"Phineas & Ferb produced by BET" by: KING VADER

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VïñxSîs !! : "Discovering some that doesn't exist" *EQUALITY* facts🔥🤣


Fullmetal Shenron : Disney channel,Cartoon Network,Nickelodeon and others please take notes

NicoBros TM : *Insert racist joke in the monkey part*

Jade C : Discovering something that doesn’t exist *equality* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Angel Supreme : If this was a series I would watch it

MrMeme 60 : phineas and ferb 2020 reboot leaked

Its An alpaca : The real question is Which one is phineas and which one is ferb

Vitani B Mamba : "Discovering something that doesn't exist" EQUALITY Tell 'em

Reactionex X : *is it weird that I would actually watch this show*

Loyalty : Some meme account uploaded this on instagram and got 2.5 million views without crediting them, Wow

Leandro Gomes : Their smile killed me The video was awesome but their smile made laugh so hard 😂

Ali Mueller : bass dropped harder than my grades tbh

Klaze : this is only 56 seconds but more entertaining than 30 minutes of Jake Paul.

VickyDelaRoza : I like how when they said fighting a mummy, it showed everyone ganging up on one 💀

serpentking _007 : In 0:20 its funny because its true


Amikomi : Im sorry, The Eiffel tower got me.

Lyrical Myracle : The bass tho 🔥

Why you do this to me : Dude, these guys are the ones who made orange justice

Daniel Kalz : 0:40 that was lit

Crystal Dream Animates : 0:18 this is sadly true

Jazaii Davila : Just pause here 0:17

Jola Oke : "Discovering something that doesnt exist" " *EQUALITY* " Had me dying😭😭😂

Cecania cc : I quite envy their summer, a hundred and four days?in my country, We only have like a month and a half.

You need some Suga For your salty ass : "Discovering something that doesn't exist" *is holding Equality in his arms*

PSYCOTICI : The beat dropped harder than my grades

Seetiyan : WOW, that "equality" joke. Funny . . . and so sadly true. *laughs* *cries*

Wayne Gretzky #HesoMe7o : Damn.. Candace thick af 👀

play4thrill42 : Lmao yo I got an ad about Police brutality before this video

TheMan3530 HD : Replay buttons cost 1 like 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

dominic sanmateo : at the 0:20 that Was Funny xD the

Grizzly dumb M : Those 514 dislikes were from trump supporters who don’t like the truth which was said at 0:21

AuOrE : BRUHH this neeeds to be a series

Elkany Deada : Damn Vader that was tough🔥this should be a series,


Ella Grace : Discovering something that doesn’t exist.. EQUALITY

Corrn Flaek : 0:22 THEY WAY THEY RAN😂😂😂😂

Soulless Hina : not, late at all

Johnrey DelosSantos : 0:18 Discovering something that doesn't exist 😂😂😂😂 bruh!💀

Leli Quitkin : My last brain cell on a math test.

mlg telletubbie : 0:16 LMFAO it's just so random I can't stop laughing OMG it's so late at night and I'm having a laugh attack because of that guy on the tower

Nashi Daniel : My 12 year old sister Aikowinterfield loves you and your videos! she literally has a crush on you

Girl of Many Vloggities : I died when the “discovering something that doesn’t exist” came on and it showed “equality”! That’s comedy gold!

Racingguy1432 RBLX : Equality X T R E M E

Ethan Biggerstaff Sport Stacker : The smiles at the beginning lol

Ben Healey : it is the right balance of nostalgic and hilariously modern. *Perfection.*

olman palomo : the monkey part and part when you showed the girl with the middle finger made me laugh

livęly : discover something that doesn’t exist “EQUALITY” HAD ME DEAD💀💀💀💀💀

Princess Swag : This is something I would watch on Disney