Raw Runs Episode 8: Floor It
Crazy downhill longboarding run

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Collin Cruise and Nick Broms put the pedal to the metal down highway for Raw Runs Episode 8: Floor It Keep up to date for new content on my Instagram! @boarding_media Thanks @hjadventures for the thumbnail pic!


Twomanykillz : i feel like the camera man deserves hella respect for staying that steady hahahah

Mlungisi Gwala : I speed wobbled and fell off my seat just from watching this video.

Harry Cummings : They should put a wing suit on and then fly off their boards.

Shut yo Bitch ass up : 0:08 idky it looks like you gotta choose a character😂

Pantata : Just wondering, how many times have you guys died?

Aoshi Shinomori : It would be more awesome if you could display how fast they're going.

Ark Alec : I can't even skate board down the sidewalk without thinking I'm gonna break every bone in my body

Joel Alvares : The whole vid I was like woah...woooah.....wwwoooaaahhhdafuk.....Simply amazing!!!

Concept Unknown : Hey Man, Im so messed Up What's Your Top Speed i Can't measure that. can anybody Tell me

Капитан Улитка : Теперь давайте по дорогам России,гарантирую небывалый экстрим)

Subin Abraham : Kudos to the local government for maintaining the road😀 That was one hell of a ride🤩🤩

lhamilton506 : That shit was 🔥🔥 only thing missing speed display

Fadly Maulana : Anjirrr.. Klo w yg gtuu uu udah mati lgi

father ji : Thank god there is no holes on the road😂

David Vazquez : My question is if they r going at 70 mph how they do to stop in seconds.

Mohd Fitry : Did u clean the road before skate? I don't think in malaysia we can skate on the road like that

ANAWAT A.T : *ใครชมก่อน 1 แสนวิวมาทางนี้ผมพึ่งหัดทำ YouTube ขอฝากผลงานให้หน่อยนะ*

M D : There should be an Olympic event for this sport.

Fenris O'Floof : Now do it on a skate board and try not to die... I'll wait... One pebble later.

Ashleyiscool : Risked ur life for ur hobby!!Respect bros!!👏👏👏

Anavin Anavin : สุดยอดๆๆๆ ถนนดีกว่าบ้านผมเยอะ ถ้าเป็นบ้านผมสดุดลุมตาย ผมสงสัยทำไมไม่มีรถสักคัน

Carissa Negri : sexy as hell also anyone know where this is at ?

عبد العزيز حيان : ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن مثبتين صح على هاذي 👍👍💕

Supradip Mahapatra : OMG..! You guys are awesome. I wonder to do the same...

INTERNA9 : Awesome !!!!You must see: RAW RUN THE CLIFS OF FRANCE by JOSH NEUMAN. Thank me later...

Light Concerto : What a amazing speed! Are these guys fastest board rider in this world...?

James Williams : when u dont have a driving licence but she say she is alone

David Vazquez : I dont think they go that fast. Its the camera trick

Bredy Wilhian : No Brasil não dá para andar assim tem tanto buraco pra estrada kkkk não tinha passado da primeira curva kk

Said : isso da um medo de acontecer acidente com vocês

Antônio Gomes : Oh,loco!!! Vocês são realmente muito bons e loucos e sem noção,valeu brothers, Brasil são Paulo

roxtarw0w : amazing stuff! but i'm 100% sure i'd die after 30 seconds if i try that :D

Hanife Birisi : İ can feel the adrenalin in this video

Victor Fernandez : I didn't believe the legends but they're true!! The skate gods do live among us.

VanniGio VanniGio : One rock can change the lives...for good.

jetsu3yahoo : Why isn't this an Olympic sport yet?

FUNDOM : по разорванным джинсам на жопе понятно что он профессионал)))

bigdl72 : instead of all this unnecessary stuff you could just do coke...

Adarsh Raut : Epic Man really amazing Can u tell me what speed did you reach? I guess maybe above 100kmph

dicky alamsyah : Kalok di indo jalan sepi begini udah rawan begal nih wkwkw

Cello Face : Did I just hold my breath for 7 minutes?!

Hoggybhoy1967 : Mental man. What speed do they get up to?

Patryk USA : you are incredible the best I have seen until today congratulations. Lots of courage and skill.

MaxEffect : YEAH!!!! Isle of boarder: TT (Tourist Trophy) 💪

Cláudio Sebastião : O Skate é uma das formas mais puras de Felicidade.

Brandon Cargill : The beginning looks like a video game intro lol.

mundo.doсs : Vocês tem a minha profunda admiração!

Kenny Beaudrie : That was probably the most gnarliest shit I've ever seen fellas! Mad respect! 🤘

lonl123 : This is a fantastic video..from the guys goofing off at the beginning, to passing each other....just a Jewell to watch.