Koko the Clown sings St James Infirmary Blues in Betty Boop's Snow White x264

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Comments from Youtube

Gloom Shift : It is kind of sad that an animation from over 50 years ago is smoother than today's animations.

Gabriele Leone : I fuckin love this! best version of the song and the animation is simply epic

harmoniabalanza : WHOAH!  YO.  These cartoons were not for kidz.  Genius.

Sato el Gato : God damn he could sing

lanaee bishop : frickin love this

sleepCircle : this sequence is profoundly disturbing to me for some reason. i mean, i love it! but I always feel kinda… uncomfortable, just generally, afterwards—hahah.

Noah Robert Graves : This is amazing. Cab Calloway was so brilliant.

Mia Phillips : it's about his lover that died from an std.

Dai Stagna : That's sooooooooooooooooooooo cool

knowledges : this is alot better than anime....

Dad Hoosier : Cab Calloway!

vidunderkat420 : Love Cab Calloway!

TheTayX : she kills the two guys in the beginning by jumping on their heads... wtf

vigalence2 : if this kind of talent existed back then why cant I find anything like this today???  can anyone share a link of some amazing skills out there besides what youtube thinks? don't know what to look for....  :/

aajj7101 : haunting

Stridingbeard Jack : So pimpin... Nuff said v-v

Catnip Panda : He's like a white jake the dog

Jay Boogie : that bacground tells a story im just to lazy to figure it out

B Rich : Brilliant.

Hawthorn : Terrifying...

Kleneu66 : Let her go let her go oh bless her.

TheBelle : Cab Calloway

Pakachu : Ghostemane <3

Pan Lama : I love how they animated Koko.

Алексей : Brand new clip ghostemane

Seagull Feeding Videos : I wish I had a great smooth talking voice.

the dark mesenger Rideout : catchy

krokodil213 : ☿Mercury☿

freddy fazbear : dances* like this song

Greegor47 : After song ends at 1:46 it's just repeating with no sound. Why?

Марк Забелин : Who from ghostmane

DryerdogM : What year was this animated?

Nickolas Abbott : that dance


TheHolderOfTheStory : Is anyone else here from T.O.P's Instagram?

hamstergirl4444 : Ahhhhh *sounds of decadent pleasure from the hamster*....thank you for posting this :) Anyone who saw Rocky Horror at the Strand Theater in San Francisco during the late 70's will have fond memories of this cartoon - it was the opening of the twice weekly midnight show...my roommate and I went to something like 24 consecutive shows at the Strand, and we came to appreciate/anticipate this cartoon as much as the main feature...who could blame us - the Cab Calloway number was reason enough to go all on it's own (the other places I saw RH at - Berkeley and New York City - didn't play Bettie Boop)...oh, okay - the LSD did help things a bit, but still, lol, I LOVE this song!!   *sigh* the Hays Code really squashed some great talent, as well as free thinking in films, but that's exactly what censorship is meant to do.....

Viri Rin : Poods

K.i.D Napo : Play trap queen with this muted