DO NOT DRIVE FOR uberEATS - Full Day Earnings Report

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MetalHeadToker : Tips = The company trying to shift the responsibility of paying their employees onto the customers.

Dave Simon : People don't tip because they are already paying a huge amount for the delivery. For example: There is a McDonald's about 300 yards from my house. I just put a #1 meal (big mac, fries, coke) in the uber eats app. The total:$12.93! Do you honestly think someone is going to tip $3-5 dollars when they are already paying $12.93 for a freaking #1 McDonald's meal??? How can ANYONE justify paying $17.93 for a cheap burger, fries and a fountain drink??? The uber eats drivers need to see it from that perspective.

Trance88 : Jeez. What a joke. The drivers need to be paid more than just 3-4 bucks per delivery. That's chump change.

combatLaCarie : Don't tip. If the pay isn't good, people should stop driving for Uber eats. If Uber eats has a problem with that, then they should raise what they pay. And if that doesn't work, then Uber eats doesn't work as a business. Don't extend tipping culture.

StreetRacer 1o1 : I bet Uber Eats hates these videos 😏😂😂

Drama Queen : I have never ordered food and not tipped delivery. This is sad.

Jim Reynolds : They dont tip cause the company charges 18 dollars for 5 miles

Lovett Uduebor : I also don't use uber eats because they charge a $4 delivery fee. Does that money go to yall? That might be another reason why people don't tip, because they think you get paid that.

The Truth : This is modern day slavery!

Fringes : i used to deliver mail before for USPS. i was getting paid $16/hr with no benefits but still, it’s better than doing uber.

86Themadhatter : Relying on tips when you have a job must feel so degrading. Being expected to tip when you're not much better off must be just as bad.

steezyberg : You’re better off working at wal mart lol

Milaad Rohi : You are not even breaking even, I think Pizza Delivery Guys make more money.

Asher Rubin-Ford : Shouldn't the cost of your salary be paid by an employer? Why should customers pay a tip?

BBAR : That's why is a side job not an actual job

MaskSo James : Is a loss-loss situation, UberEats is the price of the food plus taxes plus delivery, and a tip, that’s too much for a consumer

Marcos Mercedes Nuñez : Here in the Dominican Republic most of the fellas delivering food use motorcycles. That saves a loft in terms of gas consumption, also they are more agile on those bikes

Cameron A : Guys boycott uber by all means, Uber is a slave driver. Work for your local company.

Chris_O : I quit driving for uber eats one tips

robert wheeler : dont forget you have to pay taxes on that money as well

Nate O'Brien : This is why I used to do ubereats with an electric bike

James Lovell : Wow, that's really bad. When I was in college, and for a brief period after, I delivered pizza for Domino's. I averaged about $15.00 per hour in tips and delivery fee ($0.75 per delivery). Granted, I worked mainly peak hours, so I only worked about 24-30 hours per week. I also got a small check for the hourly pay, $4.75 per hour. I would get some kind of tip ($1-$5) from about 80% of my deliveries so I usually made $350-$400 per week take home; and that was after I deducted for gas. I did the same thing as HowMuchBitcoin. I filled my tank before and after each shift and deducted the price of gas before I calculated my earnings. Gas was and still is considerably cheaper here than it is in California, about $2.00 per gallon and my truck got about 20 miles per gallon city. Not bad for an old Ford Ranger! If you have a reliable car and want to make some extra cash, I recommend delivering pizza over UberEats any day. I would bank some nice tips around the Holidays and when it rained.

Elijah R. : I do work for doordash occasionally. I live in Washington DC, so a pretty dense, but small, urban environment. I'm only 14 but its still not worth the money even for someone my age. The only reason I continue is because when I want something like a new Lego set or something of that nature. My parents can't always get it for me due to finances. The most ammount of money in a night I've ever made was 20 dollars. That's good money for me because, 1. I don't have a job nor any allowance, 2. I ride my bike doing it, so the only gas I need is my own body's energy, and 3. Its a good way to stay active. To any adults wanting to go full time or thinking about it. PLEASE KEEP YOUR JOB. It will make you go bankrupt. It's next to no money, or worse. LOSING MONEY if you're driving. The only thing I can really enjoy out of doing the delivery service is the money and the alone, quiet time. But believe me. If you are driving to deliver, you will lose money. One night I started at around 5 and was scheduled to end around 9. I made NO MONEY. There were no deliveries in my area. IN A CITY. Its a kind of fun side thing to do but it's not worth the money if you're driving

cotto aleman : Pure waste of time and mess up your car ! !!!

Anthony : No one in their right mind is going to tip an uber driver for small take out meals.

Ember McLain : Video titled “do not drive for Uber eats” An Uber ad plays right before

QuestYoshi : I don’t really think uber eats is meant to be a main source of income, just like with the regular uber service. it’s meant to be something you do on your way too and from work and when you have spare time. i’m not saying anyone is dumb or abusing the system for using these services as main sources of income, but to always expect to make tons of money from doing them is quite silly and not how the service is designed to work.

justin shuttlesworth : honestly the first time i ordered from Uber eats i was told there was no need to tip because they get a delivery fee, unlike a pizza man or something. good to know though so now i can tip

Beautiful Woman : Back a few years McDonald's used to send raw bags of food opened. People were complaining of low fries. I think the Uber drivers would eat the customer fries and McDonald's started putting sticker on the bag

switchgame : Im in ny and i make 80 bucks in 4 hours and i spend like 8bucks on gas

teamhex : Dude how did no one tip? That's absurd.

Kenneth Avila : the outcome rant starts @ 9:38

Method Man : I did uber eat, that thing is stupid. Making $50 a day after gas . So stressful, you dont even talk of wear and tear

Greg Gulli : Im 15 and still tip people smfh

Stephane Carrie : Esclavage moderne.

RighteousBruce : Tipping is a joke just pay your damn workers.

M E : People are shit. Thanks Merica!! Great review man!!

McKaos : Soo if i'm bored in college with no job and nothing else to do maybe i SHOULD do uber eats/waitr/postmates?

Daniel Hulett : Its not meant to be a career

TheBarisaxman17 : Lol you're putting a layer of anonymity into "nice" quality food, and you're wondering why barely anyone tips?? I struggle with tipping more than 10% as is, and that's for people who actually interact with me, you just bring the food from one place to another which should be included in your "delivery surcharge".

Lady bird : Its designed to make uber money, not the drivers.

Sahil Faruk : You've been saying thousands of cents but it's hundreds. 3 hundred and 54 cents so $3.54

InV Ace : Uber Eats has sued the chat.

Teutonic Resistance TV : Uber Eats is a total joke. I did it one day and saw it was a waste of time. There is no minimum for the order and people don't tip.

Marcos Mercedes Nuñez : This is just driving your car into the ground

Dale Furno : You'd do better off just working full time delivering for a pizza joint.

DubDanTV : This is hard to watch, idk why anyone does this for a job... any minimum wage job pays better by a lot and you not burning gas or miles

MannyVic Gaming : Honestly on a scooter/motorcycle and a bicycle even, it does seem worth delivering for Uber. As on a bicycle, the way I do it, I get paid $6.23 USD per delivery I make which usually averages out to about 30 minutes per delivery. Apart from getting paid you get exercise in, which I definitely see as a bonus. On scooter/motorcycle or a two-wheeled vehicle, I hear you make the same as a car which is on average between $4-$5 USD per delivery. But since it is a smaller and faster vehicle, with lane splitting and being able to be much more maneuverable, you make money at a faster rate and therefore worth it. In this video this guy only made $10.22 scents at three trips, I made nearly twice as much on my bicycle at three trips, $19.86 scents. My advice l, use a bike or two wheeled motorized vehicle if you can.

Tung Ming : The underlying problem in this new app controlled food delivery market is this: The company want to make money, the delivery drivers want to make money, but the customers want to pay equal or just a bit more than the price if they went and ordered a takeout themselves. As a result, the company has to charge both a service fee(for the company) plus a tip(for the driver) while the customer is refusing to pay so much more for a meal. I think one way to solve this is if companies started to use ads to generate profit. Like add ads to the sides of the app display screen as well as make the customers watch ads (10 secs or 20 secs) before they can place their orders. If the customers do not want to watch ads, they can sign up for a monthly membership for maybe 8 bucks a months to waive all the ads and service fee and only pay some extra tips for the driver.

luffy ffs : not including tax, car depreciation, insurance...just quit bro