Raven's Cry is a Finished Game

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Uncle Dane : "Be braaaaave pile of sheeits!" brb going to hospital due to laughing my ass completely off

Derek Dakis : Rest In Peace "Be Brave Guy" his insults made us fear nothing but himself getting removed from the game.

Mark Vinewood : *WE DON'T DIE TODAY YOU BEETCHES* Jerma's reaction was priceless :D

Extreme Kiwi : "Be Braaaaaaave" guy for Jerma Rumble 4

AXL Law : Seriously, someone should extract the sounds from the swearing pirate guy and use them as sound effects instead.

the_rabidsquirel : It's like someone thought they could make a better version of AC: Black Flag on a potato.

Vaulty The Salty : I used to be a brave pile of shit. But that was before the plague hit.

Randy Lahey : Be brave swear guy for president 2016.

Sidrovich Dijjajic : y-yknow don't say swe-- *BE BRAAAAAVE HORSES ASSES*

Mr Madness : Wow, It's like Ride to Hell: Retribution raped AC: Black flag. And Ride to Hell had the dominant gene.

Major Pingu : It's like someone saw AC: BF and went "You know what... we can copy that." and then proceeded to put everything that looked cool into the game. It's like that a kid that puts everything he thinks is cool into a story he makes for english. "AND THE DINOSAUR FOUGHT MECHA GODZILLA AND IT WAS RAINING BLUE LAVA AND PURPLE FIRE RAIN"

Smiley : You need me... NOOOooo

Jackerler : Be Brave Guy for Jerma Rumble

MrUnknownzz1 : I hope there's a mod to put the swear guy back. :P

don trut : 0:16 the "there's no need to be ruuude" is killing me.

James Salvatore : Jerma. They just re-released this game. Saying its an improved version of it. Will you consider giving it a playthrough ? The game is now called = Vendetta: Curse of the Ravens Cry

DeOut Gaming : Someone went through the trouble of creating an engine for this game. Creating models, animating, texturing. And for what? Really really bad voice acting.

Hambone : turdsniffer

CarozQH : These audio bugs make the game scarier than Slender...

SatanicBeige [SB] : I don't know if anybody's already said it or not, but *oh my god, that chicken sound was the fucking **_best._*

HonestGhost : Wow this game is a mess xD

MicKy : *Jerma passes through lady takin' a piss* Jerma: Wait a second.. Don't even tell me- *Gets back* Jerma: Is this lady- What?! No! Yeah this is a lady pissin' into a bush..

TheInterweb'sMaster : Jerma used to do TF2 videos, but that was before the plague hit.

Joshua B. : "Wait.. don't tell me.. Yup, this lady is pissing into a bush.."

Lib&ccio : Pirates of the Carribean 5: The brave Madafackaz

TrashTierTelevision : they charged money for this???

Kleneu66 : Swear guy is the pirate spy in disguise.

Damned Wolves : 2:47 I just can't breath anymore.

chickencooger34 : The lady pissing got me XD

grasscid : Ride to Hell: Retribution: Standalone Pirate DLC

ihatetrolling : when the ship sank, the swear guy said "It's all your fault"

Marcos Sanchez : Such a broken game for €50? What?!

Cielo Pachirisu : Did they patch back in Be Brave Man :(?

alexcola archive : Ride to Sea: Retribution 

:steamsalty: : *B E B R A V E , S H I T A S S E S*

Willard Squire : R.I.P Swear Guy

Augusto Poliche : 5:40 you have to be brave to see that

Robin Fan : I never liked before the plague hit jokes... But that was before. Ok they are still bad

Garch012 : To be honest, I want Jerma and Star to play some don't starve together just to watch them fail miserably.

Hooble. : We dun dai 2day u bishes *sinks*

ForbiddenIronHammer : "No" guy and "Be brave" guy confirmed for The Jerma Rumble 4

PairOfDucks : Be Brave, Poopyheads

Armen Reddy : I can't wait for Vinny of Vinesauce to play this game now.

PolarStarBlue : You may be gone, but never forgotten. So long, Be braaaaave guy.

andy wharry : oh my god everybody i think this, may be this years ride to hell.

LordThunderCxck : This is the reason I died of laughter... R.I.P. AbandonedCat 123 2002-2016

SlartyMcGuarty : What if Jerma keeps finding crap games because he makes them himself and makes it shit on purpose?

Forcedminer : sales pitch... Be this DUDE!!! *points* you can have a pirate hat!!! and a pirate hook!!!.....and...erm.....a matchlock pistol!!!!....erm.....sword!..no wait cutlass! Yay!!wooo please buy it......

jason jean : R.I.P. BE BRAVE dude. you were untimely patched.

Lime Doe : i used to be brave, but that was before the plague hit.