NOAA Scientists Film Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep-Sea Feeding Frenzy
NOAA Scientists Film Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep Sea Feeding Frenzy

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Researchers exploring the deep ocean off the South Carolina coast capture a group of sharks feasting on a swordfish—but then something unexpected happens. Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research Read more here:


Lil Yanni : Holy f**k I didn't think their eyes were really that big they need an anime asap.

Jadden : The grouper was super smart, let the small shark eat until it’s full and then eat the shark. Two for the price of one!

OpsonFire : Rare video of a Deep-sea frenzy. Everybody: ANIME EYEES!!!

Go D : Shark: -- why do I hear boss music? Grouper: *OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU*

srs bsns : Scientists: "Carbon transfer" Everybody else: "Eating"

Yoder023 : I bet she's great at home.... "Honey I made dinner!" "I have no desire for this Carbon Transfer."

Jimmy Schmidt : Regular person : “Nana died.” Lady in the video: “Nana relinquished her carbon deposit.”

LumberJacques : When I saw the thumbnail, I thought they found a new species of sharks. Waifu sharks. --------------------------- Edit: Holy shite this blew up a lil- FELLOW WEEBS UNITE!

funky trumpets : These cuties are called „Genie‘s Dogfish“ in case anyone wants to know.

Aboath chan : Summary: Sharks with anime eyes absolutely annihilate a corpse before senpai notices one of them.

Michael Burns : *Grouper:* I think I'm gonna need a bigger throat...

pukulu : Groupers aren't particular. If it's the right size and is another fish, swallow it, don't worry, and let the stomach acids finish the job.

Kitty Harris : Is it just me, or did she sound like Velma from Scooby Doo?

Lex Desuasido : At first I said those sharks are badass until that grouper showed up and swallow one of those shark....amazing...

F4ngDragon : Everybody gangsta 'till the Grouper gets hungry.

Soundwave 84 : Grouper: Omae wa mou shindeiru Shark: NANI?!

Niko The Arms Dealer : 2-for-1 meal. Shark stuffed with swordfish. That grouper is a true gourmand.

Robert Heller : Okay that's it. Who's been playing with the japanizing beam?

theshuman100 : the grouper be like " mom said its my turn with the carbon"

A Bad Guy : “Ay, that thing just took Dave” “Screw Dave, food” “Yeah, screw Dave, food”

NASA And the ESA : Nobody: Not a soul: People commenting on the thumbnail: hey look anime shark!

Magnum Dong Adventures : *shark does a carbon transfer* Lady: *NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN THIS BEFORE ASDFGHSKSLSSKSKSJD*

The Guy That Game's : That moment when you just want a snack and become someone’s dinner.

Betelgeuse Force : That shark must be anime. Look at their eyes. :3

Test McRow : Me: Its the Circle of Li... Lady: Carbon Transfer

Dave Hong : *Anxiously waits for someone to flip the swordfish over to the other side.

BAMintheKLAM : L O O K A T A L L T H O S E C H I C K E N S

Erick Pimentel : All I can think of while watching this was. Donkey Kong country, when ya ride the swordfish and ya gotta dodge the sharks. Guess they finally got him.

ninh s : bc Casual matchmaking has Skill Based matchmaking... so now youve had more games under ur belt now youre gonna start seeing more sweaty and TK mstches!

Alexander Frost : Sharks: We will help demonstrate carbon transfer to the human race. Grouper: I too will help demonstrate carbon transfer to the human race.

Eric Salazar : This whole video including the headline and narrators will make your brain cells disappear. Do not watch this video.

Marcus Sam : And the sharks buddies are just like "Welp, told you to stay away from him."

I, Donald J. Trump, want 100,000 subscribers : *C A R B O N T R A N S F E R*

Sub to me if i top the comments : Im watching this while i carbon deposit on my man made carbon depository.

Appy Said : I actually am suprised those shark eyes weren't edited. They look too weird, lol.

Kreative Chaos Guides : 1:43 its not clickbait. FISH EATS SHARK!

RCCollins : What high school has an underwater field trip!?

Fernando : Scientist: "wow this is so rare to see I can't believe it" Nature: Hold my carbon.

anthony romano : I legit thought the shark on the thumbnail had an anime eye drawn on it.

VarshiiTV : fish just played uno reverse card on shark

Denny Crane : "There's always a bigger fish" - Qui-Gon Jinn

xNighx : Scientists: I don't think we've ever seen this before...I definitely have not. Me: I've seen this at least a dozen times this month alone on YouTube.

J Lo : Swordfish filled shark sashimi. Well done, Mr. Grouper.

George Manning : “There’s always a bigger fish”- QGJ

FluFrog : Shark: Best meal ever! Qui-Gon: There is always a bigger fish.

mzanonymz : Those sharks had 'odd-looking' eyes; surprised NOAA did not ID their species for viewers.

Cus 324 : Lowkey that thumbnail look like a anime protagonist

SocialOutcast13 : Stranger: Hey man do you have the time? Me: Carbon transfer

Mr Popuro : Look at all these kawaii sharks. I legit thought in the thumbnail the eyes were photoshopped