Cooking Food With Fireworks

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Voxo : I dont think ive ever watched a better video, holy shit that was funny

Gus Johnson : And we're back with more cooking bad food poorly with dumb stuff. Enjoy this very long meme and don't blow yourself up today or ever.

Prax Faloon : Oh man Gus, this was great! PLEASE make more!

Grad_ster Animations : Local man dies in freak firework cooking accident

Andrew Obringer : Gus, it's a mystery you don't have more views and suscribers

Sierra : "My family does not own anything of value please do not come. Rob us."

Tyler Markowitz : you should do an entire thanksgiving feast

Loogen : You don't always cook your food like this?

Antonio Wong : This is good shit dunkey, keep it up!

imafreakize : *_d a n g e r o u s l y a m e r i c a n_*

MemorySpark : Cant wait to cook my beans like a real american. Thanks, Gus.

SenorMateo : Motherfuckin' bootleg fireworks shit!

Patatogun : "I GOT HOT BEAN ON ME!" -gus johnson

An Alarming Number Of Bees : "We don't have a grill so I found this tub" -Bus Jackson MacGyver "Corn still in tact, good enough for the digestive tract" -American folk saying

Sherlock Holmes : Gus' laugh always makes me laugh too


haveyouseenhim89 : @6:50. that's how I make cream corn.

Piper at the Gates of Dawn : trending pls

CeCe Smith : I loved this video, but Fuck, Gus at the end I was actually afraid you might get hurt. Fire works are more dangerous than you think, many people die or get injured from fireworks every year. Please don't risk that, not even for the creamiest of memes.

AcidfartProductions : gus whats your height and weight

Erick Walter : 6:48 this is what the founding fathers wanted when they signed the declaration of independence.

eeelm ooo : i have been waiting for this

JeliLiam : Had a stupid smile on my face the entire time. More random stuff like this from time to time pls :p

Colin Powers : hapy mercia to you

Braindeadest : Gus, you really are a budget mythbusters show.

Lukey Firsty : This better go on trending

Hello : This feels like jackass but for food

Frerard Forever : how are you guys still alive?

will thompson : I F I T D O N T R H Y M E W I T H A M E R I C A....

Between the Beans : This video will be hard to top. I've watched it twice and it's just as funny every time.

Maren McCoy : I had to share that to FB. I have never laughed so hard. I love u so much The way you ran into the garage and back out made me laugh so hard . that seemed fun, yet too dangerous. I'm glad your fingers are still attached . keep It up Bus Jackson

waffelmaster HD : 5:40 your a hizard warry

Pizza Squeeze : i love your stupid ideas Gus

Colton Munoz : Do you wanna cut $60 out of your weekly grocery budget? just buy beans

versnellingspookie : this is the most '4th of July' 4th of July a man can have

MountainRain : OW I GOT HOT BEAN ON ME

Bryce Beagle : Audio really quiet for anyone else?

unclegramps : i want weird friends like these

Ethan Schoen : fucking crying laughing

Lukey Firsty : The least family friendly Gus video, I love it!

Russon Films : Beef and hot dog are FOOD!!!!!!!!!

TinTin : 6.9/10 for the grape mushing falling lady impression.

Dick Johnson : hot dog burnt fast because the narrow space doesnt let heat out making the powder burn faster, its how guns work

ikar5697 : We're all living in 2017 while Gus here is in 30017.

Gina B Matheny : I know their wives are in the house watching and just shaking their heads hehe

Wyatt Hall : Wow, Bus, that was a real banger. Ba dum, tss

kosci55 : This was the greatest thing I've seen all week. Keep memeing, Gus.

MetalSonicVideos : GG

Len Tayo : I guess you could say that hot dog was a real banger!

Attacked by Snakes : Patriotism like that turns me on