Man loops his voice into spectacular song 'Made' by Dub FX.flv

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paul : should be in the charts cool music

Melinda C Chambers : how come nobody has asked who he we can learn more about him...any body out there know, I would like to hear more of his talent

Antonio Mao : 2018 here

Mathias B : Give this man a studio FFS!! NOW!! :)

Reef Habitat : His music has more substance than 90% of the garbage that's produced these days

Earthenfist : Apparently he's got a Caribbean soul in that Australian body.

Gary Green : Bloody hell son you are good

Evert vd Berg : Want to see more of him. He"s fantastic!!!!

Jason Cannon : Great song and l like how he said he wrote it in Australia 🇦🇺 👍 also I can’t help to wonder if the people in the back ground were throwing in notes 💵 and taking some change for them selfs.

Lanky : This is what we need on the radio this days, some REAL talent, not the crap they apparently applaud at the VMA's or whatever it is

Tracy Raia-dowd : SIGN HIM! SIGN HIM! Where's a music producer when you need one?

Toney's Reviews : “Like the one rain drop in the cent of a rose I am in Heaven with the world outside”. Killed it

Chica 411 : This guys great

maxdoubt : MRGA Making Rap Great Again

D G : Some hidden talents roaming this earth.

Tracy Raia-dowd : Oh my gosh I REALLY LIKE THIS! the beat, the voice.- I would listen to his music!

Zarthix : How dafuq is he not famous this is atleast a platinum record song

Chad Laston : music and performance. This is being human. Amazing.

Hypatience : This guy makes the name one-man-band a new and amazing happening.

Val kelly Casipit : [Verse 1] I've got my eyes open wide to the ceiling I'm lying on my back in the center of a room I've got a voice giving me a funny feeling It's telling me the worlds gonna end a real soon I've got to get a job otherwise I'm unappealing Do my little dance for the man and consume So I let my energy build for the healing So I can reign down with my super sonic boom I'm held down by a fog on my way to the top All clouded and the pressure won't rise I'm on a mission to the sky with the stars in my eyes Yet the weather won't compromise Like a ball on a chain that is strapped to my brain I'm a prisoner inside of my dreams So I will appreciate the future of a day Where the clouds open up and scream And I sing now [Hook] I ain't gonna spend my time wondering why I never made it, no I never made it 2x I ain't gonna spend my days thinking about why I never made it [Verse 2] Like the pages of a novel at the bottom of a shelf I grow stiff yet I keep my pride Like the one raindrop in the centre of a rose I'm in heaven with a world outside Like another metaphor to describe my vibe Im just a vessel for my conscious needs So I will appreciate the future of a day Where the clouds open up and scream And I sing now [Hook 2] I ain't gonna spend my time wondering why I never made it, no I never made it 2x I ain't gonna spend my days thinking about why I never made it [Verse 3] Its times like this i need to lose my inhibitions Raise my fist and forget about decisions Help assist in the party that Im giving Take on the vibe and soon you will be singing That it's times like this ya need to lose your inhibitions Just raise your fist and forget about decisions I'll help assist in that party that were giving Take on the vibe and soon ya will be singing I ain't gonna spend my time wondering why, I never made it Ive already made it

Mikel1618 : Talent.

Frank Willfeld : just goes to show if enough people r involved there will be weird ones - seriously what kind of person puts his thumb down here? Seriously? Sure? this is cool -

M. Warren McGovern : !00% Boom sha sha lock brother.

Evert vd Berg : Wauw!!!!!

Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French : Awesome song! This guy would kill on an America's Got Talent-style show.

Pieter W : Awesome .🤛🤛🤛🤛🙌

etvincenzo : bless you man now that is talent

Peace Maker : This is pure talent,

statikreg : Brilliant

freshly Baked : That's the effect of effects, very effectively effective! 😯😯👍😲

Jane Furlan : Really good loopin voice ,id buy c d.

alex isel : whats his name?

Steve L : Some much trash playing packed stadiums and this artist is playing on the street. Life is so NOT fair! I would buy his CD if I knew how or where.

Sean S :

Boomer : The fact is, talent isn't found on your TV or media devices, real talent is hidden on the streets of the world stage.

Dennis R : Pretty dam Amazing talent

Torsten Büsching : Anybody know the name of the artist?! Really Great Stuff...!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. raj deg : Ur Just awesome keep it up

Penguinexpress : Take a music theory class, learn to play an instrument, or just appreciate music. Don't say that this is god making this.

Stella Stapleton : Wow

it's your call! : wow

paul : xfactor needs u. put ye name down then u will go some where in life

Tracey Bushman : Looked like you were getting robbed in the back ground by the black chick??? Great stuff though.

Peach Fuzz : Anyone else hearing the melody of a Sean Paul song?

Strahlen Onkel : this is very good!!!

Hr Gr : Damn . Hell Yeah. The hidden gems are on the streets .I roll with it all .

Just a regular guy : Thank God I found this video, I thought Real Music Talent has "rested in peace" until today... cheers!!!

Johnny Pacheco : Too good to play on the street 👍❗😎

Dan Ranger : Splendid :-)

ALKUKES : Legitimate talent