Raw Runs Episode 8: Floor It

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ANDRIAN FEMIXOBOY : I can feel the adrenaline in this video

father ji : Thank god there is no holes on the road😂

Tre Contreras : The dopest thing about this video is that whoever is leading the run (whichever guy is in front) keeps looking back just to make sure he didnt lose his homie! OG shit right here

BecauseYouMatter : My respect goes to the camera guy who was not in the shot, but just behind them the whole time.

Richard Cristian : Se fosse no brasil ja tinha travado as rodinha no buraco

jirka merunka : Just wondering, how many times have you guys died?

Adapa : So aesthetically pleasing to watch...

Bhand praan : dude how do you return home back

Richard Kiama : This guys are moving so fast the camera guy was struggling to keep up

Andrei Adrian Trifan : This descent took my breath. Amazing. Seriously, I`m shocked.

Gabriel Johannson : Don't know how i got here but it was amazing. Respect to both Mr Collin Cruise and Mr Nick Broms who literally had me jaw opened with their skill, speed and sheer will. I never believed skateboarding who'd move into this. Respect.

Santiago Costa : I´m guessing those are his raw runs jeans ..

Riccardo Marcantonio : Wooow

Jacqueline Fowler : Hi. Go. a. way to day

sarin s : Balls of steel....

袁居安 : 3:27 and 6:02 are very dangerous.

j lalrempuii : I love the sound

Bruklin : пару раз сходил в туалет

love with music : Unbelievable

Ефим Гущенков : I belive i can fly...

Michel Franz : Brutal

Natraj H S : There are no fuckin vehicles....🙄 This is behind science

Haris Maulana : Grezy skill

JESSEverything : TFW when you get a speeding ticket on your long board.

THE DRIFT KING : That's sketch asf bro

ab stark : I want to do this with you guys...!

Ewer Crot : Wow very good road.. 👍👍

Henry Kusuma : Wow... hebat sekali mereka

Daylight productions : Not even a car can hold them speed meter burn up

Salmaga Marak : What if police saw and chase them

BERGY Baxter : *SPLAT*

سہٰٕٗـِيہٰٕف اہٰٕٗـِبن السہٰٕٗماوة : ضراط

Anaswee Sama : สุดยอดจริงๆ

Дмитрий • 90 • : Жесть,

Masum Ali : Webgenie

Richard Chyntia : OMG 😥😥

Andreas Hoppe : They're so fast because of their heavy balls that get bulled down the mountain by the earth's gravity

JS CE : wow :o

oye it's for you : Unbelievable my dears

Camila Sosa : Adrenaline

sever 13 clouds : Fkn ILL!!!!! Great cam angle!!! thank you for posting. (took me back to ‘thrashin’)

T.I.V : Thanks for not playing gay music, cussing like a drunken sailor, and just throwing down some SICK BOARDING. 🤯 WOW, totally got my heart racing and Loved the natural sounds...... BOOOKMSHAAACKAAAA

akrami Anas : Waw

WUTTINANฟฟ่อ. Panthi : ถนนเขาดีจริงๆ

J R. : 100 km/h

Tornado tornado : 100/km.h just one wrong move you're dead

Meng Dynasty : Should be an olympic sport.

Danuphong Chapla : 5:12

Edgar Alfaro : The down hill challenge is on for a lot of Americans

iSulHaaNz : Kyak iklan rokok :v