Lilo and Stitch Love: Dupe

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ToeIn2194 : I always liked this episode. But I never understood why Reuben/625 was so mean to Gantu about his past. At least future episodes show Slushy and Dupe working together.

GreatWhiteNorth : Yikes. I never realized just how bad this episode was. And especially with the continuity. Did they just not have another expirment designed so they just threw a hammer in there?

Antwon Kudo : This is a great review video!

Jfso Loasjd : I’m so glad I found a video that is a review of the Dupe episode. I really must comment this: The thing I love the very most about the Dupe episode, is Plasmoid, Heat, Thresher and Hammerface as a quartet. Let’s call their quartet PHTH. PHTH are so d*mn cool and awesome together, and they fit perfect as friends to someone who is alone and having trouble getting friends. I’d like to see way, way, WAY more of PHTH as a quartet. They should either get their own TV show, or also be recurring supporting characters in the Lilo & Stitch series with a big enough role. I’d also like to see what it would be like if PHTH were friends to Lilo and Stitch instead of to Gantu.

ENDERheropearl 24 : Do nosy next he's next on the list

Maureen Egan : After dupe is shortstuff yay

jessica direito : 😍😍😍😍😍i think this is before angel

Christopher Killian : The experiment's name is dupe!!

jessica direito : Showwwwwwwww