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Weapons Education : Watch my new updated video here:

WaIter White : I stumbled upon this by accident... but I just want to say I watched this entire video because this guy is an excellent salesmen and knows his stuff.  I love seeing people who are passionate about what they do.

Random Vids : I'm a welder/metal-worker and make my own. What you NEED between the outer wall and inner wall is concrete. You make a box within a box, with a 3/4" space between the 2 boxes, with metal mesh in it, and pour concrete into the space.  Makes it VERY hard to cut through with plasma or oxy-acetyelne and provides GREAT insulation from heat in case of fire.  Metal with concrete behind it is the way to go!

Weapons Education : I now own my own safe company, I do not want to see my audience to pay more then they have to, stay tuned.

eight4 : Great video! I'm in the market for a safe. This, at the very least, empowers me with some questions to ask that I wasn't equipped with 30 minutes ago.

Kirinketsu : Not sure how I got here .. but I now know more about something guess that was worth the 27 mins

Paul Spielman : A safe will not keep you or your valuables safe. Vigilance and a gun will! When the thug has a knife to your daughters throat, you WILL open the safe for him. You WILL gladly give them the combination, you will give them everything you have got inside the metal box. My point: Because we don't know when the beasts are coming, we must have multiple "moats": Dogs barking, Camera's filming, Guns loaded, All family members trained in weapon use. If that is too much trouble, then don't bother with the metal box, or maybe just hope nobody is home when trouble comes.

How To : I too have a safe, bolted down with 4 5/8 red heads, I also build my cabinetry around my safe, cannot get to the sides without removing it first, however my grandfather had many safes, they were coffee cans buried in his back yard. As he has said, a thief will rob your home, but they will no go digging up your back yard. Simple but very effective.

M1911Mike : Thank you so much for keeping me from making a mistake!

TheOperator150 : Dude is a rockstar, great video!!

MortimerEsq : At 17:47 you can tell this guy loves his safes. Witness his fondling the door. :)

Clint the Audio Guy : Great video, thanks!

Paw paw : At my workplace, someone, I assume thieves dumped a very large rifle safe into our dumpster. The brand was Canon. Someone breached the safe from the back side with an abrasive cutting wheel. What surprised me was that the steel was as thin as a standard clipboard. Steel thickness like you would find in a cheap $200 barbecue smoker at wallymart.

Joseph M : I enjoyed the video very much. this guy is quite knowledgeable.   Anyone who uses a electronic safe for their home defense weapon is usually a dead man. Lock the door to your bedroom during the time you are not in it, this will keep kids and unwanted guests from entering, plus no one belongs in your bedroom to begin with.

Andy : Installation matters.  If you reduce the space of the location the safe resides in- then only 1 guy can work on breaking it, not 3.  A narrow location means working your tools is harder and cutting or torching requires external airflow.  If 4 of the six sides are occluded by concrete or can't be started on without 30 minutes of demolition- you've gained a lot.  If the location of the safe is totally unfindable, even better.

jfdomega : this was fascinating' and I'm not even in the market for a safe!

Jeff Lockwood : Best education on gun safes I've seen. Many thanks to you and "CE" for the time and obvious expertise.

SAVAGE308SNIPER : I actually watched the entire video.

EviLNox8 : And here I'm thinking about spending a weak $500 on a safe and cringing about it.

Phil M : BEWARE OF CE SAFES! bought a Fort Knox and he over charged me by $1200. He said since I came from this video that I'd get a good deal. My buddy bought the same one for $1200 Less last week. The shop he bought from told us that this guy is a scam artist.

retrobeats : man i would love to be the guy fort knox or some safe manufacturer pays to test how long it would take to break into those things. XDXD best job ever

Barskor1 : Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

MCgrease08 : This is an amazingly informative video. Thank you for putting it together. Curt really knows his stuff. I can now shop for a safe with confidence.

Rob Chan : I don't own any guns or have need for a safe but I watched this ...

Gooseworks Labs : Hey i bought a John deere D-23 i know its made for them by liberty safe inc USA i live in canada tho, I try to buy usa or canada always, anyhow, is this a good safe, i found its extremely heavy it has a 80000 btu 45 minute 1200f degree rating, its not 1/4 inch steel but i want to stop your average b&e, and protect items from a freak fire, did i make a good buy, i spent $1399 canadian and it included delivery, and i tipped the two delivery guys 50 bux each cause it was a pain, anyhow, the lowest price was not my concern, it was buying north american, supporting my local buisinesses, (a john deere dealer), and buying a quality product for a fair price, (not cheap)  would you guys say i did ok, i guess american would  be about $1299, did I make a good buy based on my criteria James

Earl Ismyname : Here's a tip for can do as I did and pick up a commercial grade safe and re-do the inside to accommodate your needs.  I was fortunate and had one literally given to me by the now closed commercial safe maker NKL.  I had 1/2 plate steel for the body and 3/4" with an additional 1/4" hard plate door.  I passed it along to someone free when I got out of collecting NFA and moving north to a non gun (NY) state.  You can find commercial safes for really good/better than these and they offer superior protection......problem with many are the logistics of moving and placement.  Larger commercial safes are beyond the load carrying capacities of residential construction unless you are on slab or beef up your floor.  I would never buy a gun safe like these before first checkin out whats available used commercial...take a look and you may find just what you wanted and then some!

That One Ford Guy : Liberty safes for the win.

Guillermo Romo : Amazing video. It's good to see a true professional at work. Thanks for the info, I would have made some pretty poor selections had I not watched this.

service1956 : Knowledge is power? Well, the truth of the matter is, is that you are giving the wrong advise. Unless you know this guy and are doing him homage by agreeing with him by buying a safe. You are not giving good advise for the guy that has many guns. The best way to protect "Anything" you own is to invest in a alarm system. If someone breaks in, The only thing you need to do is repair the door or window they try to gain access through. The alarm goes off and they run away as fast as they can. And nothing is stolen!! Remember to label the front of the home with security stickers on the windows and doors facing the road. Many times that in itself is enough to discourage theft.

Kelly Anne Bishop : I've got a 60/40 safe with 3/8" walls, it weighs 700lbs. empty and holds over 1500lbs, of weapons & accessories. The hinges are internal. It took four full grown men to move this empty safe into my vault room, up four stairs...I payed $2400 for my safe, and about $35000 for the garage Foundation which the vault is cast inside. The vault is 12' X 12' X 24' Deep with 18" reinforced walls!

Runaway gun Channel : Just spoke with Tom on the phone, new video is coming out soon and he’s about to change the entire industry!! 😲Can’t wait for it to come out

departed402 : 13:55 I'm not saying all or even most cops like/wear Hawaiian shirts, but it seems like cops wear Hawaiian shirts a lot more often than the rest of the population. I'm a cop and can attest to this.

Ice Wharton : That was a very informative video. Taught me loads. Thank you.

ry4n0007 : Fantastic video, Very informative. From Australia good work mate!

gringogallego : Awesome information, keep up the good work!!

Andy Bob : Excellent info!

Drew 1911 : That cat is just loving life rubbing all up on those safes

quickguesswho : at 6:00 he was they made some in the same price... big horn was 500, and the other was 1,200..... thats not comparable, i know it twice as good but not the same price level at all

GhostCreek : Very interesting. I only wish I had something that someone thought was worth stealing. Heh heh.

Praveen Markandu : This video needs more annotations

crockett616 : Man this guy can talk. I could listen all day! Great salesman.

mike giblet : Awesome video!  We learned a lot!

EnVision : cheap safe better then no safe or gun case.

Jonah Petitt : Thank you for the help I love all the ideas

Cody O : It's not only the thickness of the door.. How thick is the steel on the top/sides/back. You can just cut open the side

bryman31 : any gun shop that has a "shop cat" is a good shop to me!!

Datsrboi : Digital safe or combination for long term ownership......?


Jello Jello : Purchased a Fort Knox safe leave the light on inside the safe you can see light passing thru around the door, door gap is also quite large regrettable purchase? Seems that way now. CE safes response time thru emails is SLOW, can't get Curt on the phone.

Dan Mungay : Excellent video, very educational thanks a lot for posting it................ the gentleman made the almost 30 min video seem to be 3 min