Toon Blast | Ryan Reynolds - Girl

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Pixel Master35* : The only ads I don’t skip.

minh ty : How did this random ads afford Ryan Reynolds?

World of Retro Gameplay : This is the first time I’ve searched for a Youtube ad after seeing it play randomly on someone’s channel. Ryan Reynolds is perfect in these ads. His subtle mannerisms and line delivery is spot on!

MrDizzy 318 : These adds are gold. I might even download the game.

Broken Mirros : Here's a list of things we don't deserve (in no particular order): 1. Animals 2. Ryan Reynolds 3. Wade Wilson/Deadpool

Amber Waite : They should have him dress up as deadpool for some of these!! <3

Dmaxxing22 : Yeah thanks Ryan Reynolds. Because of you I downloaded this game. Out of moves. Threw my phone. Broke my FN screen.

Ryan O'Cerous : Ryan seems to be the center of some of the most brilliant and memorable marketing campaigns. Not since the Purple mattress campaign with Sasquatch have I been so entertained!

Nadia Couzijn : i/m downloading the game, not because its fun, but because of Ryan.

Superfighterleo TV 2 : Wait hes saying Piece of SHHHH- Bleep. Mother, chuck, bey, park. Wtf?

Clash : These app games will make you do that, though. I was never more of a potty mouth until after I started playing Candy Crush. P.S. If you read his lips, he is absolutely not saying curse words in front of that little girl. He is speaking jibberish.

Axel Orozco : Toon blast, makes you a jerk

Fearfree : How to promote a kids game 101

Riot228 : One of my favorites

Nathalie Rabearijao : hahaaaa... that's me when I am out of move and there is one bubble left to burst... aaahhhhh.....

Mr. Limekiller : When this ad popped up in another game I was like "Wtf Ryan Reynolds wow how the mighty have fallen" and then I couldn't stop laughing. These are the only ads I've ever gone to youtube to watch even more of.

Yana The Iguana : Is that little girl Abby Ryder? Cassie, from Ant-man?

Shelly Sierra : My favorite one out of all these😂 the way he says” go go gogogogogo"

Kharn526 : He is Hollywood and I dont want to like him but CHRIST I cant help but too.

Rachel is SWAG : I love these! Whenever I get them I never skip that

Del : Bra this should be a deadpool commercial

Seecooty : i'm not really into this type of game, but I might give it a shot because these ads are great


Wolf Playz : Poor kid

Orange9098 : You just sweared at your Girl

Zack Zavage : Honestly, these are like the only commercials I DON'T skip. Love these.

unknown person : 0:11 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHAhahahahahahahahahahaha

Leia_Skywalker02 : I want to hate this damn game. I think I may, but *FiNgEr PuPpEt*, it is so freaking addictive.

Angie Vasami : Ryan Reynolds is my imaginary bf. I LuV hIm So MuCh!!!

Queen T : 😂😂😂😂😂 Ryan's Awesome

Primal lucario Gaming : “Toon blast, the game that ruins everything”

RM Viagem : This ad is classic I love it!!!!!! Perfect for Deadpool, She did this for the movie

Sean Scott : The girl is my cousin

DEREK VLOGS : Funniest ad ever

BaconLocks : Monger japper papercut... Did they censor those words or is my ears being really REALLY bad...

Alyssa Roberts : Why would someone want to download an add that makes you cuss?

John Bowey : By John Bowey do you hawk and you are somethings I am a super big fan of your YouTube videos my name is Colton I love Minecraft as much as you do

Revenge : did ryan reynolds just say monkey-chicken finger puppet

173 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Anybody else here after seeing the trailer for Detective Pikachu? :)

SexyDrunkArt : I guess this is how Ryan is getting budget for Deadpool 3

michael : I’m Japanese. What he says?(about beeps ) And please tell me what does it stand for?

Kingston McConnell : Ryan Has a Very Strong Toon Blast Addiction

Just for seeing vids On youtube : I’m surprised no one is worried about how this is a ad for a kids game 😮 -Great way to show kids to cuss when they lose a game 10/10- -_- 😑

Joel Yallup : Peace peeps

Matt Gray : Piece of shirt, mother finger chicken puppet

Elizabeth micallef : Hated the part when he told the little girl to go away

Jarra7 Gaming : What a dirty mouth 😂😂😂

skyhigh305 : Welcome to another episode of why did this show up in my recommended

Joel Yallup : Good game

The Star Wars Gamer : this is the most stupid thing on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!