The Best Interview In The History Of Television [Robin Williams]

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matador1111 : could you please add a comedy starved german i need some fun in my life. its so hard to follow as a non native speaker.

SEBBARU : I met him 20 years ago today, on my 18th birthday. He was filiming a scene for 'Good Will Hunting' in Toronto at the (now defunct) Hargrove Cafe on the Danforth. Although he was exhausted from a full day of filming, he met a group of High School Students all approaching the nearby Subway station after school, from various nearby schools. I remember him signing autographs for everyone. A child in the crowd asked him if he was filiming a bar fight (as would a smart alecky child). He said "yes, and Intellectual Bar Fight", and the group of about 40 people chuckeled and laughed, including me. That line was delivered in the quintessential Robin Williams way. I'll never forget that moment. Rest In Peace, we all miss you.

danny driver : One of the greatest comedians who walked on this fucking earth

Iakirag 3000 : The late late show with the late robin williams

Jatin Kathuria : It's rare that some overshadows Craig's energy.... But Robin is a powerhouse..

Eduardo Perdomo : Thanks, I needed this in my life... I don't remember laughing that much ever... Best part... "Chlamydia your dad is here" jajjajajajjajja

Charles James Schatz : Does anyone else notice that the first interview was filmed prior to the second? In the first you can see the papers scattered on the ground that are from the end of the second. Legendary.

ethan ztz : Robin's fucking brilliant, a true American hero.

Fiona Skywalker : CHLAMYDIA! YOUR DAD'S HERE! oh my God.

Brandon Ike : Robin is amazing !!!!

Mark Bowler : Totally the BEST EVER...

Hayri Bayav : Fucking Illuminati they kill a beautiful man so sad :(

Michael Benavidez : Love this interview, both worked off each other like great comedians

Stuart K. Seels : The whole thing was great. But the end killed me!!! LMAO!

M.r. Moon : Looked more like an 'act' than an interview.

alliwanttosay11 : Can I haz their dealer's number plz!

Fierce Deity Link : we lost him too soon

Sophia Safi : RIP ROBIN

Jason Noble : I hate Nazi's ...LMOA ! we ask the questions ... LOL ...........

Chilicious Chili : Fucking love Robin Williams' laugh

Michelle Buck : This was absolutely a gem! 😂🍺😂🍺✌

Livestronger : cocaine is a hell of drug

NeonMusic : Aha yeah Craig was totally crazy I always loved it! This is one of the best segments ever.

Ashley Barlowe : I want to meet the 1k people who disliked this video because I want to see the most miserable humans on planet earth.

David Taylor : Classic! Craig man... I miss your late night show, very much!!!

TonyTube407 : That was amazing. Not sure why the 2nd half played first and the first half played last though.

Bryan Craven : OMG, this shit had me in fuckin' tears..God Damn I miss Robin..R.I.P. you hairy monkey..I also miss Craig..I don't even watch interview sitcoms anymore because there's no one to watch...

Rudolf S : Not really true that is: Germans know pretty well how to be funny, it is only that they are saddened by what is done to them again - let aside constant propaganda against them, even from their own (in fact it is owned by foreigners) media and politicians. Austrians can also be funny, but only when laugh behind your back as they to a good extend are what C. Waltz says, e.g. dubious and slimy.

TheGreat Gizmo : Love you Robibn R.I.P

Rahul Singh : omg i didn't know robin was so energetic.....

dampfoxes : This was exhausting to watch omg


Kenneth Crowley : Amazing!

Adrian Devlin : I thought the title was clickbait but this is amazing

Jeremy Freeman : I love Robin but God together they need to be SEDATED..I can only stand it for like 60 seconds. They it becomes to hyperactive 5 year old's playing Charades!!

jfhburr123 : A suitcase full of singles....I need that kind of freedom in my life

Luz Maria Rahla : I feel uncomfortable because Craig is drinking and he doesn't offer one to his guest?

WICKEDLEE LOOPY : They would have made a great comedy duo

Zeppelin L : The two best ever off the cuff unscripted comedians have always been Robin Williams and Don Rickles. RIP

Drew Peacock : 😉

Debby Kiehner : We will never see the likes of Robin Williams....and we will miss you .....God bless Robin. We love you! God speed.

Pep David : Craigs the only talk show host that could make Robin laugh... really laugh...

M Staton : Greatness! I wish he was still here. He's been making me laugh all my life. We miss him very much!


Eldi Kusha : 😔😔😔😔😔

Al Kimia : Spoke to Plato the other day, whom is up in heaven. Said he saw Robin Williams, somewhere... hanging around.

Christopher NaPier : Robin Williams is a genius! My favorite actor. Missed dearly!

Jose Lopez : I laughed so hard tell tears came out, but then cried a little because he is not with us anymore. It's still so hard to believe the funniest man in the world died from suicide.

John R : One dose of azithromycin kills chlamydia. Everyone hates rubbers.

DJPrince2032 : It's such a joy when you see Robin Williams genuinely laugh. I think it's brilliant when you see comedians genuinely laugh.