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Comments from Youtube

Pixel Master35* : The only ads I don’t skip.

minh ty : How did this random ads afford Ryan Reynolds?

MrDizzy 318 : These adds are gold. I might even download the game.

Broken Mirros : Here's a list of things we don't deserve (in no particular order): 1. Animals 2. Ryan Reynolds 3. Wade Wilson/Deadpool

Amber Waite : They should have him dress up as deadpool for some of these!! <3

Ryan O'Cerous : Ryan seems to be the center of some of the most brilliant and memorable marketing campaigns. Not since the Purple mattress campaign with Sasquatch have I been so entertained!

Dmaxxing22 : Yeah thanks Ryan Reynolds. Because of you I downloaded this game. Out of moves. Threw my phone. Broke my FN screen.

Fearfree : How to promote a kids game 101

Nadia Couzijn : i/m downloading the game, not because its fun, but because of Ryan.

groze and myselfie : Toon blast, makes you a jerk

Superfighterleo TV 2 : Wait hes saying Piece of SHHHH- Bleep. Mother, chuck, bey, park. Wtf?

Clash : These app games will make you do that, though. I was never more of a potty mouth until after I started playing Candy Crush. P.S. If you read his lips, he is absolutely not saying curse words in front of that little girl. He is speaking jibberish.

Zack Zavage : Honestly, these are like the only commercials I DON'T skip. Love these.

Yana The Iguana : Is that little girl Abby Ryder? Cassie, from Ant-man?

Mr. Limekiller : When this ad popped up in another game I was like "Wtf Ryan Reynolds wow how the mighty have fallen" and then I couldn't stop laughing. These are the only ads I've ever gone to youtube to watch even more of.

Obscene Blood Fart : One of my favorites

Shelly Sierra : My favorite one out of all these😂 the way he says” go go gogogogogo"

Seecooty : i'm not really into this type of game, but I might give it a shot because these ads are great

Rachel is SWAG : I love these! Whenever I get them I never skip that

Orange9098 : You just sweared at your Girl


Joey Glenn : Thanks Ryan Reynolds, thanks for countless hours wasted, carpal tunnel and I think divorce, not really sure (she was talking as I lost with one bubble left).

unknown person : 0:11 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHAhahahahahahahahahahaha

Kharn526 : He is Hollywood and I dont want to like him but CHRIST I cant help but too.

Little Puw : Happens to me too, i failed alot, and it makes me swear xD (but not that my brother/mom/dad comes into the room)

superbubba : IM DYING ROTF . Everything in this is perfect 😂

Primal lucario Gaming : “Toon blast, the game that ruins everything”

Hyper Titanic : Toon Blast: (out of moves) Ryan: Aw, piece of SHHH- bleep moth- bleep fff- bleep

elblondie69 falconer : OMG for once an advert i watched till the end. Ryan Reynolds is a LEGEND ❤

Angie Vasami : Ryan Reynolds is my imaginary bf. I LuV hIm So MuCh!!!

SexyDrunkArt : I guess this is how Ryan is getting budget for Deadpool 3

197 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Anybody else here after seeing the trailer for Detective Pikachu? :)

Talking Doge : 0:09 ....And the sore loser talk begins. >:) (Basically how everyone feels when they fail at something)

Ezra Goldfinkelsteinberg : They cover the price of the in game purchase with his thumb. Sneaky.

The Amazing Duck-ini : these advertisements are terrible... FOR A KIDS GAME

Fishie Fish : “Piece of ship, monkey chunk, finger puppets!”

Christopher J Bloodzing Sayles : That poor little girl face was speechless 😂😂

chills the wolf : this just shows me that i shouldn't play it because it will distract me from life XD

Nasty boy : This is so great 1: Ryan Reynolds is great in these, and really really funny. 2: That girl is so pure omg my heart :')

Kingston McConnell : Ryan Has a Very Strong Toon Blast Addiction

Queen T : 😂😂😂😂😂 Ryan's Awesome

RT 900 : This is the only reason I'm here You all know what it is

DJ Diabeetus AKA young beetus : First time I ever searched for an ad...this one's hilarious!

CometoTazmania : What I love the most about this, they're censoring clean words (probably because the little girl is standing just outside the shot). If you read his lips, the last words he says are "finger puppet" 😂😂😂

Nathalie Rabearijao : hahaaaa... that's me when I am out of move and there is one bubble left to burst... aaahhhhh.....

redkamozo : What could possibly be so fun about this game though? It looks like another version of Tetris.

Ashley Corcoran : Having Ryan Reynolds in this ad makes me want to play the game 😂😂

infinite threaths : 0:09 when you lose a game and cannot respawn Edit just do not do it

OOFz Noobz gaming : OOF I looked at it when it played then I thought it was ;-; OFOOF