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Comments from Youtube

WaIter White : I stumbled upon this by accident... but I just want to say I watched this entire video because this guy is an excellent salesmen and knows his stuff.  I love seeing people who are passionate about what they do.

M1911Mike : Thank you so much for keeping me from making a mistake!

Kirinketsu : Not sure how I got here .. but I now know more about something guess that was worth the 27 mins

Random Vids : I'm a welder/metal-worker and make my own. What you NEED between the outer wall and inner wall is concrete. You make a box within a box, with a 3/4" space between the 2 boxes, with metal mesh in it, and pour concrete into the space.  Makes it VERY hard to cut through with plasma or oxy-acetyelne and provides GREAT insulation from heat in case of fire.  Metal with concrete behind it is the way to go!

Jeff Lockwood : Best education on gun safes I've seen. Many thanks to you and "CE" for the time and obvious expertise.

eight4 : Great video! I'm in the market for a safe. This, at the very least, empowers me with some questions to ask that I wasn't equipped with 30 minutes ago.

Glorious-D : This guy is so polite and knowledgeable. I've walked into a store here with $1600 ready to buy but the people were so rude and ill be damned if your going to vice rude to me and get my money

AL P : Excellent video, great info, thought I knew safes, found out I didn't know as much as I thought! Great job!

TheOperator150 : Dude is a rockstar, great video!!

CrialCrial : I learned a whole lot. Awesome video. 

Clint the Audio Guy : Great video, thanks!

Bill Smyth : This was a great primer. Be careful when you buy safes at the big box store. If the price is too good to be true it probably is.

jfdomega : this was fascinating' and I'm not even in the market for a safe!

How To : I too have a safe, bolted down with 4 5/8 red heads, I also build my cabinetry around my safe, cannot get to the sides without removing it first, however my grandfather had many safes, they were coffee cans buried in his back yard. As he has said, a thief will rob your home, but they will no go digging up your back yard. Simple but very effective.

SAVAGE308SNIPER : I actually watched the entire video.

Josh Church : Thank so much for the information you showed in this video as a gun owner I’m not looking to have a mass of weapons but I do want to protect what I have.

ry4n0007 : Fantastic video, Very informative. From Australia good work mate!

Rfcdgaf : I don't own any guns or have need for a safe but I watched this ...

Ice Wharton : That was a very informative video. Taught me loads. Thank you.

gringogallego : Awesome information, keep up the good work!!

MortimerEsq : At 17:47 you can tell this guy loves his safes. Witness his fondling the door. :)

Guillermo Romo : Amazing video. It's good to see a true professional at work. Thanks for the info, I would have made some pretty poor selections had I not watched this.

Sam Richards : Excellent Video! I'm glad they're folks like you willing to share your knowledge. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

Russell Weber III : That video is real interesting.

EnVision : cheap safe better then no safe or gun case.

Weapons Education : I now own my own safe company, I do not want to see my audience to pay more then they have to, stay tuned.

EviLNox8 : And here I'm thinking about spending a weak $500 on a safe and cringing about it.

HowTo702 : Great video, I think I'll spend the extra $ on a good safe after watching this.  Quick question: What do you think of  Fort Knox Legend 6637. The picture of this used safe says " 4th quarter 1995"  Is this a 1995 model and how much do you think its worth ?

Jonah Petitt : Thank you for the help I love all the ideas

That One Ford Guy : Liberty safes for the win.

Praveen Markandu : This video needs more annotations

Dimas Akbar : At this juncture of life, it will be like.... Wife : Where's our family saving Me: I turn it into safes~ Great and very informative video btw, now i just need to accumulate something to become someone who need safe i guess.

OhThree636 : This is a great vid W.E. THANK YOU!

leve9 : life would be so much easier if every salesman was this knowledgeable..

(T)(h)(e)(D)(u)(d)(e) : $3,700 isn't a lot for that quality of a safe i didn't think. Now the 10k Graffunder, that's some serious cash.

Sal Zarbo : Great video, I now know what I want for Christmas. .....Honey! Thank for teaching me how to buy and what to look for.

bnighter : very informative. thanks for posting.

MrBreeze : Learned a lot from watching this, thanks for posting! I would love to have one of those small boxes in my SUV.

Adam Collins : Best informative safe video I've ever seen. Well done you two. Thanks a million.

knightryderbelow : Very informative. Thank you

bryman31 : any gun shop that has a "shop cat" is a good shop to me!!

Beau Bradshaw : Awesome info thanks!!!

706d : I rarely, if ever, have watched a 30 minute video on YouTube. This one is well worth the watch!

MortimerEsq : Wow... this guy is the Wikipedia on gun safes.   At 22:00 priceless info on lock boxes and best solution.

amazingjake : Brilliant information

MrFloogy : Excellent video. Very informative

mike giblet : Awesome video!  We learned a lot!

The Sound of My Voice : I didn't expect this video to be as interesting as it was. 

8mmfanatic : Am I getting old because I find this material incredibly useful and enlightening.