Female Turkey Runs Around Male Turkey Until It Falls Out of Dizziness
Did You Ever See Dizzy Turkey

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0815543 : When will guys final get, is just a 'friend zone' ....Dude she's not into you🦃

Alexia Bobadilla : (male turkey falls) (man laughs) (TURKEYS LAUGHS)

Lithostheory : Every time I go to a club this happens.

frankiexfantastic : 1:11 LMAO

Suzanne M : Oh that's fantastic. Made my day.

Brian Waggoner : The guy laughing at the end -- pure gold!

frankiexfantastic : Lmfao always makes me laugh

ZenFox : Turkeys are silly.

Pseudo Smith : That Turkey is FULL of TRIP-tophan.. lol... *uh... I'll see myself out now*