The Jesus Christ Sponge (Shamwow Parody)

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Feghost : "But now with the jesus christ sponge you can dab it out in no time" Even 7 years ago, he knew

Storystein : "And they kill nearly 13 people a year!" HE MENTIONED THAT IN THE 'FAKE NEWS' VIDEO! 8 years later apart... damn.

Professor Snuggles : Man, 7 years..... I felt like this wasnt that long ago. and still in my recommended videos which is nice.

bleach on the beach : My fat ass thought that carpet was ramen noodles

Richard Ford : "Dab it out." Ah, a simpler time. When dab it out was a means of cleaning something!

Christian Becker : What if the carpet dabs back?

Nathan D : #notmyErin

Emma Grace : throwback to when i was like 12 and i showed this to my super religious mom bc i thought it was funny and she got really offended bc they were "taking the lord's name in vain" and i wasn't allowed to get back on youtube for like a year fkdkf my darkest moment

Andreas pipikos : 2018?

GhaniySS : 7 years and still gold

2swift4taylor : Hot doggo this an oldie

baywest : 0:50 seconds in we find that Jack was Dabbing on haters before anyone else.

Ethan Jarskey : My God he had a watermark

vaishnavi ramesh : Okay cool .. *_but can it do this_*

danny : He sounds the odd1sout sometimes

Jacob a.k.a. Tied to Your Apron : 0:41 That girl kinda looks like Erin

Zoukon101 : Hi! I'm Lance Bass, former N*SYNC member.

Prick Wilde : Wow! Was Jacksfilms funny before he ran out of ideas and resorted to reading comments?

Alayzza : I prefer the Shamwoohoo guy.

ozan demirel : Alexander Hamilton got yourself a problem he can Alexander handle it

Jesus Christ : hey that's pretty good

Xiamer : My first thought when I say this thumbnail was, "How old is this crap?"

michelle : uh i would like a shamwoohoo with that thank

Jeff Kaplan from the overwatch team : I thought the thumbnail was ramen

rbshns aesthetic : we're about to hit 10mil views on this classic

Gillian Inman : "That's not tomato juice"

alkaia : Jack forgot about this in the last episode of YIAY

10K Subscribes With No Videos : when you realise that the video is the same age as PewDiePie's fans

a p o l l o : this was uploaded on my birthday~ :3

Kamra Mann : Was Crit1cal before Crit1cal was Crit1cal

GracieAndLexie Slime : This was made in 2009 yet it is in my recommended and I’m in 2018. Who else is 2018??

max 45 : I thought the carpet was noodles

Squidward : 9 years later and it’s in my recommended lol

Marc Suddleson : 1:02 The first Bad Lip Reading ever

Zom Bee Nature : That's about right I guess

mini dwarfdude : "Dab it out"

Contrarian : Cut off both your hands and stab yourself

Danneo : 'You can dab it out'

Leonor Távora : all the single ladies all the single ladies

Normak roSLECSPAs : 2 0 18 a n y on e

Snek : *Jesus Christ that’s neat!!*

_yishuu : 10 year anniversary!!

Silvercat 42 : penguinz0 is better

Breanna Thompson : I love these, they're like lost gems that show up in my recommended after I binge watch Jack.

universe - : 8 years ago, and it's still on my recommend

A D : Still watching

juana Ogaz : 2019 anyone

You May cry : 2018 and this is still in my recommendations. Wow.

Jro537 : I remember when the sham wow came out, my mom bought one and it was shit.

Tom Sawyer : Who's here from Jacks tweet realizing this reference. What a golden comment. Haha