The Best Interview In The History Of Television [Robin Williams]

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My Garage Woodshop : Wow! Those two were made for each other! Super fun

TubbyTimmy : - _Knock knock_... - WE ASK THE QUESTIONS!!!

Ashley Barlowe : I want to meet the 2k people who disliked this video because I want to see the most miserable humans on planet earth.

danny driver : One of the greatest comedians who walked on this fucking earth

Stephen Bove : "Did you say, 'Chlamydia, you're dad's here?'" Cry-laughing all the way through this...

FrodoTheDodo : I love how they're both on the same page the whole time

Chris Cross : Ferguson is the ONLY TV host who could keep up with Robin. All the others seemed to set Williams off then get out of the way but Craig is right there riffing with him. Brilliant stuff.

epicloffchris : Robin Williams is often on the brink of obnoxious, but always manages to save it by actually being funny and never missing a hit comedy wise.

poohandtigger videosinc : You know what I just realized? When Robin Williams died, that's when the world started going to crap.

Amy Jordan : The funniest man that will ever exist. I miss Robin so much. RIP Robin.

badasspuppy : Wtf are they on? I want some of that too

O p : R.I.P. ❤️

Jumana Kassar : anyone else really missing craig. I mean Corden is alright but Craig was just so much better

Tony Contini : 11:13 - hearing Robin genuinely laugh is the best sound the world has ever known. Melts my heart. I will love him forever.

Dominatrix : I have never seen two people talking continuously with the same energy so much!!

Rex Christo : I wish I could smoke a joint with Robin Williams. R.I.P

13thVaRebel : My face hurts from laughing! These guys are hilarious. RIP Robin Williams, thank you for all the humor you shared with us!

C.H. Morse : Ok, we can't bring Robin back, but maybe Craig would listen to us if we all yelled at him ... CRAIG WE NEED YOU BACK! THE WORLDS A MESS AND WE NEED YOUR HUMOUR!

Pep David : Craigs the only talk show host that could make Robin laugh... really laugh...

Christine Phipps : As someone with Tourette's I can safely say that it's not as much positive or negative, just kinda awkward.

Road Runner : I'm a brit and i find this so fucking funny bless Robin Williams RIP.

TeeBakes : I can't believe it's almost been 3 years.

Bryan Craven : OMG, this shit had me in fuckin' tears..God Damn I miss Robin..R.I.P. you hairy monkey..I also miss Craig..I don't even watch interview sitcoms anymore because there's no one to watch...

Joshua Huntley : I got to be security for Robin Williams in Kandahar Afghanistan in 2010. sweetest man ever. RIP good sir.

somersault : Sorry for Robin Williams. He was a real comedian. He can even make a live talk show like a well-scripted comedy show.

nicholas cuellar : That was insane energy

Doug Stewart : "The only safe place to go is Nazis..." ...God damn it.

Korie Poole : Thank you so much for posting-- I'm crying laughing so hard! Surprised this didn't spawn a late night show with those two as co-hosts. (I realize that wouldn't necessarily have been a promotion for Ferguson) This could have easily gone to an awkward space, because Robin Williams had such a brilliant and intense energy that people sometimes weren't sure how to "control" the rest of the interview (An earlier Barbara Walters piece comes to mind). Not only does Craig Ferguson perfectly counterbalance Williams' energy and humor here, but they both seem so comfortable in their own skin (if that makes sense). I could watch these two go on for hours; wish there were more...Really miss that man. Rest in Peace, Robin. Thanks again!

ChannelX24 : One of the funniest things ever!

ak24bomber : Today 9/9/2017, its been three years since he passed away. I had no idea it has been 3 years. To me it feels like it happened yesterday. RIP Legend!

MissEdelweiss1 : Can't breath!!! Geeeezz!

Elvar Masson : How could anyone "dislike" this ?

Annette Fawcett-Jones : I would love to have seen him try to get a part of film to prove he could do the script.This is definitely what I think he would do.It must be a Guiness Book record for how many characters he can do in a time limit.Hilarious.

Joey E : I love that 80% of this is both of them just making noises and it's still hilarious

johntheechidna1 : God, even his laugh is hilarious! Robin Williams, you are dearly missed.

Paula Harris Baca : Boy I miss Robin and I miss Craig Ferguson being a major figure on late night. So much better than the puppets, Kimmel, Fallon, Conan and Colbert, who has sold his soul to get his ratings. They must go home and be sick every night. Spouting jokes Hillary helped to write.

whisperienced : Mother fucker why did someone ruin his life. Guy should still be here.

Trudy Louisa : That Craig and That Robin together, well, well, well, was so appreciated this early awake morning, while I was not wanting to hear or see any news of the world. Thank you.

Debtoralive : This world is just a bit darker without Robin Williams in it and it misses him.

EpicFacePalmz0r : The amount of emotion I experiennced after this wonderful back and forth banter, can't be ignored. I miss the sharp and witty reactions, no pause, just a constant train of thought, with no restraint. Just constantly pushing forward. And to hear the man geniunely laugh on multiple occasions. It makes this interview all the more special.

kentos3067 : RIP Robin one of the most funniest comedians ever

Murrlin 2M1N8 : I was skeptical when the title said “in the history of television”... then I watched it. Absolutely the best.

Kougeru : 5:13 lol! Not anymore. Apparently now if we attack or make fun of Nazis, we're labeled "antifa" and called terrorist.

Jim Martin : God I miss both. Robin was in class by himself, but I truly miss Craig as a late night host.

yashraj solanki : THIS.IS.FREAKING.BEST.INTERVIEW.EVER. !!!!!!

kenxzero : God damn I miss you Robin Williams.

contrafax : "The only safe place to go is Nazis." The Look On Robin's face, "Challenge accepted!"

5lony w7dany : he's like a lost rare Diamond!

Matt Burkhardt : The chemistry between these two was just absolutely astounding.

Colin Quinn : He came to Normal, IL at Illinois State University in November of 2009, for his tour. Great guy, and a sold out crowd come to see him. Well worth it. His first joke: "I told my mother, today I am finally going to be in the Normal group." Everyone cracked up, genius. Looking back at it, I am glad I paid 50$ as a poor college student to see the show from the balcony, I don't remember too much, but I remember I was laughing most of the time. Godspeed, Robin. You were my favorite actor/comedian in everyway possible.