A perfect Green Flash Sunset

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Kayla Smith : "Ever gazed upon the green flash, Master Gibbs?"

Thomas Hybiske : "The most emerald green you've ever seen", was what I was told as a kid as I stood on the beach, surfboard under my arm.  From that day on, I've watched for the Green Flash when the opportunity presents itself.  I'm 63 now, and still waiting for it when I can.  Nice vid.

Kimmo Simonaho : Pirates of the caribbean brought me here

Dave : The last time I saw it, immediately afterward, spinner dolphins started jumping between me and the sunset. That was on Guam.

Circka1 : So wait... The green flash is just the color distortion you see on the edge of the sun? It's not an actual flash into the sky?

Robert Jensen : Lots of hullaballoo over the green flash in Hawaii. Fact: most don't see it Fact: if you DO see it, it will be only a perception for around 1/50th of a second Fact: If you happen to blink around that moment, you miss it. Bottom line: don't plan your voyage or outing around this. Not worth it.

malalalalala : if you see this it means the flying dutchman travels between the worlds of the dead and living.

Didac puig lopez : Lycanroc dusk form brought me here

Multirl the glasses : Im here because pokemon

Gareth Marshall : Wonderful video! I saw it once, from a boat in Curacao and although, as other have said, witnessed through your own eyes is more intense, this is the best video capture of it I have seen! Well done :-)

Einstein Von Däniken : I hear if you zoom in on the sun with a P900, it should come back into view lol

Bruce Johnson : Very nice. Thank you for the steady camera and excellent focus.

weegee hates the blind : Ryan Reynolds performance was spot on

Snigdha Dobhal : The two green flashes look really splendid. Marvelously shot video!

Ewok Chalk : I expected that thing from pirates of the Caribbean

hikari mayu : AKB48新曲「Green Flash」の意味は沈む太陽か昇る太陽か…

aenyxx : Thank you for sharing, the universe it beautiful!

a_wandering_silhouette : you can even see the blue flash

Destiny C. : ooo Cool I saw the green :V the book Flush brought me here lol

misterfrias : where's the flash of green? Did I miss it? :-/

AJ : Here from Pokemon Sun & Moon

MustardSauce : Aww? Did you edit out The Flying Dutchman?

Robert Gower : Thank you for that! Now that I know what to look for my enthusiasm and odds of witnessing such a unique and splendid act of nature has greatly increased...

MARSOC Airman : LOL. Horizon COMPLETELY FLAT. And people say the earth is round. Wake up idiots

Mad Monkeh : Dusk lycanrock

Renaa : Rockruff has evolved into Lycanroc Dusk-Form!

mangagod123 : sun down and rise UP!?

Zizi Mugen : Excellent capture! n.n

Patrick Hennessey : I don't understand how a flat earther can look at this and honestly still think they're right.

MMAFighter38 : A sunset is so mesmerizing. when I die, I'm going to be cremated and my ashes scattered on the Destin harbor at sunset.

Fran Thibadeau : Beautiful. You are very talented, and very lucky to have gotten that shot. Fran Thibadeau

Saimeren : Did Jack Sparrow come back from the dead again?

Ethan Butler : "Keep a weather eye on the horizon".

kurosan 85 : Very beautiful, and a very amazing capture! If there's a diamond ring during a solar eclipse, then there is an emerald ring during certain sunset conditions. 😊

THERSX : its been 417 years i didnt saw a sunset. and with technology, now i can saw it again and enjoy it as a vampire .

jimmyfly : Where are the flat earth morons saying that sunset is impossible?

Rodrick Mitchell : Here because of gamegrumps

Gabriel Playz : Your rockruff has evolved into Lycanroc (Dusk Form) :| ... ahh this view is very Beautiful

Kristoffer Craig : I'll be the first to say it here Lycanroc Dusk-Form

Shaolin Sho : Pokemon Ultra sun and Ultra moon, Lycanroc dusk form transformation brought me here.

LightRealms : wow really beautiful, really reminds us all of how amazing nature is

Reina morante : This is so satisfying.. thank you for sharing this. Made me more amazed in the beauty and wonders of nature 😍

Eduardo Nogueira : Awesome! It gets even blueish at the very end.

Walker Bisbee : not sunset sun down

lolvortexlol : as a sailor u will se a couple of these

Bluegrass Fire Productions : Very beautiful! Things like this inspire me to take my family and se the world. Thank you for sharing!

Megan Rose : I've lived it California my whole life and i always miss it >:(

Piggy Oink Oink : And that's when Rockruff evolves into a Dusk Lycanroc

a stranger : I can now say i have seen a green flash. On youtube. What has my life become.

Charmi patel_2195985 : Amazing job