Cooking Food With Fireworks

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Gus Johnson : And we're back with more cooking bad food poorly with dumb stuff. Enjoy this very long meme and don't blow yourself up today or ever.

Tyler Markowitz : you should do an entire thanksgiving feast

Patrick Henderson : Next episode: Making Apple Pie with a Nuclear Warhead

DarkArachnid : my first thought: wow thats gonna taste like fireworks

AcidfartProductions : gus whats your height and weight

Donald Trump : This channel should have at least like one million subscribers by now.

Loogen : You don't always cook your food like this?

Andrew Obringer : Gus, it's a mystery you don't have more views and suscribers

Grad_ster Animations : Local man dies in freak firework cooking accident

Prax Faloon : Oh man Gus, this was great! PLEASE make more!

Sierra : "My family does not own anything of value please do not come. Rob us."

eeelm ooo : i have been waiting for this

chaumas : Pretty sure the reason the sparklers burned so fast is that you confined the heat of four sparklers in a tiny space, which increased the speed of the reaction. I'm a bit surprised that one sparkler wasn't enough, since these have their own oxidizer, but I guess the water boiling pulled the heat away too quickly at the beginning.

Gina B Matheny : I know their wives are in the house watching and just shaking their heads hehe

TehfabuDragon : I've never laugh so much in my life I'm crying

Elizabeth King : This is the most regional American thing I've ever seen

kevin1355 : Holy mother of god this was amazing.

Meandia CS:GO : Did anyone realise that the url starts with IsIs ???????????

Earth Juice : You eat that and you die of chemicals

Ethan Schoen : fucking crying laughing

Jay Montanez : Never change Gus. You make Wisconsin proud <3

Christopher Jorgensen : 0:14 - I could have sworn he said 'Porn On the Cob' for a sec...

Koettnylle : Try this at home kids

Len Tayo : I guess you could say that hot dog was a real banger!

Noah Covey : That was the funniest thing I've seen in a long while

Ben Hanson : Now this is the kind of content I like

Izzy Marie : "that was one hot dog!" IM PISSING MYSELF

mosthatedwhiteboy : I dig those shades bro

Scott Cole : Thanks Bus Jackson!

imafreakize : *_d a n g e r o u s l y a m e r i c a n_*

Byzantinite : This is amazing

Jack : Top 10 Anime Chefs

SCREAMING BAGUETTE : George Washington is shedding a tear in his grave

Irishcrossing : 7:37 Warning, May cause a relapse of PTSD and Vietnam Flashbacks

Mysticpoisen : I love how much genuine fun they seemed to be having.

Tom Moozack : Why did i pull my dick out while watching this?!

julie Luster : this is fucking great, thank you

CaptainGrue : cook and i will give you a am girlfriend for me

James Payton : Gus you are so original! Thank you for the fantastic memes!

Salty Nurd : 1:47

P1tri0t : this might actually be the funniest video i have ever seen

TinTin : 6.9/10 for the grape mushing falling lady impression.

misskuni : This video was the best part of my 4th of July. I'm not kidding, my 4th sucked ass. <3

Math You Forgot : how does this only have 35k views. this was so funny

The Real Flenuan : I didn't realize this was Gus and I thought I'd subscribed to some other channel

Jod Life : that was really god damn funny

Eric Zacarias : I think I just found the best channel haha!!!

Brandon Howard : This needs so many more views.

TheKingOfToast : Socks and sandals!!! BLASPHEMY!!