Zack Hample vs. The World

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Highlight Central : Met him at Yankees stadium seems like a pretty good guy

Cox Content : Lavar Ball got 100,000

Camren Gandee : Why does he remind me of Murr from Impractical Jokers

Lord Aizen : MLB cares about fans a lot they are all about fans unlike NFL NBA

MarThewLander 79 : I used to hate Zack but now that I had started watching his videos I really respect him

Wild Card Placement : I caught Austin hays’ first home run ball at Yankee stadium last weekend. I got to meet him. He was so thankful that I gave him the ball back.

reelkena : It's very reasonable to get 10000 balls considering he's had Hample opportunity...

ATalkingBadger : Thank you MLB for the great video. I am very impressed with you making this very nice mini-documentary on the greatest MLB super-fan and ballhawk out there. Congrats to Zack Hample on 10,000 baseballs! Let's hope for MANY more to come.

Isaac Ruiz : He should be in Cooperstown for his snagged baseballs

Jeff Roberts : To hate this guy is crazy. Watch his videos you will realize how down to earth he is

Barry Jowers : Why do so many people hate on this guy? He has a passion for something and he lives his life for that passion. We should all be as lucky.

Fahad Alghamdi : He is one of the biggest reasons that made me a big baseball fan. The only baseball fan in Saudi Arabia

Michelle Littell : Zack got 10,000 now you gotta get a billion

JugHead Jones : #Savedodgerfilms

Josh Turner : I love his Youtube Videos! Like if you agree!

t904med : Baseball is an amazing game! As a fan no other game can offer what baseball offers. You can get closer to the players, talk to them, get autographs, take pictures, play catch in some cases, and if a ball comes at you, you get to keep it. Like Zack said it can feel as if you're part of the game. Anybody can go to the team store and buy a baseball, but to catch one or have a major league baseball player hit one or throw one to you is special. No other sport will ever come close!

Donkey Kong : I got to meet him 2 weeks ago at Suntrust Park. He is a super nice guy. Glad I got the chance to meet him.

Max Mononen : 10 000, that man is an absolute beast. I salute you sir with my one game experience of baseball, lifetime total of a solid zero. Still love it, greetings from overseas!

Mike Carranza : I'm at 13:16

Justyn Delbridge : Congrats on 10,000 Zack!

Jorge Rodriguez : For the sports media haters in the video. You're jealous, plus you're making a living on what other people do. I don't feel sorry for you. Great video MLB. Thanks !

DFDalton1962 : Congratulations to Zack on 10,000. I'm a little disappointed by his somewhat crass "Watch with Zack" concept he started this season to take advantage of his fame, where he charges people $1000 plus travel expenses and game tickets for him and his cameraman to appear in a video with him. (The results are frequently cringe worthy. It has a sort of sad and awkward "buy a friend for a day" feel to it.) But he also gives to charity, gives away a lot of his caught balls to kids during the games, is friendly and enthusiastic with fans and players, and has a genuine passion for the game. He was a ballplayer himself who didn't quite have the talent to make it into the big leagues (no shame in that, 99.999999% of us couldn't either) and has still found a way to use his skills and be involved in the periphery. I only wish I could muster as much passion and enthusiasm for *anything*.

amaury joel : Boy, that first homer ball from Mike Trout is going to be worth thousands or even millions in some years.

Baseball Headquarters : They need to do this with Dodgerfilms instead of telling him to not record at Dodger stadium.

Jim Bertido : The guys who sit around & talk about sports are making fun of a fan? FoH, at least getting the ball requires effort & skill. Anyone can sit around & talk about sports.

Eric Selvig : I wonder if Zack was amazed when Kershaw recognized him

MojoBreaks : I know "ballhawking" and collecting baseballs is a cool thing but these grown ups take it a little to far. I was at a phillies game trying to get one ball because I was watching Zack Hample vids. I was trying the glove trick and the guy Ryan Feuerstein that was featured in this knocked me out of the way and said let me help you out and get it and I'll give it to you so he got it with a cup trick looked at me and ran off while I'm 13 and he's in his late 20's. I know there some sort of sport in the "ballhawking" but chill out.

Brian Baren : You rock Zack! Congrats on 10,000 man. Thats so many baseballs.

samuel betta RD : Yo soy dominicano y estoy suscrito a su canal

Jack Guerra : This is the silliest thing ever lmao

Random Person : It's amazing how many people say he is greedy if you do check his channel he gives most of his balls to kids HOW THE HELL IS HE GREEDY

Granola Prod. : Zack Hample featured on MLB channels, finally

Mbraves20 : Did anyone else get that Odell Verizon video?

Andrew English : Zack hample: hell of a guy

Roger Porcar : You are so amazing, hope when I go to a ballpark i could be in the right spot at the right time as you, amazing video!!

Austin Selph : Zack is the man! Go show his channel some love!

Oswald Kade : 6:44 "holy shit"

J F : How shit are baseball fans lol. Part of the allure of going to a game is catching balls and catching valuable balls is a plus.....but nope give it back because I didn't catch it......the real give away is seeing kids give him props as grown men hate on him....

Imm0rt4lPanda : this guy is the absolute worst

Zachary DeValk : Why is this so dramatic

K. Mason : I remember seeing Zack on TV years ago! It's like he has a 6th sense. Where the ball goes, he is there! Concentration + passion = world record holder! Congrats Zack Hample! The father & son connection is awesome! :) Tyler Kepner said it perfectly! :) He turned his passion into 150,000 dollars to charity. Awesome! Did anyone notice him giving one away to that kid? Thumbs up.

James Boyd : I used to not like Zack. I thought he was a huge ball hog and jerk for not giving Jeter his home run ball back to him at first. But then I started to realize what he does and who he really is, and I really respect him for who he is now. He's just doing what he loves, and creating a legacy out of it.

Dominic Tube : Does anyone ever wonder how many airline miles he has

Joshua Walsh : Zack is a living legend. Look at his ability to take his eyes off the ball look around at his surroundings and find the ball again and make amazing catch. Hes a walkin espn top 10 highlight reel. #zack4MLBhalloffame

Jett Frank : The only BP I ever went to was at a reds game and I got 5 balls

Diego Bonarelli : like the documentary

Michael Pagone : He's my 2nd cousin hey zack

Craig Bean : I saw him at citi field he caught a couple

Fernando Cortes : Meet him at Estadio De Béisbol Monterrey, May 6, batting practice, awesome, he is very kind. Hope you the best Zack!!!!👍⚾

ZACH301 : He's a huge nerd but that ain't bad we're all nerds in our own way I'm a nerd in video games. I like people who are obsessed with their passions they always succeed. I respect it even though it's not my cup of tea