Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide

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Sticky Situations : GET IN THE FLASK!

Adam Celadin : Tony hawk 2

Jeffrey Shipp : Smackdown vs Raw

Norman Lamotte : Had to hear it again

themadrapper101 : Nu Metal for life

18deadmonkeys : This is my neighbor's favorite song, whether he likes it or not.

EdgarAllenHoe : For real though this is the most 1999 thing I've ever seen

tintoweno : Disco-Metal

pnut166 : He sounds like he could be, I dunno, Rob Zombie`s brother or something.

Eji : Dat Sephirot theme

Joseph Gallaway : Damn, Quan Chi in a music video? Crazy

The Retro Collector : Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2! Such a good song in that game. Also from Little Nicky, the movie where Adam Sandler is the devil's son.

Just_ A_Foxhound : And they say white people have no culture

Schizophrenic Cynic : This should be in a "TRY not to headbang" challenge

Person Person : Since I've seen no posts about it. This guy is Rob Zombie's little brother. Biologically.

Omen666 90 : Who listening in 2017??

Hitman89 : 1:36 gotta love dem pancake nipples 🥞

[The Crows Nest] TV : I'd listen to this over Skrillex any day!

Mizzy's Parrots : dat 90's "yellow hair and goggles" look tho

Spooder man546 : Came here for the spongebob thing

Mark Gross : Brings back so many good memories of the late 90's!

Unoriginal Name : I'll be the odd one here and say that Sephirot brought me here, not Tony Hawk.

Aric Hennings : Dragon Ball Z would need 19 DVD's worth of build up just for this video's 4 minute battle😎👍

juniperbrze : I listened to this *so* much. I can't still sing all of the lyrics word for word.

Jon Brennan : I remember summer of 99 seeing this on 120 minutes at like 3am... I thought it was the greatest thing ever!

jigc23 : Masterpiece

jon bc : When I saw the name I was thinking of the robot and cave man from spongebob 😂😂

giant_kiwi 502 : Epic song and incredibly hallerious video. All round greatness

Robert Barker : let's see, Tony Hawk, Smackdown vs Raw, or just plain old POWERMAN5000 cause we all know they kick ass.

abdul haseeb : thumbs up if SvR 2005 brought you here!!!

The King Of Memes : My 5000th time here

Ammnontet, king of Youtube : ripoff of Sephirot Theme (Phase 2) from FFXIV


Jetski Jay : 90s kids will know this track from Tony hawks pro skater.

Vylonious Bloodwing : A masterpiece!

Jupiter Landon : this song is awesome

chrisgsauce : Darkslide + 360 + darkslide + manual + 360 + varial kickflip + darkslide + manual + christ air!! 230,000 points!!!

Justin Schenck : This brings back memories from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Decrepit Dan : very 2000s feel


tonic fairy : even time I watch this I think of little nicky lol

deathscreton : I didn't know Naruto was into metal.

Que Dableyou : this is very annoying

raskey_luvs _paint : 2018

Gabriel Overton : He is naruto

Lindsay Cameron : Holy shit I haven't heard this song in forever

Jrayyy41 : This ain't spongebob

Larry Scott : FORTNITE S5 BABY.

Guacamole1000 : you know you made it when you're in a tony hawk game

Jennifer Calkins : Collide everything comes out gray in the end u all poluted my water u all desiesed animal's. I'm only human on Earth .