Matt Stone & Trey Parker on Family Guy

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Comedians 'R' Go : Seth MacFarlane on Matt Stone & Trey Parker

PhantomSavage : The funny thing is Seth MacFarlane is actually a fantastic writer, comedian, and all around good guy. American Dad has less cutaways and its great, and The Orville is one of the best live action comedies on TV. Unfortunately Family Guy started as a bad Simpsons parody and unexpectedly turned into a cash cow he let get milked by some of the worst and uninspired writers in Hollywood.

Austin : "We've seen family guy its.........its............ We do hate it" hahhahahahahaha

sublime90 : the ironic part is after simpsons called and "thanked them" years later theres a big simpsons, family guy and bobs burger cross over episode. south park is my favorite.

lunacron : I have a question. At what point does parody become stealing. If a comedian does somebody else's material it's stealing, but family guy can repeat jokes from other TV shows and movies over and over again with virtually no original material of their own and apparently that's OK because its parody.

Infinite Sky : They hit the nail right on the head

Tony Sorrow : South park, the simpsons, futurama, rick and morty > family guy

Plainview : But American Dad is great!

mrdanthemanboi9 : Does anybody know if they like American dad? That doesn't have cut aways

Nx Doyle : One of Seth MacFarlane's main defences against the pointed criticism of Matt & Trey is that cutaway gags aren't easy. That somehow, filling out to 20+ minutes with cutaways is as hard a process as producing 20+ minutes of funny plot-driven narrative. Now, perhaps he said that because he thinks that the general public don't know one way or the other. And if that was his thinking, that only writers, specifically comedy writers, know the difference, in large measure he's probably right. The fact remains, he claimed that cutaways aren't easy. I'd contend that, "Remember the time that (character name) did something incongruous with something else incongruous with the possible inclusion of a pop culture reference" is a lot easier than staying with the story for the entire episode.

sayvar44 : I like family guy and American dad which is probably better because it doesn't use the cutaway gags and doesn't have a dominant character like Peter who can be very tiresome but South Park is superior to both, having said that I think Seth MacFarlane is a lot more likeable as a person than Matt or Trey who can come across as obnoxious contrarians sometimes. All the adult aimed cartoons are good in their own way and they all have the Simpson's to thank

Shawn 91 : South Park is unbelievably great. Family Guy is unbelievably bad.

Troy Staunton : I love both shows. Yes family guy is gag after gag which is hilarious. Then you have South Park that does funny stories. They’re both a mix of what the Simpsons used to be. The Simpsons used to have a story with gags in it. In short I like all the shows.

Pat Tanackered : Wow. You can almost taste the arrogance of some of these posts. I must be one of the few people on this planet that realises both shows can be hit and miss but there is a reason both have endured and that's their overall quality. Both have made me laugh and I just get on with my life. Amateur comedy critics are the worst

Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS : Did Matt and Trey bring back Cosmos? No... do they take criticism into mind? No... do they think their shit doesn’t smell like shit? Yes....

goatboy : For many years I have wondered, iff the real problem Trey and Matt have with Family Guy, is the writing. Then why dont they write sn episode? Or a three episode arc? Or a crossover episode where either show is done by the other team? I'd pay money to see it.

Jordi Danen : I think american dad is as entertaining as South Park. Family Guy is funny when ur high and it happens to be on tv, thats the difference.

Jessi Tyson : I love both.

Robert Acheson : South Park is one of the smartest shows on TV, on top of being hilarious. Family Guy admittedly has cheaper gags but I still really like it. As long as the humor is subversive and well executed, I’m on board. American Dad is probably funnier than Family Guy episode for episode actually.

HP Lovecraft : I hate Family Guy

rusty Squeezbox : They criticize a comedy for having gags?

percussion jamz : recently got into a discussion/argument with a co worker about south park; she was insisting the show is terrible and 5th graders watch it. At that point there is no point in reasoning with subjective differences....... But then turns around and starts talking about how she loves family guy and instantly called her out on that.

Mike Oprisi : I tend to laugh at family guy anytime I'm stoned. American dad on the other hand... kind of love that show.

skateboardscott : Family Guy genuinely used to be good. Season 1,2 and 3 are best. Then after that, it all started going downhill, rapidly. Sad. South Park is quite good though.

Blaster master : King of the Hill is better than both (But South Park is 2nd best).

Talaris Watts-El : I love both shows. The thing I like about Family Guy is that it reminds of Tex Avery cartoons from the 40's where it's more about random, surreal gags. That's what makes family Guy funny to me is because it's so random, unpredictable. Everytime I watch family Guy I never know what to expect which I think makes them unique. Who knows what will happen when you watch a family Guy episode.

Mcderple Berry : I feel like Seth Macfarlane heard this and created American Dad.

Butthe4d : The last 2 seasons are pure garbage so I dont think they have the right criticize anyone about writing. I loved south park but it just isnt as good as it used to be. Familiy guy is not the best show ever created but at least it doesnt straight up turned to shit they still have a lot of really good episodes.

Sean Patrick : Wow. It’s pretty disappointing that they can’t respect another yet different artist. “FG has 4 times higher ratings than SP” sounds like somebody is butt hurt. Different shows. Love ‘em both.

merces47letifer : Meanwhile, everyone will just gloss over that people would be (and have been) murdered over a cartoon. Peaceful religion, that.

Irish Jester : Sounds like they're jealous of Seth's rise in comedy, from movies to additional tv shows outside of Family Guy.

Mo 2k : They look so much alike in this picture hahaaha

eXc : TV gods I beg you please bring back KING OF THE HILL

Alex H : Family guy is awesome bro

ninformant : South Park is a shell of it's former self. Hasn't been funny since season 11 or 12 to me.

Jack Salonsky : You can't compare the two, everyone steals ideas from everyone but family guy didn't steal actual jokes.. .family guy is the joke-iest thing ever, and to me nothing is funnier.

????? : The first couple of seasons of Family Guy are way funnier and better written than the last couple of seasons of both South Park and The Simpsons. They should have all been ended years ago.

Lex Watson : Family Guy is 2 quick easy jokes with 15minutes of garbage in between

Richard M : Love South Park and Love Family Guy... and American Dad. Sorry dude but you guys wrote some shit episodes too....

Patrick Darling : Family Guy isn't bad or unfunny, it's just cheap. The episodes are only funny once or twice. It's disposable

Henry M. : South Park and Family Guy are great. American Dad is the best though.

Thebanishere : I’m not a fan of fam guy. I prefer South Park. Simpson should have ended a long time ago. King of the hill I liked when it was on

Bringing_It_@ll_Back_Gnome : Old South Park was great but honestly it isn't good at all anymore, same with family guy, same with this Simpsons, as some one who was a kid for this I'll say same with SpongeBob. These shows all had a golden era and what seemed to happen with all of them is the main dude or dudes in case of Simpsons and south park left or did other things after a certain point and the show took a major drop in quality all of these shows are pathetic excuses of there former selves cause I think all of them use to be great

SPACE MONKEY1102 : These dude’s always sound jealous. Your show does gags too. Is it great? YES! Do I love it? YES! They always seem disappointed they didn’t do not get the praise they feel they deserve

Solid Fisher : South park started just before I went into my freshman year of highschool I was sick of it before I was done with highschool

Tactile Therapy : Ted > BASEketball

Zesty Mordant : Too bad South Park has basically been the same as Family Guy since that abominable Member Berries season. No. It wasn't meta. It was shit.

Devil'sAdvocate : The last 2 South Park seasons have been absolute dog shit. Family Guy has gotten better and better imo. SP used to be my favorite show... When they started to do a whole season that shared the same theme, it became terrible. Cartman and his girlfriend.... PC principal.... It's all horrible. Family Guy has overtaken South Park.

metallicak5 : The thing is, does any actually laugh at the comedy in South Park? No, you watch it for the shock factor. Its crude for crude sake. Family Guy actually produces laughs because of how random it is. Sure, there are some shitty episodes but I’d say Family Guy is more entertaining comedy wise. But Futurama is still the best adult comedy cartoon out there.

Sean Hogan : Rick & Morty > South Park