Raw Runs Episode 8: Floor It

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ANDRIAN FEMIXOBOY : I can feel the adrenaline in this video

Bhavesh Vira : Thumbs up for the camera man !!! 😎

father ji : Thank god there is no holes on the road😂

perd -, : 2019 anyone?

MickyMichin : 2:02 RIP :( someone died there

Gabriel Johannson : Don't know how i got here but it was amazing. Respect to both Mr Collin Cruise and Mr Nick Broms who literally had me jaw opened with their skill, speed and sheer will. I never believed skateboarding who'd move into this. Respect.

Christopher Marius : When they directly behind each other so if something goes wrong they can both die at the same time...

j lalrempuii : I love the sound

sarin s : Balls of steel....

Wahyu Ilahi : The coolest thing here is the man who skating while filming his friend really smooth and stay calm.

Pantata : Just wondering, how many times have you guys died?

상태식이 : 2019 한국인들 조용히 손 듭시다...

Nevi 047 : os cara manja

Rizky Pratama : kAmera nya keliatan

jão Almeida. DG jão Almeida DG : Mereceu meu like

Carl Lewis : Now try this in India. :P

Jacqueline Fowler : Hi. Go. a. way to day

subscribe red bottom : Gev me a guess of the speed 😱 like

free royal : El único comentario en español que buscas!

Tre Contreras : The dopest thing about this video is that whoever is leading the run (whichever guy is in front) keeps looking back just to make sure he didnt lose his homie! OG shit right here

J the Batchelor : Gnarly AF!! Tony Hawk would be Proud!👍

Riccardo Marcantonio : Wooow

Methamphetameme : One wrong move and you're a skinless sack of meat addicted to pain killers

BERGY Baxter : *SPLAT*

JESSEverything : TFW when you get a speeding ticket on your long board.

AHMET DARENDELİ : Ne inişi bitmeyen yol amg

De Bo : Niiiiiice!!!!!👌👍

Alex alexalex : Crazyyyyyy

maman suryaman : Nice

وزارة الفقر والسعادة برعاية الجنوب الكبير : I can feel the adrenaline in this video oh my God fantastic

Ariel Noara : Quem é brasileiro deixa like

Ефим Гущенков : I belive i can fly...

Evilem Rodrigues : Quero ver subir isso tudo que eles deceram

BecauseYouMatter : My respect goes to the camera guy who was not in the shot, but just behind them the whole time.

Danuphong Chapla : 5:12

paul extra williams : Jamaican will never do shit like that lol

Michael : 乃ALLZ ☯F 丂TEEL

Francisco José : Br

Meng Dynasty : Should be an olympic sport.

gilmar pereiradasilva : parabes so brasil

Camila Sosa : Adrenaline

Wagner jogos de sinuca : Pra mim eles tem bosta na cabeça.. Kkkk povo doido arrepia so de ver

mineCraft 018 : Mantul gan

Richard Cristian : Se fosse no brasil ja tinha travado as rodinha no buraco

Farhan Ali : They have done nothing in front of cameraman or they are great (gopro) comment your thought

washington Vaz : Cara roda de skate numa estrada dessa e com essa paisagem é demais veiw é uma benção de Deus

Largatixa T3 : muito profissionais muito foda ! parabéns

8NIW : Wtf scary if u losr,,,,,,,,,u diei!!!!

Tommy Maltipoo : SICK

Bruno_4x : wow wtf? omg!! perfet