A perfect Green Flash Sunset

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*** I own copyrights to this video clip; for licensing, please contact me at juanguerra86@gmail.com No editing or tricks; this was shot in San Diego, California; using a Canon 60D @ 800mm (1280 - 35mm equivalent). Video: http://www.tbfcreations.com/ Music: Leyland Kirby - "This Is The Story Of Paradise Lost"

Comments from Youtube

Kayla Smith : "Ever gazed upon the green flash, Master Gibbs?"

kimmo : Pirates of the caribbean brought me here

Dave : The last time I saw it, immediately afterward, spinner dolphins started jumping between me and the sunset. That was on Guam.

Bruce Johnson : Very nice. Thank you for the steady camera and excellent focus.

Saimeren : Did Jack Sparrow come back from the dead again?

Robert Jensen : Lots of hullaballoo over the green flash in Hawaii. Fact: most don't see it Fact: if you DO see it, it will be only a perception for around 1/50th of a second Fact: If you happen to blink around that moment, you miss it. Bottom line: don't plan your voyage or outing around this. Not worth it.

malalalalala : if you see this it means the flying dutchman travels between the worlds of the dead and living.

Multirl the glasses : Im here because pokemon

weegee hates the blind : Ryan Reynolds performance was spot on

Gareth Marshall : Wonderful video! I saw it once, from a boat in Curacao and although, as other have said, witnessed through your own eyes is more intense, this is the best video capture of it I have seen! Well done :-)

Circka1 : So wait... The green flash is just the color distortion you see on the edge of the sun? It's not an actual flash into the sky?

BigbadwoLf Murph : Try showing this video to a flat earther and watch all the stupid explanations come out of them lol

Snigdha Dobhal : The two green flashes look really splendid. Marvelously shot video!

aenyxx : Thank you for sharing, the universe it beautiful!

Ewok Chalk : I expected that thing from pirates of the Caribbean

LightRealms : wow really beautiful, really reminds us all of how amazing nature is

Robert Gower : Thank you for that! Now that I know what to look for my enthusiasm and odds of witnessing such a unique and splendid act of nature has greatly increased...

a_wandering_silhouette : you can even see the blue flash

Reina morante : This is so satisfying.. thank you for sharing this. Made me more amazed in the beauty and wonders of nature 😍

Destiny C. : ooo Cool I saw the green :V the book Flush brought me here lol

Eduardo Nogueira : Awesome! It gets even blueish at the very end.

Didac puig lopez : Lycanroc dusk form brought me here

Fran Thibadeau : Beautiful. You are very talented, and very lucky to have gotten that shot. Fran Thibadeau

Gabriel Playz : Your rockruff has evolved into Lycanroc (Dusk Form) :| ... ahh this view is very Beautiful

Zizi Mugen : Excellent capture! n.n

lolvortexlol : as a sailor u will se a couple of these

babygirl00 : Sir, can I use this for a class project? I am just wanting to show it for a science class

Rachael Ward : Wow, that was the nicest one I’ve seen so far. There was even a bit of blue right at the end 👍🏻😌

Megan Rose : I've lived it California my whole life and i always miss it >:(

MustardSauce : Aww? Did you edit out The Flying Dutchman?

mangagod123 : sun down and rise UP!?

Luminea : Rockruff has evolved into Lycanroc Dusk-Form!

Yansten Norbertus : Wow Amazing :) :)

Ethan Butler : "Keep a weather eye on the horizon".

kurosan : Very beautiful, and a very amazing capture! If there's a diamond ring during a solar eclipse, then there is an emerald ring during certain sunset conditions. 😊

Duane Pontius : Very nice video. I've seen it many times at sundown from the deck of schooners in the Caribbean, but my favorite time was seeing it at dawn. A crescent moon was hanging just over the horizon, and the widest, brightest section points toward the Sun. Thus, I was staring at exactly the right point when it first crossed over, so my eyes weren't saturated in advance. Amazing

Kristine Nicole Anog : it is the project of my humanities-art(subject),how to draw and paint the sunset?

The Republic of Ustio. : Thanks for capturing this remarkable phenomenon! Never even saw one of these before!

Bluegrass Fire Productions : Very beautiful! Things like this inspire me to take my family and se the world. Thank you for sharing!

Piggy Oink Oink : And that's when Rockruff evolves into a Dusk Lycanroc

Henry Livingstone : Up is Down

Einstein Von Däniken : I hear if you zoom in on the sun with a P900, it should come back into view lol

Kristoffer Craig : I'll be the first to say it here Lycanroc Dusk-Form

MOODS TO RELAXATION SOUNDS TO HEAL : Hey well done this os amazing keep at it

Shalaka Booyaka : Nice capture!

thechannelitrollwith : this was so serene. gotta bring my second body out and timelapse from now on so i can capture it!

Anders Püschel : Major thanks for this. I'm still hoping to see one myself - in real life.

hikari mayu : AKB48新曲「Green Flash」の意味は沈む太陽か昇る太陽か…

Ravedaze : So beautiful to watch.. thank you for posting