Malouf, anyone on team 10 basically. Talent? More like money.

Andrea Robyn : Pay $57 for your membership for a small fee of $7

Jane : honestly this entire concept from Jake is a total scam (yes I realise I am many months late)

Jelos Xenos : i liked the part when jake paul inhaled a mosquito

jberda_95 : The fraud prevention could be caused by getting charged twice by the same company in such a short period of time.

Litupmeboio : I don't want someone who doesn't have a highschool degree to 'edfluence' me in anything.

The Panda Named Amanda : i wonder if you'll get in trouble for showing his "premium exclusive content"

Ingrid Andrade : Yes 1

Sentret Sparkle : Can this be counted as manipulation for monetary gain? Can we sue Jake Paul for it?

Thomas Reid : What Edfluence offers: How to become big on YouTube Where Jake Paul became "famous": On Vine It's obvious these types of programs are scams which sadly kids don't realise and he knows that.

arilivelife : *5 months later makes another video about team 10*

Christina Pham : Why do we still make these people famous. Like, I'm getting so tired of it already