DO NOT DRIVE FOR uberEATS - Full Day Earnings Report

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Enter our monthly giveaway $100 worth of prizes - Yep.... don't be an uber slave please. It was not a good experience for me. Comment below your own experience!


Jay Paul Beats : A HUGE Red flag for ANYONE looking to apply to a job anywhere--- Anytime a job claims you can "make up to" a certain amount of money... turn around and find something else.

LMAO : Boy just spent 3.84 per gallon lmao robbery

Charles Sandborgh : Tipping in general is a horrible system and needs to go away. I'll never do a job that focuses on peoples good will to provide for my life style.

Abe Lincoln : (Uber): "You can make $10 per delivery, well that is if someone tips you $10"

Dale Furno : You'd do better off just working full time delivering for a pizza joint.

HMS Daedalus : The day I didn't received tip for a 115$ delivery of sushi is the day I stopped delivering.

Sarah : I have NEVER not tipped a delivery driver! I am shocked that only one person tipped you all day.

fyiguyfla : I live in a college town and do it on an scooter. I can make $68 in 3 hours and only have to spend $3 to refill my entire gas tank. Good deal for me.

TraeRay : I did 10 trips for $97 in one day. I think you didn’t have any surge or promotions on.

Drama Queen : I have never ordered food and not tipped delivery. This is sad.

Baydzone : The company needs to pay for the travel of the drivers

J L : 17 drives and 1 tip. Even when I get a free pizza from Dominos I tip 5-7 dollars. Man people are cheap

SabotAAJ NAHK : He says.. "My girlfriend told me... "What are you doing,... Bro?". " 👀

budsmkoe : might as well chauffeur a drug dealer. bigger risk = bigger reward 😂

Lady bird : Its designed to make uber money, not the drivers.

Jack Da Money : You'll make more money begging on the street, which is sad.

Gary DeForve : uber owes these drivers for their labor.

hugh4400 : I legitimately got more tips working at office depot than he did

SlikzPlayz : I worked in valet and only got tipped 10 dollars a day. I was parking cadillacs, lexus, porches, aston martins. Talk about rich greed.

writerpatrick : UberEats is skirting the minimum wage laws. They should at least be covering gas.

dick richard : But ubereats says $17 an hour all over craigslist No. All my local posts says 17hr. Not up to.

katrina crisel : Dang glad i haven't tried any of these food delivery jobs. I do Amazon flex and i couldn't be happier$$$

Masterr Laster : The Law: You must pay workers at least minimum wage. Uber: Hold my beer.

Graepixels Media : Don't forget, he still needs to take out *taxes* out of the total!!

Trance88 : Jeez. What a joke. The drivers need to be paid more than just 3-4 bucks per delivery. That's chump change.

Classy Crawf : He probably earned more from the Uber eats ads before the video

Jerry Serrano : Actual math: 12hrs (11am-11pm) $86.44 total earnings [Not including $5tip because that's under the table money] Subtracting $28.83 in fuel cost. Total earnings= $57.61 @ $4.80/hr

Terrence : I always tip $4 (the middle option) when I order.. bruh I thought people would tip more often

Photoshop By Alfredo : Damn dude talk about hustling and keeping a positive attitude much respect to you for recoding this and for putting the time to edit and uploading to YouTube. Much Respect to those who work doing this.

Ashley Johansson : Rule #1 when getting a job that involves driving: *Do NOT get a job that doesn't pay for gas and car maintenance*

BlackHawkDown414 : So like $5 an hour why tf wouldn’t you just get a job at like McDonald’s for st least your states minimum wage

NoTellHotel : I can't believe they dont even require a small tip....

Yahsone : When you understand the business model... you understand the scam

Ray Welcome : LMAO I drive for Domino's and I average 145 in hourly and card tips and an extra 40 cash at the end of the day so it's decent

RighteousBruce : Tipping is a joke just pay your damn workers.

Mudassar Iqbal : Better off driving taxi ..u get $20-30 tips easy in 10 hour shift...and can make 150-200

Andrew Freshour : This is great seeing your perspective. I was actually thinking about doing this. Great video!

Rinner : Usually people use more than just 1 app to do deliveries ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jesse Marchant : Cant you put the gas you spent twords your taxes ??? 🤔

lovedbyall916 : I did one order for Uber eats. It took me 40 mins to pick up and deliver and I earned $4 and some change. That was my first and last order.

Tejvir Singh : I made 127.68 dollars and driving for 6 hrs

人情味儿没有 : That was really unappreciative for those customers to not give you any tips.

Tim siniff : They should call this company 'Ghetto Eats'

Ciara Ruane : Wow... tips are stressful. Glad I only have to worry about tipping when someone provides an amazing service and not have to worry about them depending on tips to survive.

Roberto Smith : You'd make more money standing in an intersection with a squeegee

Reb Shai : Wow Idan thank you for this video! It really helps. תודה רבה, שי


If you laugh you sub! : Better off just selling heroin. Also I’ve seen people make £300 and used a bike

Shiane Feddz : That's bad if u look for change on the ground for a whole day ull make more than that