Matt Stone & Trey Parker on Family Guy

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Comedians 'R' Go : Seth MacFarlane on Matt Stone & Trey Parker

Nx Doyle : One of Seth MacFarlane's main defences against the pointed criticism of Matt & Trey is that cutaway gags aren't easy. That somehow, filling out to 20+ minutes with cutaways is as hard a process as producing 20+ minutes of funny plot-driven narrative. Now, perhaps he said that because he thinks that the general public don't know one way or the other. And if that was his thinking, that only writers, specifically comedy writers, know the difference, in large measure he's probably right. The fact remains, he claimed that cutaways aren't easy. I'd contend that, "Remember the time that (character name) did something incongruous with something else incongruous with the possible inclusion of a pop culture reference" is a lot easier than staying with the story for the entire episode.

PhantomSavage : The funny thing is Seth MacFarlane is actually a fantastic writer, comedian, and all around good guy. American Dad has less cutaways and its great, and The Orville is one of the best live action comedies on TV. Unfortunately Family Guy started as a bad Simpsons parody and unexpectedly turned into a cash cow he let get milked by some of the worst and uninspired writers in Hollywood.

Chris Kogos : Family Guy was decent seasons 1 - 6 in my opinion but now it's unwatchable.

T.C. K : The best thing about South Park is at face value older people think its ALL garbage, but it actually is the smartest cartoon on TV EDIT: Just read the reply by rigoGhigh87 He is right. Rick and Morty is the smartest on TV. But imo its a different kind of smart. South Park is smart on a deeper level, where it only becomes obvious after the 3rd time seeing an episode

Bavar Lall : is kenny dying every episode not a gag?

Garrick Groover : I love how every adult animated show (The Simpsons, King of the Hill, etc.) hates Family Guy.

Jonathan James : Family guy is terrible now. American Dad is what it should have been

David Dolan : The ONLY reason Family Guy gets 4x the ratings is because it's on network tv.

TheCaptainSlappy : Family Guy = Trash. American Dad = Great.

Johnny B : I stopped watching family guy after south park did an episode about it. they are completely right about it.

onemorebrando : South Park has way better writers

Jacob Campbell : South park is so much better than family guy

HeadshotTatertot93 : Family Guy is trash Seth is overrated his cowboy movie was awful. American dad is pretty cool but they can’t touch South Park. South Park and Team America are social commentary masterpieces

Austin : "We've seen family guy its.........its............ We do hate it" hahhahahahahaha

Eric Muscari : south park is the greatest animated show of all time

MrZurata : The problem with modern Family Guy isn't the cutaways, its the fact that modern FG is all over the place with its humor. One minute you have a cutaway that's a reference to an 80s commercial, then you cut to Peter blowing someone's head off with a shotgun. Its like after they got renewed after being cancelled they assumed people want offensive edgy humor, when original Family Guy was loved because it was a wackier more risque Simpsons. To me, its an amazing example of how network television standards have plummeted. The show gets cancelled 20 years for making some Jew jokes, now the show is full of hooked nose Jew jokes, and people getting decapitated, vomiting, or more gross tryhard garbage.

joshua schmit : Trey Parker’s voice is so perfect.

Glenn O'Connor : Family guy is the Big Bang theory of the cartoon world. Cheap, unfunny, overrated & loved by the dum masses.

What do the 5 fingaz say to the face? : *South Park > Family Guy. Simple math.*

Media Ultra : When they made the joke on South Park,family guy wasn't that bad,but now it is literally the exact same as the joke

Steely Dan : Family Guy sucks

HeadshotTatertot93 : South Park keeps getting better, PC principle is genius Garrison as trump is genius the vape episode is genius

Theo Meester : Family guy is just hollywoods secret criminal stuff written in a joke, i think they know that too

Patrick Darling : Family Guy isn't bad or unfunny, it's just cheap. The episodes are only funny once or twice. It's disposable

Adjacent Films22 : Family Guy is terrible. That's not an opinion. But a goddamn fact.

Dan Nigro : The thing is South Park is one of my favorite shows but certain eps I lose interest quick. Some are amazing. With Family Guy almost every ep is funny and relatable. The cutaways are usually funny. Comedy shows don’t have to teach you a lesson. It’s a show. A silly show. South Park you watch to have a whole ep dedicated to a parody. With Family Guy it’s a quick joke.

mark hamm : Family guy is full of jokes that are just constantly overused

Nick Okona : Matt Groening says Seth Macfarlaine is a friend of his...

MarkerMIkE Dali : Speaking of the Bart Cameo, in The French dub He was voiced by the Same Acctress that did Bart in the actual french Simpsons dub

Jeff S : If the simpsons people hate family guy, why did they work together

Fab🎃 : Matt and Trey are comedic geniuses

Paul Thoresen : Family Guy was funny when it was just kind of random funny things, but now it's the most Xx3dgyXx shit out there, it's terrible. Most of their gags now rely on rape and gore, or repeating their own jokes, or just making the most obvious jokes possible. It's like they traded their writing staff for death row inmates.

Mcderple Berry : I feel like Seth Macfarlane heard this and created American Dad.

dooeydooey : southpark absolutely annihilated family guy with this. for all 22 seasons they have shown nothing but superb writing on genius level.... they intertwin pop cultures even in the same episode. remember the one about kyle and the economy …. like ….takes balls too to do what Trey and Matt have done....

mrfld : I hate family guy. I think it's cool to see it said.

Michael Angelo : Family Guy is garbage like the Kardashians but American people love garbage and the Kardashians

Beni Habibi : producers: "you can't make an episode about this issue!" matt and trey: *makes 2 of the best episodes ever*

The Chosen One : Family Guy is a good show, but the writing is very basic. Family guy episodes are only funny once or twice, but after that, they get extremely boring, whereas with South Park, I could watch the same episode over and over again and never get tired of it.

Macrocrash11 : I watch both but there's a sea in difference of quality TBF. South Park is on a whole new level.

lil kim : Seeing this episode ruined Family Guy for me

rofyle : Long after both shows end their run and leave the air, South Park will be remembered. Family Guy will be forgotten.

Ryan M : Family Guy is stale. South Park is timeless.

DenversDabs C : South Park is the greatest satire of this epoch. No one is close.

Samuel McCallister : Invalidating others to validate yourself is what a weak, small person does.

Lars Vega : okay Family Guy have gags that is just another way to be funny. My point is Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park are all funny in their own way.

Hobus Tobu : I love how Seth McFarlane makes this whole thing seem way more personal than it is. He makes it seem like Matt and Trey were spitting on the graves of the grandmothers of the Family Guy writing staff, and that they actually talk personal shit on the crew (which I'm sure if they get drunk at a party they would, I do the same thing). But the thing is, that they're more concerned about the thing with Muhammed than the Family Guy thing. And it's not like they were going after a little tiny show. Family Guy is a huge syndicated network monolith, (Kept Adult Swim afloat for over 8 years). Rather than just cop to the fact that he writes lowbrow humor and then when he breaks away for political agenda story time to make him seem more intelligent than he is- He's gotta spin the whole thing that these two are just fucking with his team out of spite for Family Guy. What a butt hurt little bitch.

3DSage : What? Kenny dying every episode is literally the definition of a tv show running "gag". Also watch watchmojo's video on 10 ten south park gags.

DrumWild : This interview reminds me of the time that I was in charge of the Pentagon. _[cut-away]_

N2 B-1986 : Hell yeah! South Park is a comedy prodigy. Family Guy is just a show that got where it is because basic television is seen by a lot of people but to keep a show going on satellite and cable for two decades is incomparable. "The Simpsons" is just about the only basic network animation that can compare to South Park as in that term.