That Poppy - Lowlife

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Ashley : I'm kinda embarrassed about how much I really like this song. I think Poppy's brainwashing tactics have started to work... *HELP ME*

wxshu : this is my favourite song you have an amazing voice holy-

Ominam : September 2018..still coming bck in to listen dis song..

Tate Langdon : It's catchy TBH


jaelynasamoah : after watching her other vids I did not expect this song to actually be good. Im confused and conflicted

Luis Matishi : This reminds me of Can’t Remember to forget you by Shakira

Jessica Walker : I actually relate to this song. WTF?

Hamster Life : Now this is on my favorites playlist <3 my old favorite singers list: 1.Sia 2.Ariana Grande And nothing else Now it’s: 1. Still sia 2. Still Ariana grande 3. Poppy

Wedgey’s Lab : Well that’s clever.... 😂 used weird videos to gain following then drops decent song!

Rick Sanchez : Me watching Poppy's videos: Ew she is creepy Also me: Watches this on repeat for an hour

Sebastian Bernhardt : She seems so dead in her other videos, but in this video she looks so alive.

amber wolf : Oh wow i didnt know poppy was the one who sang this :0

Yahlandah Saunders : At first I thought this girl was really crazy but now...... Amazing

Incendiary Beats : I just refreshed my page and this song just gained 1k views in a second bruh

3,000 subs with no videos : I don't care how creepy your videos are, this song is insanely great.

JANEs LIFE : I feel like i heard many times this sound on my childhood 🤔🤨

Ayushi Pandey : Illuminati confirmed👍😂

JOURY ROZE : ARMYS where are you ارميز وينكم BTS (방탄소년단) ❤️ ❤️

Angeles Sauceda : Iluminati

MysticalBeat : whos watching in 2018? me!

Gailita Zepeda : Alguien de Latinoamerica?

W0of Wo0f : My dream is to become one of Poppy's background dancers.

HM Vineś : Poppy is Illuminati 😡 0:09 she is making her hands look like baformet

Issac Gamer : I think poppy’s a robot

jessiepaege : can't stop playing this wow

Kaan Yeğen : ❤️ Im Poppy ❤️ Ülüminati ❤️ GRİL ❤️

عالم الرياضة : اعوذ بالله من شر الشيطان الرجيم

Smelly fart : This girl in the start of the video is literally sitting in the posture of the devil.

Kayn : Illuminati Confirmed.

Abhinay Singh : i am the only one who watch this song everyday at least once in a day. am i hypnotized..??

The Magical Kitty-Tato : When you relate to this song but you can't say it so you act like its a meme

fun anlimited : I watched this song 100 times but I don't know why

Gezel Simmons : She actually has a good voice tbh

Jeffrey Cepeda : "My ears are blessed but my eyes are confused" - just a random army

BAGGAD BILLA : Satan would become an interesting YouTuber .

وحيد Al-Deds : الي عربي لايك😂😂

Janeah Lim : Why is this actually good

MOhan M : Illuminati

iliane isabel tobias : que padre este the video after

Derek Maldonado : Thought it was gonna be a creepy song. Turns out girl has a voice

Arlen toys : What if popy actually hates the devil and someone "angel " saved her life and highlighted it ?

Ansari Ansari : Illuminati

The Sesh Is Never Over : Cocaine. ?

Izzy S/H : I love the song bug I don't like the devil

CALIBERBEATS : Song: 9/10 Video: 666/10

Trickgamer_ Ammo20 : This is amazing.

Potatosauceee AJ : 1:52 i want that dress o.o

banana boi : the devil give that good succ

Justin Wilkins : I discovered poppy 8 hrs ago. I know all the lyrics to all her songs. Submit to poppy.