iPod Stopwatch ticks over from 9999hrs 59secs to 10000hrs. What will happen?

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Elizabeth Blanchette : Plz pin me it’s my dream Probably

tamago2474 : That was the best disappointment ever.

GODRULES 2 : Is it still running? As its about that time for it to hit 99999.

Geetsly's : Alright mate you pin me now or I reset the timer

LNV : **9 years ago** **still loving comments**

b4sSi b4sSi : Why the hell is he still pinning comments ... this video is like 10yrs ago

eerereps : What you can't hear are the shear screams of disappointment in his head, but it's cool!

andersen onggo : I'm 98 years old and what is this nonscence

Anna Helander : Why is this video suddenly in everyone’s recommendations almost 10 years later lol

Zac : So wait This was posted in 2009 It is 2018 December Heart this if you still are up to date Edit: it took 8 minutes for a heart lol

Average Thinking : Only 6,290 hours to go by my calculations!! Now pin me!

Toasted Fan Art : All that time to prepare and his camera was still out of focus

Ex roses : If you pin me I’ll buy that phone for thousands

Hayden Loffarelli : WOW

Unknown Doer : Lit please pin

dank 420 : Guy is still hearting comments after 9 years

Christian Ellingsen : This video is so powerful, I'm holding back tears.

Razer385i : A heart in 2019? I wish you all a happy new year :) Stay Healthy and Happy

King Nothing : Heart me, papa or I'll do something

One Lonely Boi : Now that it's almost been 10 years , do another one for the 99999 timer Edit : ty for the heart

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J Dog : This man will definitely pin me ❤️

Stath Infection : why are you still loving comments though, it’s been 9 years seriously good video though PIN

Joseph Sell : This was posted almost 10 years ago but some how, almost all the comments are from about an hour ago. I call hacks

Luix 847 : 2019?

Rotar : Only 1 and a half years left until it reaches 99.999. I'm so frickin' excited

Zuckyz : Pin me instead of the other guy cause why not

Matthew Burn : Like this if it was just Christmas 2018

SimpanR Limpan : Is it still on?

Humboldt_Kush : I'm curious, do you still have this ipod? Is the timer still going? It's been almost 10 years....

randomations Yt : They really downgraded the battery life!

Will_Rocks1 : There's too many people saying "Pin me", so here's a change of pace: Plz don't pin me

Ben Dover : Who else just got recommended this old ass video?

Fortknight : All that waiting for a huge disappointment

epic gamer : what's all this pin me comments

Cartoon Network Games [DROIDZ] : and now we know, and knowing is half the battle

derbi senda : Haha he is still liking comments while this vid is almost 10 years old. Nice

Anthony Ross : Just 3 more years until it hits 99,999:59

Fitriyah Nur : Wth 9 years and this guy still hearts comment

Linkmon99 : I just checked, he said in a recent livestream THAT IT'S STILL GOING! LESS THAN A YEAR, I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HYPED BEFORE AHDAHDHASFA

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LDM_Sarox : Why are all the Comments New?

FBI Does Stuff : Legend says it still goes on even to this day

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imamooster : In my recommended in 2019... YouTube is drunk

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GamerForLife : Even after 10 years you give us all a like #Respect