How A PewDiePie Shoutout Changed My Life
What happens when you get a Pewdiepie shoutout

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PewDiePie put my channel in his video. Here's how it changed my life. 🔴 SUBSCRIBE TO CATCH FUTURE VIDEOS 🔴 🔵 SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON 🔵 🎤 WATCH MY STAND UP COMEDY SPECIAL 🎤 Stream/Download: 💥SPEARHEAD SUNDAYS PODCAST 💥 🌃FIND OUT WHEN IM COMING TO YOUR CITY 🌃 👕SIGNED POSTERS AND SHIRTS 👕 FOLLOW MY SOCIALS INSTAGRAM ➤ TWITTER ➤ SNAPCHAT ➤ NebzChat FACEBOOK ➤ Lewis Spears is an Australian stand up comedian with a YouTube channel. Patreon Producers: Matt Savva, Ruffian Shark, Andres Martinez, Andrew White and Bitcoin Babe! Submit all complaints to somewhere where I can screenshot them to post online and laugh. Thanks for watching!