The Best Interview In The History Of Television [Robin Williams]

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FrodoTheDodo : I love how they're both on the same page the whole time

dat calculation tho : Ferguson+Williams= stomach ache of laughter

SGTBizarro : Craig Ferguson... the only host in the history of late night who could riff with Robin Williams. Robin must've loved being on an unscripted show with a host that could keep his humor rolling.

Jack Dolah : Craig is the greatest late night host ever

Brian Messemer : Gosh, I have to stop this interview halfway through...I'm already exhausted. My brain hurts. So many ideas, so fast, so manic - watching Robin is like staring at the sun. It gives us life and warmth, but you can't stare at it too long! What a force of nature you really are Robin. His unstoppable creativity and mania comes from a deep seated desire to please everyone around him, to share his joy for life with all. Your impact on us all will not be forgotten. We thank you Robin.

TubbyTimmy : - _Knock knock_... - WE ASK THE QUESTIONS!!!

Brian Messemer : 8:22 Positive Tourette's transitions to Thanksgiving turkey Rapture. I can' eyes are burning from the salt of the tears. How did he get from positive Tourette's to Turkey Rapture? The world...may never know.

OzzieBloke : You think you have it behind you, that you've come to terms with the loss, and then you watch this, and there are tears. Tears for a man you never knew in person, never personally aspired to be like, only ever knowing their alter-egos and characters, never the man himself. He will continue to be a light in the darkness, though the candle has long since burned away.

chaseTV : Have you ever seen another night show host compliment Williams' humor so perfectly? Ferguson and Williams were the perfect interview duo.

its Crimmy : He actually puts me in a good mood... not many people can do that for me like he does.. such a shame...

My Garage Woodshop : Wow! Those two were made for each other! Super fun

Rooky Music : Wowwww they are having a blast! Hilarious friends making each other laugh -I love it

im4ubabe : i still can't believe... that special man has passed away.... Elvis,,, Michael Jackson,,, then Robin Williams... They all HAVE to be alive ,, somewhere.

Manuel Sá : Best chemestry ever!

DlchMcV : What a bloody genius he was. So sad he’s gone. But he wasn’t going to let some body/brain wasting disease take him out. He went out on a high note. You entertained us all and we loved you, and still love you for it. Rest in peace Robin, the world is less without you. ❤️

青鬼TV : Thank God for modern technology. I can still see Robin whenever i want as if he were still here

Mantisman™ : 6:00 - 6:05 slays me :'D

Badness Bob : A tortured genius and huge intellect. Sadly missed. R.I.P. Bob.Australia

The Judge : Wobbin Rilliams


Sagger Mail : What a legend he was and is RIP.

T-Bone : miss my boy robbie

Hayden Lau : Probably the only host who can keep up

Anas Khan : "The Best Interview in the history of Television" YOU DID NOT LIE

Captain Learjet : Robin's tie.... weed leaves! :)

The Debaucherous Dweeb : "D'you ever think you tried to kill all the funny people?" got me good.

zombiewarrior88 : I love robin williams' high pitched laugh. XD

Nahuel Martínez : the moment at 25:15 when ferguson gets the clamydia joke is amazing... and robin's delivery of it minutes earlier is genius!

deleon bro : I love robin, but I always thought he looked sad. Even when he told jokes.

Susyq 4619 : I loved Robin Williams, so sad he's not with us anymore.

AudiS4orce1 : Wow. RIP Robin. This also reminds me the good ole days of late nights being funny and full of comedy instead of political talk BS and virtue signaling nonsense of today!

Sharon : I Really Enjoy this

Sharon : I have Laughed so hard

JDPD : These two have such good chemistry its looks like they forgot there was an audience and a script to follow and just started shooting the shit with each other. Pure Gold. you can't write this stuff. You can see that Robin's Mental state is suspect, he's a bit loopy.

chill  衛挨佳 : this is like the genie came and did and interview, so cool he's like this in real life

streetbob818 : Craig's the only person I've seen actually able to keep up with Robin Williams lol

ChannelX24 : One of the funniest things ever!

Rahul Kapoor : That Julius Ceasar bit was too much for me... i hurt my stomach laughing!!

Matthew Kennedy : watching in 2018, we will never forget you robin williams. and you'll always be my favorite

thelordofhellaz : If I was Johnny Galecki, I would have run out the back door.......No fookin' way you can follow THAT!!! :-)

Dylan Hopwood : That’s the kind of chemistry you find between stand up comedians

Ferb A : One of my favorite interviews. Miss him so much.

preston121068 : Craig doesn't get the recognition he deserves, very funny man, and OMG I miss Robin... The Michael Jordan of comedy.

FMSCHOECKER : this can be a perfect example of symbiosis

Blue Box : OMFG!!! I'm listening to this on a headset and work and crying I'm laughing so hard!!! I keep getting odd looks from my co-workers. These two are incredible!! RIP Robin, you will ALWAYS be missed!!!

Angelo Obligenhart : Good bye peter pan...see you in never land. Miss ya till then ole pal

Kevin Schart : I still can't watch robin williams without getting a little emotional

Renegade5130 : He had weed leaves on his tie!

Arden's hammer : Craig has met his comedic match

nashville slim : Two kings of improv!