I Convinced My Roommate He’s In A Dream (PRANK)

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My friends and I acted CRAZY in between my roommate's naps! Later, we CONVINCED him it was all a dream. HE FELL FOR IT! #Prank #Hilarious #ViralVideo _______________________________________________ Thank you for watching! SUBSCRIBE to my Channel to support and stay updated! NEW vlogs every MONDAY! How you can HELP? LIKE the video! Leave a COMMENT! SHARE the video on social media and with friends! Use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxn0VvJQI18 All SOCIAL MEDIA: @MERLINSENTHIL More details: In this hilarious prank, we convince someone they're in a dream. Similar to videos like "Convincing someone they're invisible" or "convinced brother he is invisible," we attempt to trick our gullible friend into believing the unbelievable. This person is my roommate. Fortunately, all went according to plan, and my roommate fell for it. Speaking of vlogs, Trisha Paytas exposes David Dobrik and Jason Nash in a video and then deletes it. She calls David Dobrik a horrible humans. She spills the tea on the whole vlog squad, causing tons of drama. As a fellow vlogger, its going to be interesting to see what happens next. Being a youtube celebrity puts you in the spotlight, and its hard to be there. We'll see what happens.


Jordan Silfer : This is actually hilarious

Lilah Behnke-Mehne : This is amazing

Skilt Cross : I predict 100k views in a week

tony misbella : I can't believe he fell for it

JayTheYoungBlood : I feel bad for Jamo

bronchkin : hahahah gas prank i do these on my twin brother

Lilly Colllins : THESE GUYS HAHAHA

Kay Lowe : haha #viralvideo?

Tiffany Davis : 😱😂

Nathan Ramli : 🐐