iPod Stopwatch ticks over from 9999hrs 59secs to 10000hrs. What will happen?

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416 days ago I started the stopwatch on my iPod. What happens when it clicks over to 10000 hours? This.

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tamago2474 : That was the best disappointment ever.

GODRULES 2 : Is it still running? As its about that time for it to hit 99999.

andersen onggo : I'm 98 years old and what is this nonscence

Anna Helander : Why is this video suddenly in everyone’s recommendations almost 10 years later lol

8-Bit Virus : People are begging for a pin but instead they get a heart.

James MRI : I feel stupid that I expected something different to happen lol

Julio Chavez : I heard you were a wrestler... YOU CANT PIN ME!

Yespacito : 0/10 I was expecting it to self destruct or become SkyNet or something

Elizabeth Blanchette : Plz pin me it’s my dream Probably

Toasted Fan Art : All that time to prepare and his camera was still out of focus

Hayden Loffarelli : WOW

rez0h : can you pin me for absolutely no reason please

Average Thinking : Only 6,290 hours to go by my calculations!! Now pin me!

fuRy b4sSi : Why the hell is he still pinning comments ... this video is like 10yrs ago

eerereps : What you can't hear are the shear screams of disappointment in his head, but it's cool!

Will_Rocks1 : There's too many people saying "Pin me", so here's a change of pace: Plz don't pin me

derbi senda : Haha he is still liking comments while this vid is almost 10 years old. Nice

Zangetsu Black : Who came here from the 1000000 hrs aka 114 years video?

Razer385i : A heart in 2019? I wish you all a happy new year :) Stay Healthy and Happy

Jake Jacoby : *I T B E T T E R E X P L O D E*

Anthony Ross : Just 3 more years until it hits 99,999:59

GamerForLife : Even after 10 years you give us all a like #Respect

J Dog : This man will definitely pin me ❤️

XxsilencerboyXx : All that waiting for a huge disappointment

Christian Ellingsen : This video is so powerful, I'm holding back tears.

FUME Matt : Your still liking/pinning?! PIN ME BABY!!!!

Chronicon YT : Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet?

Kevin Hamer : Totally thought the world was gunna end. So disappointing.

dank 420 : Guy is still hearting comments after 9 years

D&Z : This guy has the best life

epic gamer : what's all this pin me comments

Fitriyah Nur : Wth 9 years and this guy still hearts comment

Carly Walker : Legend says that it’s still going to this day

Lennon Quarrinton : Wow I was only 3 years old when this vid was uploaded and although it was 9 years ago I still see him hearting comments from 17 hours ago

Brandon Wongton : "Well that was uneventful"

Luster : Is it still going after nine years? :)

LDM_Sarox : Why are all the Comments New?

Donny Dynamic : How was this uploaded 9 years ago and it’s just getting into people’s recommended, also the guy is even liking the recent comments 😂 who remembers their YouTube account from 10 years ago I don’t

E200 owner : 9 years ago this was posted but comments are still getting pinned and hearted now that’s a true content creator who cares about his fan base

111111 1111111 : Best youtube video ever So much talent Insane reaction

imamooster : In my recommended in 2019... YouTube is drunk

DeadSlider543 -Xbox gaming/music : The hell!? Your still hearting comments? Btw are u still stop watching it?

100 subs without a video : 2019 Recommendation anyone?

Yoshi631 : *Thanks YouTube for putting this in my recommended list*

DoublePump : will he pin or heart this after 9 years

Kimseokjin's NOODLES : I need an update, are we at 999999999999999 yet

Shamf : Wonder when the legend will return with his ipod

RetroG : dont pin this comment

Eggi Jones : Is it still going????