Somebody ring the Dinkster?

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The Brony Notion : The start of an era

MamaMad : pyrocynical, i know you're looking down at me with your glorious smile. sincerely, your time traveling son.

will will smith smith will smith? : youre fucking savage

Guneo : it's amazing how the show has changed since this episode. truly a masterpiece

Ampera Syndicated Media : Hey Michael, VSauce here.

FangDarkmoon : I just wanted to point out that this was posted on February 29th which only happens on a leap year.

pie : the moment a legend was born

Beavisracecar : Throwback dinkster

Tobey Plug : this is where greatness began

rokasram : we all went downhill from here

Trovski : the beginning of a legend.

DiFFy : hard nettin

Cheeseburger Apocalypse : and now it's just the same few hundred people who are trying to cling onto the corpse of this once great meme, all good things must come to an end.

Outstretched : This is what I pray too

Rick Harrison : 1 person didn't ring the Dinkster.

Podado Peed : A legend was born.

Kittycat40 : The Dinkster fandom is such a nice community. No one ever tries to spoil episodes and people like Dankey Kang help create a sense of home. It’s so great to see such a beautiful group of people connected over a common interest, especially in the dark times we live in. I applaud Dinkster Daily and the Dinkster show for being able to do this so well.

Wolf Woof : my favorite one

Duebers : No. No I didn't.

Gabe Pawlak : <3

Gabe Pawlak : I've come back in time to kill it at the source. The world went to shit all because of dinkster daily. Hopefully this will fix it....

King Cowfish : When you dink the ringster

Viral Doggo : Why do people subscribe to this guy. All it does is fill up your notifications. I LOVE IT

DanGoose IRL : I've watched every video, and I still don't know.... *did* somebody ring the Dinkster?

Hyro Foo : top 10 historical moments in the history of the internet

Misnoch : The beginning of a journey

Michael Bradley : Who else found this channel and decided it was a good idea and use of time to scroll through all the videos and find this very one for no good goddamn reason Oh and 🤣🤣🤣🤣WHO DID THIS!!!!🤣🤣🤣

Drigglesnork : a classic

Ugandan Knuckles : Wow this has been a fuckin groundhog day and a half!!!

The Bullet : The first dink.

Bloozbee : Where it all began.

Rainer : Top 10 Anime Beginnings

Trumps White Privilege : I take it all back. THIS is, and always will be, my proudest fap.

Harlowe Iasingston : 私の名前はジェフです

Sewitscher HD : LOL

Crappy Kang : The frame of the spy kid is missing and the one beat isn't cut.

random kid off the streats : *did* somebody ring the dingster???

ItsMons : A New Hope

Nikola Yaschuk : i can’t hold back tears, it’s birth video, so beautiful!

Riley Moors : I love anime first episodes

Lanzenreiter Galaxis : The birth of an age of dinkster

Superhessu : I scorlled from the top to here. You should feel speciale

Ben B : Absolute L E G E N D

itsconnorstime : I have no idea what or why this is a thing but I sure am glad it’s part of my life now.

Overtoasted TV : Has started, the dinkster wars

That420Gamer : I’m Mary Dinkster y’all!!!

Imię Nazwisko : pilot episodes always look weird

Garden Snail The Great : Top 10 anime pilot episodes

El Diego : Omg the original

Ivan Baymar : mwahahaha............. nobody knew..... i rang the dinkster.......... it was me the whole time....................