NOAA Scientists Film Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep-Sea Feeding Frenzy
NOAA Scientists Film Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep Sea Feeding Frenzy

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Researchers exploring the deep ocean off the South Carolina coast capture a group of sharks feasting on a swordfish—but then something unexpected happens. Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research Read more here:


Alexander Frost : Sharks: We will help demonstrate carbon transfer to the human race. Grouper: I too will help demonstrate carbon transfer to the human race.

F4ngDragon : Everybody gangsta 'till the Grouper gets hungry.

Lou Fazio : "Carbon transferred to the bottom" So when it swims up, its transferred back to mid-water.

Chicken Fried Bobcat : I'm going to do my morning carbon transfer right now. First I gotta open the window.

Digital Gold : who else thought the shark had "Anime Eyes" in the thumbnail XD LOL

777Ryank : So is this the carbon transfer that happens to someone when he or she jumps off a bridge?

leslie beddingfield : There's always a bigger fish. Qui-Gon Jin

EnslavedByGreed : Once I muted the audio I enjoyed the video

Razz aus : These scientists sound like they've never seen fish before

yootoober49 : If we just tax this carbon we can save the earf.

62shalaka : Carbon transfer??!! Cut me a pair of slacks!

EntertainmentPurposesOnly : You think these sharks are cool? Grouper : “hold my beer”.

silver fox : FAIR PLAY " it was actually a shark been swallowed..👍👍AND NOT CLICK BAIT

Charlie T : I've been transferring carbon for years! I wonder if I can put that on a resume?

We’re All That Bored : Thats a Wreckfish Grouper. Max length of 7 ft and 250 pounds

Alex Martinez : That Grouper was all business. It was NOT there to socialize. 😮

bruce baker : When the Carbon comes out is that considered a Carbon Deposit????

Jim Rogers : Carbon transfer? Oh damn I thought they were just eating. silly me.

Romantic Donkey : Guess I’m getting old, because everyone in this video sounds like kids

keegan773 : The cycle of carbon transfer in action........ And there's me thinking it was a fish eating another fish.

Rod Wood : That wasn't rare, it was raw! 😏

Chris : NOAA scientists?? Sounded like a conversation with my 8 year old nieces....

markobe08 : There is always a bigger fish

Thomas Munn : Ha ha, she said carbon transfer... LOL!

Greg Pope : "carbon from the surface or mid waters is transferred." about a bunch of scavengers found the ocean's equivalent of road kill. Carbon transfer...give us a break.

Mitch Batten : NOAA scientists? Sounded more like grade 5er’s on a school trip.

Ben Swolo : The other sharks could be more helpful!! Dicks!

Shawn Shaffer : Carbon transfer? WTF!!!! circle of life come on. Do they need carbon credits? Lol

tnlaw2004 : Omg the libertard is strong with these geeks. “Carbon transfer” smh.

VforArt : jeez this commentary is unbearable

Dianne Schembri : The eyes on those sharks are creepy

DK viking KD : What a spectacular weird perspective to watch this and call it "carbon transfer" ..

Louie Louie : Dude about whole shark in mouth. "No way" The whole world in unison "WAY"

SALTY DEVIL : Shark: Ha! I’m the king of the sea!!! Grouper: HOLD MA CARBON TRANSFER!!

American And Proud of it : Carbon Transfer? Good grief.......

Stevenowski : Rodney Dangerfield used to say: The last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it!" This is amazing!

S D : One animal eating another animal is called carbon transfer? And these people have never seen carbon transfer before? Excuse me while I wipe flush and complete my carbon transfer.

Tomas Echevarria : Why does this so called scientist constantly refer to the dead fish as carbon? Does she know what carbon is?

JollyBruin 4570 : That Grouper is at the top of the food chain today lol 😂

Todd Wheeler : Carbon transfer? Jesus.

jeper1969 : Saying this is carbon transferring instead of ‘eating ‘ is so douchey

bruce baker : When the Carbon comes out is that considered a Carbon Deposit????

mmmpowered : Relatively tiny little sharks. Not a huge Grouper. Unprofessional giggling and babbling in the narration. Turn the sound off and you will enjoy the video.

Justin Mallaiz : ”Don’t eat the apple seeds, unless you want an apple tree growing in your belly “ 😳

Joefest99 : “More evidence of how these systems work”. ??? What did that mean? Evidence that fish eat each other??? 🤷‍♂️

Lars Larson : These will men scientists don’t seem too bright...doh!!!

Hollywood Hawkins : Plot twist: the shark swam inside the groupers mouth because the scientist were annoying

Trev14 : "carbon transfer". That may be one of the most ridiculous re-naming instances in modern memory.

Da Lone Voice : I watched every dive live as they happened, including this shark frenzy and the starfish feeding that day also. These scientists are professionals, great workers and yes excited to catch things never caught before live in the ocean. Spend your life in your field and get to see something for the first time ever in that field is big excitement! I loved their work and their enthusiasm throughout the dives this spring and summer. Outside the learned Evilustion and Carbon Transfer nonsense they are teaching, it is AMAZING SCIENCE!