Ryusei (5year-old) acting Bruce Lee's Nunchaku scene

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John Doe : Someone train a kid to be Chuck Norris and put the two together.

Plop Plopp : bruce would be proud

Rosey D’Alia : 36 haters mad because their kids can't color within a line muchless do this lol

A Solo : Hi Ryusei Imai i’ll be faster than you From doing Bruce Lee’s power and speed.☯️🥋 anyway nice to meet you my name is A-Solo.

Mrs Thom Yorke : This is insaneeeee!!!!! This kid is fierce af! Nice training, little warrior. Keep it up!

Sandra Nelson : You should act a ninja turtle scene with Mikey he uses the nunchucks to

Putu Suriawan Forever : Reincarnation of bruce lee,, he even knew when bruce lee smile is,,,

KailaAndAvaTeeVee : timing and facial expressions are perfect. Ryusei is too kool! amazing

Omar Jobarteh : your son got some serious skills i like him he is awesome

chris m : he needs to the ENTER THE DRAGON ?

als fairpay : Your very good ,, ,try to create some new moves , that bruce never done ,like the figure eight ,under the legs

Deb Adams : haters stop hatin' the lil noy is awesome!!!!

Chumas GLibett : Wooooowww Awesome

Juan Le Garcon : His timing is like wow. I wonder if he counts while acting.

Tony Montana mang : H-hey kid, t-take it easy...

awesomegirl5 : Awesome

Josh davidson : I'll start Internet war by saying it's fake

Emilee Zen : Really amazing ! Yes.. wow... awesome kid !!! : )

david lee : Kid is unbelievable....

Real Æstetiker : Film is great and nobody even thinks that the movie is for adults and a child in the hands of a deadly weapon - though not present))))

SIMFUJE: A arte marcial livre : It is missing you use the same clothes he wore in every scene, and let the long hair as he used. You should also observe the facial expressions that he was to become increasingly more similar. And try to learn how to make screams that are similar to what he did. And if someone tells you to do "your way": If you are not practicing martial art, but imitating him!

джон джонович : Маленький Брюс Ли)))

SIMFUJE: A arte marcial livre : The cool clothe of Bruce Lee is of "The Big Boss". You can do the Knifes scenes (final movie).

Birdy Flo : He's simply amazing, and the parents are just as amazing for training him and supporting him, keep up the good work I have always been a Bruce Lee fan since I was a baby, and now I am also a fan of Ryusei too

Adam Ostrowski : Reincarnation. Bruce is back from grave.. I trully believe that this Boy will be next super star in Martial arts action movies. Well done ;) ★★★★★

Blitz : Can you do the dojo fight with nunchucks from Fist Of Fury?

Chobi V : Pensé q rompería la pantalla jajaja...

yu : ryusei imai.nunchaku skill awesome! Teach him Jeet Kune Do, type: "Tommy Carruthers jeet kune do" in YouTube search.

РАМИД Абдуллаев : это кампютерное?

Blitz : You are really amazing! I want you to do another one with nunchucks or trying do a video of you doing bare handed fighting maybe.

felipe williyams : this kidss a deadlyy weapon my friend your an incredible teacher i kno he didnt teach himself watching bruce bruce

yu : Tommy Carructhers is the master of jeet kune do. You can see him teaching his student video by just type his name. I hope ryusei imai can learn jkd.

AdjutantNinox : so, bruce lee didnt die - he just drinked some evian ;P

Juan Le Garcon : His timing is like wow. I wonder if he counts while acting.

Wisdom Stafford : I would have been slapped myself with these things and knocked myself out! Hats off to this little boy. Very skilled with beautiful precision.

Mies Abluan : He's good with nunchucks but is he good at martial arts

yu : teach ryusei imai jkd. View jkd video: "Tommy Carruthers"

e ju-mi : Wishing Ryusei health and strength, he is talented, cute, funny and discipline...KEEP IT UP!!!!! Bruce would"ve been proud of you, man........

Supreme 1 : I grew up a Bruce Lee fan. This lil guy made me smile...

Mariam Shiraz : Wow awesome 👏 You are so adorable little one May be you can teach my kids ☺️

Katie With A K : Lol at the beginning xD He was trying to look so mean xD

Blitz : I want the fight scene from Fist Of Fury.

Cezary Cezary : Great ! He should begin to train the body !

Mohamed Citrouni : i love to making bruce lee games


Jack Fillingham : I'd like to see him do this to real people while getting robbed

Oliver Ferrier Brown : this kid will be able to defend himself easily

Jason Rainwater : Ryusei is AMAZING!!! He is so precise in matching Bruce Lee's speed and expressions without even looking at the screen! I'm a HUGE Bruce Lee fan, and I can't even do that! I'm definitely a HUGE Ryusei fan as well and have enjoyed watching his videos over this past year! Please keep it up, and stay passionate in all the things you love to do! :) Osu!

ក្មេង ខ្មែរ : ល្អប្អូន

kunal soni : this kid has some serious skills