The Best Interview In The History Of Television [Robin Williams]

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Patty J. Ayers : I forgot how much I love him 😢

Patty J. Ayers : It’s true, this is a total joy

L U : R.I.P. ❤️

Matt Nobrega : Clamydia your dad's here! Lmfao!!!! Wow. I almost shit myself laughing on that one. X D

OzzieBloke : You think you have it behind you, that you've come to terms with the loss, and then you watch this, and there are tears. Tears for a man you never knew in person, never personally aspired to be like, only ever knowing their alter-egos and characters, never the man himself. He will continue to be a light in the darkness, though the candle has long since burned away.

dat calculation tho : Ferguson+Williams= stomach ache of laughter

jim Griffin : Craig could handle Robin like no other.

Joseph Walker : This clickbait title is 100% accurate. RIP Robin, you were a mad genius

Joey E : I love that 80% of this is both of them just making noises and it's still hilarious

5lony w7dany : he's like a lost rare Diamond!

Ben Hodges : to be able to hang with Robin Williams joke for joke you got to be good

Kakap0 : He killed hmiself thanks to his diagnose called LBD (Lewy body dementia) and didn't want to suffer through a disease that was slowly and painfully gonna kill him anyway, please spread the word that it wasn't depression, getting so mad people think it's thanks to depression, he did assisted suicide on himself because he didn't want to suffer through a disease that was gonna kill him either way and painfully.

XDrummerSteve : These guys were just on the same wave length. Real chemistry together.

John Stone : Robin was an unscripted Genius

Debra LaRue : Craigy please come back, sick to death of Rump jokes. Late night is no longer funny.

edinburghgirl1 : “Did you just say ‘Clymidia , your Dad’s here!’? “ *laughs so hard can’t breathe*

Gamer Cadance : Also, that giggle Robin did at 18:30! XD

Gyard782 : Talk about a hard act to follow

Rudy G : It feels like he is still here 😞

RoninWaffle : Craig might be the only person I've seen interview Robin and not only avoid getting completely trampled, but keeps right up with him and even makes him crack up. This improved my life, seeing this.

DustyWings : fucking love it.

Alexander Millar : he's left such a hole in the world..

quiet q : This interview is so full of energy, I love it!

Pussy PaTroll : I've never seen anyone keep up with Robin Williams before. As well... his genuine laugh at 11:15 is not something you see very often... ROBIN WILLIAMS LAUGHING FOR REAL. This interview is a treasure.

TheDayveion : The on screen chemistry between them is godly...dammit this was good. I remember watching it the day it aired. I was in tears.

Amy Butler : I miss him so much thank you

Mikko Huttunen : Robin and Craig should have made a movie like Friday. They sit on a porch and talk shit all day. I want to see that movie!

Ronan X : Two funniest dudes on television

crod324 : So sad that he didn't give us the chance to tell him how much we loved him. Gone too soon.

B Dana : I'm so sad I only saw this after he passed. He's the only actor I legitimately cried over when I learned of his passing.

dumaskhan : I wish this was uncensored.

Michael Harto : omg i'm both laughing and crying... i miss you Robbin...

Dan Mongosa : Two great improvisers feeding off each other. Thanks for the best laugh I've had in a long time. RIP Robin.

Bri Koala : I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time. RIP Robin, I hope you know you're still cracking people up down here

UsernameTankian : The least click-bait video I've ever watched...

Christy Dotson : I miss him sooo much :( I miss Craig too.

soulfulpizza14 : To keep up with Robin is one hell of a feat

la luna : Robin was too Damn funny😂!

Unique : Awww, rest in peace Robin Williams! You are missed!!!

Leslie Baker : better days of CBS

Erik F. : "like a leper getting a facial."...hahahaha

Aussie Pie : The only interviewer who I've seen that can go toe to toe with Robin.

Nite Fox : OK, finally a title that is worthy. Thanks

david mathews : Legendary.

MaryAnne Weldon : Thankyou for this.❤❤

cheapseats12 : This isn't an interview. Its more like two drunks catching up in a Pub lol

Murrlin 2M1N8 : I was skeptical when the title said “in the history of television”... then I watched it. Absolutely the best.

Tracy Kungl : Laughter through tears, I love and miss him.

TheNexusen : Im an angel and i found this funny because we have Robin now and you have... Well, i dont think you have anybody this funny.

svyt : 7:32 - Craig knows he's safe picking up his cup and taking a leisurely sip - it's going to moment before he's back on deck...