Drunk Guy Won't Leave Resort In Mazatlan

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RumbleBee : Lol, holdin on to every last moment I guess.

The JoSi Show : There is always that one guy that just cant hold is alcohol, it can be funny though but I feel you he def seems more the annoying drunk..

Buzz Spectrum : help lol😂😂😂

Our Resting Place ASMR : There’s always one...

Peldyn - Life with Cats : Looks like Mazatlan was a huge party, lol

Ellie B : Should have left him there!

Jose Lizardi : Sorry, you had to suffer that! I did that tour. Pools areas are the best. Lucky we didn't have drunk clowns on our group.

Patoya & Phrost TV : Lol he was slizzzard lol 😂

Itty Bitty Blue Dot : Annoying but funny😂😂😂