DO NOT DRIVE FOR uberEATS - Full Day Earnings Report

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Drama Queen : I have never ordered food and not tipped delivery. This is sad.

MetalHeadToker : Tips = The company trying to shift the responsibility of paying their employees onto the customers.

Welcome To Trench : This is more of a job for teenagers trying to get a little bit of extra money

Russian Nuke : my tip - watching ads without skipping.

Daniel Wolfe : Should be getting a minimum of 10 bucks just for touching the ignition. These new hipster companies will do more damage to the youngsters trying to get going in the job industry than any old industrial type business ever did to their employees. Do your homework before taking a job! Especially from these app based businesses raking in money and leaving young up n comers with the bills. Uber should be sued and banned for pulling a stunt like this

MaskSo James : Is a loss-loss situation, UberEats is the price of the food plus taxes plus delivery, and a tip, that’s too much for a consumer

Eli Lichtenhan : If I can't afford enough to give someone a $3 tip I won't get delivery, simple as that.

Xiaotong Li : The whole point of using Uber Eats is that I don't have to tip

Nemesis : Ads on this video made much more money than uber eats could pay.

Beautifully Bree : Businesses should properly pay their workers instead of having the taxpayer and tips pay for such awful wages.

Nate O'Brien : This is why I used to do ubereats with an electric bike

Viceroy : I got an ad to be an Uber driver....

Adam Bradley : "my girlfriend told me you don't work there bro"

GameWorks12 : I do Postmates. It's pretty good. I go to rich areas and get pretty good tips. 3-4 hours work I would make around $80-$120 but only on the weekends

OC Tech : If everybody tipped at least $3, minus the guy that tipped, he could have made $146 that day. If everybody tipped $5, he could have made $186...

teamhex : Dude how did no one tip? That's absurd.

HTHC 104 : Its hard for me to trust people with my no uber eats for me...

J Smooove : I make $1000+/week on uber alone. More when i do postmates too. You didnt mention any of the bonuses.

queenb : I thought tip was included in the price

abc8225 : I wanted to join ubereats.. but reading the comments I’m glad I didn’t 😆

Decoding end times : This is why I drive a motorized toilet with 2 tires and a lawnmower engine. It puts all the waste out of the exhaust and she's good on gas. Be sure to sub to my channel maybe one day i'll pull her into the showroom of a car dealership.

Beyond Progressive : Uber needs to be investigated

Appox 7 : In Australia we don't tip

M J : I drove for uber eats one time and I ate some of your fries 😌

TBolt : 919,000 views. You’ve probably pulled in about $5,000-6,000 on this video. Good job! 👍

Texas Veteran Power Outdoors : You would make more money cutting grass. You can make 6 figures cutting grass, easy money

LightningFlare1 : Video titled “do not drive for Uber eats” An Uber ad plays right before

talk express yourself : Unbelievable,how these companies ABUSE people.

Ez Lazy : I tipped 5 dollar to the pizza guy everytime, that’s the only food i order to be deliver

Joey Witt : Thanks for making this video also CAR INSURANCE and eventually you will get pulled over by police or accident spending that much time driving u r 100% About wear and tear on vehicle sound like urber is making WAY TO MUCH for nothing of course they should get $$$ but be fair

Lady bird : Its designed to make uber money, not the drivers.

Sam Zhou : Lol I give tips to every delivery person, always appreciate

cunt400 : Wow alot of low life scum leaving no tip. Sad.

Miro Križ : Get a motorcycle ;) much faster and efficient

Rays : This video is bullshit because people tip through the app later. I never tip cash. I just tip them a few hours later when i remember

Manu Pan : Uber makes billions but consumers need to tip so drivers can get a minimum wage? Absurd.

Teaira Johnson : I always tip my driver but seeing how little they make is so infuriating. That’s just not right. I just deleted my ubereats app. Won’t be using that again.

TheMadDoc : 3:55 his girlfriend called him "BRO"🤣🤣🤣

DNTV : I feel so bad for this guy. I just started working for gopuff and I must say it is WAAYYYY better than this. I live in a college town so you get lots of rich frat boys buying $120 worth of JUUL Pods and international students who will shell out $50 for candy and a 2liter. I've been averaging around $16/hr and that's just from working weeknights. I have yet to work a weekend but most of my co-workers will make almost $25/hr. I also drive a car that gets 43 mpg so it's been a really amazing job so far.

Green : On apps I wish you could tip after the delivery on the app, if I tip before my driver is always late or just goes to the wrong place loool

Ryan Morgan : This job would only be good if drug dealing is part of it.

TheBuddha Queen : Looks to me like Uber is scamming you.

Alyssa Lopez : Very helpful video! Also now I will always give tips, I never thought about it like that.

Joaquin Olvera : You looked hella glamorous with that McDonald’s bag.💁🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️

CLICKBAIT 2K18 : I mean ubereats it not all bad I make $700 every week. Just have to grind. But yea it's bs at times when they don't pay you amount that they should pay you on some trips. But hey money is money

Vegabond : would be more profitable if you were on a moped or scooter

Ray Pimienta : funny that there was an uber commercial before this vid....

Jared Donahoe : $2.67 not $3 don’t lie about the McFlurry cost

Hasaan Bryant : You should do favor they make you tip 2 dollars and u get 2.50 from delivery fees

Kyle X : You're not including all of the taxes.