Tarantino's Cinematic Universe

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Iris H D : subtítulos en español !! please!!

Mr Nerdista : Wow. The intro to this supercut is utterly phenomenal. Great job!

Cevahir Ileri : I love you, Tarantino.

Cevahir Ileri : I love you, Tarantino.

Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : Brilliantly edited, it'll take a few viewings before I know which movie belongs where but I utterly enjoyed it

Ortum Lynx : Stuntman Mike is probably in my top 5 favourite Tarantino Characters. Super underrated, too bad Death Proof wasn't as great as his other films.

Sarah Vestal : Funny how his fixation on feet didn't make it in...

Jayson Prouty : This is what a Tarantino fan's heaven looks like. Great job.

angel madrid : So.... fucking.... EPIC!!!

DaGaimez : Well done!

LibertineLee : excellent video.for a massive Tarantino fan like myself it was perfect, great editing!

Ray alva : never noticed the fox force five/kill Bill connection. well played sir

Wilson W : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQHnNbHujDk Look this up, same style as yours but not a single universe rather a commun set.

Hudsanity : fake

Michael Wilder : Fantastic as always, keep up the great work! Love your content

mayank sharma : Good keep it up.

Robson Gundim : Amazing!

NikulasV : at 1:53 you can see the camera shadow on Travolta

Sofie Fatale : ¡Amazing job! ¡Congrats!

Cristian Rodriguez : Great job!

shellysunfish : That was amazing! As a QT fan, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 😄

Z Channel : In all his movies there is at least one mention of his home state TN

Byron Matamoros : Quentin Tarantino made a cinematic universe before it was cool.

Tim Kilian : Brilliant work! Somehow you didn't once mention Jackie Brown, personally i didn't enjoy that particular movie, could you please tell me why you thought it shouldnt be mentioned in this cut? Isnt it connected to his other movies?

Gideon CA : I love you Tarantino

Anton Baumgartner : I'm proud of goebbels making such a great film

Christopher Jones : This is awesome

Pun2404 : Well done! I aspire to edit as good as this.

emilio de la cruz garcia : name of songs?

J. Gallegos : Jonah hill?

eli_ the_profit : Super sick! Nice video!! ...I remember in Django unchained there is a scene regarding Gerald Nash when there's a bounty on him and he gets shot in front of his son. I like how everything is connected in Tarantinos universe! Huge fan!

Jared Wignall : Man, this is a phenomenal collection of the various connections to his universe. Good job, good sir.

starschwar : Most impressive. I'd have ended it with Max Cherry walking out of the mall movie theater as a stinger.

Carlos Dyonisio : You don't mention Four Rooms in the end credits. Nor Jackie Brown (one of my faves).

Khalil Johnson : i love this

Rei Kortez : AMAZING !!

dont normally : What movie is that with Rosaria Dawson?

Subash Ramone : This is awesome!

Jason Newman : Really great edit. Think you caught all of the cross-name references I've always noted. Was perfect seeing them together.

Ricardo Gama : Tarantino videos are always welcomed <3

mistress adina : XOXOX

david thomas : no killing zoe

Wyatt Gray : What movie was that at 5:30 ?

Vader Constantine : Good job!!!

bullshark : Completely ridiculous , half the shit doesn't even match

Shane Ronzio : I thought D'Jango Unchained would be in the Tarantino movie movie universe.

Jonnibeans : love this so much :)

Prince Patrick : I love the way Tarantino related or linked his characters together like Vic Vega is vincent vega' s brother.

Grant Donald : This was the most amazing thing i have ever seen

roch lavoie : Great work but where is Jackie Brown?!