Tarantino's Cinematic Universe

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Iris H D : subtítulos en español !! please!!

Mr Nerdista : Wow. The intro to this supercut is utterly phenomenal. Great job!

Cevahir Ileri : I love you, Tarantino.

Cevahir Ileri : I love you, Tarantino.

Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : Brilliantly edited, it'll take a few viewings before I know which movie belongs where but I utterly enjoyed it

Sarah Vestal : Funny how his fixation on feet didn't make it in...

Ortum Lynx : Stuntman Mike is probably in my top 5 favourite Tarantino Characters. Super underrated, too bad Death Proof wasn't as great as his other films.

Jayson Prouty : This is what a Tarantino fan's heaven looks like. Great job.

angel madrid : So.... fucking.... EPIC!!!

DaGaimez : Well done!

LibertineLee : excellent video.for a massive Tarantino fan like myself it was perfect, great editing!

Ray alva : never noticed the fox force five/kill Bill connection. well played sir

Not Ximo Pierto : fake

Michael Wilder : Fantastic as always, keep up the great work! Love your content

Robson Gundim : Amazing!

NikulasV : at 1:53 you can see the camera shadow on Travolta

Sofie Fatale : ¡Amazing job! ¡Congrats!

Cristian Rodriguez : Great job!

shellysunfish : That was amazing! As a QT fan, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 😄

Z Channel : In all his movies there is at least one mention of his home state TN

Wilson W : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQHnNbHujDk Look this up, same style as yours but not a single universe rather a commun set.

Tim Kilian : Brilliant work! Somehow you didn't once mention Jackie Brown, personally i didn't enjoy that particular movie, could you please tell me why you thought it shouldnt be mentioned in this cut? Isnt it connected to his other movies?

Gideon CA : I love you Tarantino

Anton Baumgartner : I'm proud of goebbels making such a great film

Christopher Jones : This is awesome

Pun2404 : Well done! I aspire to edit as good as this.

emilio de la cruz garcia : name of songs?

J. Gallegos : Jonah hill?

Eli Navarrete : Super sick! Nice video!! ...I remember in Django unchained there is a scene regarding Gerald Nash when there's a bounty on him and he gets shot in front of his son. I like how everything is connected in Tarantinos universe! Huge fan!

Jared Wignall : Man, this is a phenomenal collection of the various connections to his universe. Good job, good sir.

starschwar : Most impressive. I'd have ended it with Max Cherry walking out of the mall movie theater as a stinger.

Byron Matamoros : Quentin Tarantino made a cinematic universe before it was cool.

AlanDSanborn : Nice to see my early appearance as K-BILLY receptionist, Nutmeg, in Quentin's never completed first effort, "My Best Friend's Birthday", displayed prominently here as an integral part of the Tarantino universe! Since you're looking for connections, here's one that I bet you missed! Nutmeg makes a return appearance as an extra in Reservoir Dogs. As Tim Roth enters the diner in his flashback sequence, watch the people he passes in the booths. Not only is Nutmeg there; he's wearing the same pumpkin shirt he was wearing at K-BILLY in "My Best Friend's Birthday." (This was not an accident.) I am also visible over his shoulder in many shots during his subsequent conversation in the booth. The three people in the booth with me are all other pals of Quentin's at the time.

Rei Kortez : AMAZING !!

Grant Donald : This was the most amazing thing i have ever seen

Johannes Runge : No one understood the Fight Club reference? :D

Jason Newman : Really great edit. Think you caught all of the cross-name references I've always noted. Was perfect seeing them together.

bullshark : Completely ridiculous , half the shit doesn't even match

Sumoo : Damn good stuff sir.

no name : thanks forthe lack of jackie brown and django.....they sucked

Mr Grandgrind : really fucking impressive editing here man!

Khalil Johnson : i love this

Hitch Tavs : What was that movie where the nurse yelled "Daddy" at the cop with the axe? From dusk till dawn?

Youngin : Amazing video, doesn't Death Proof rank under the movie movie universe though?

Andrew Lighthill : noice

Silver Game Dog : I rarely take the time to give a thumbs up to a video because i think it's pointless and overused but this video deserves it. Thank you for the work you put into this. And thank you for reminding me of why I really come to YouTube. If you can get past all the bullshit that is Youtube drama, prank videos and corporate advertising, you find videos like this and channels like yours. Thank you!

roch lavoie : Great work but where is Jackie Brown?!

dont normally : What movie is that with Rosaria Dawson?

david thomas : no killing zoe

Yukihiko Kuroda : what song at 0:30?