Raven's Cry is a Finished Game

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Uncle Dane : "Be braaaaave pile of sheeits!" brb going to hospital due to laughing my ass completely off

Derek Dakis : Rest In Peace "Be Brave Guy" his insults made us fear nothing but himself getting removed from the game.

Mark Vinewood : *WE DON'T DIE TODAY YOU BEETCHES* Jerma's reaction was priceless :D

Extreme Kiwi : "Be Braaaaaaave" guy for Jerma Rumble 4

the_rabidsquirel : It's like someone thought they could make a better version of AC: Black Flag on a potato.

Vaulty The Salty : I used to be a brave pile of shit. But that was before the plague hit.

Randy Lahey : Be brave swear guy for president 2016.

AXL Law : Seriously, someone should extract the sounds from the swearing pirate guy and use them as sound effects instead.

Major Pingu : It's like someone saw AC: BF and went "You know what... we can copy that." and then proceeded to put everything that looked cool into the game. It's like that a kid that puts everything he thinks is cool into a story he makes for english. "AND THE DINOSAUR FOUGHT MECHA GODZILLA AND IT WAS RAINING BLUE LAVA AND PURPLE FIRE RAIN"

Mr Madness : Wow, It's like Ride to Hell: Retribution raped AC: Black flag. And Ride to Hell had the dominant gene.

Jackerler : Be Brave Guy for Jerma Rumble

MrUnknownzz1 : I hope there's a mod to put the swear guy back. :P

Smiley : You need me... NOOOooo

hubris gubber : 0:16 the "there's no need to be ruuude" is killing me.

Sidrovich Dijjajic : y-yknow don't say swe-- *BE BRAAAAAVE HORSES ASSES*

Kleneu66 : Swear guy is the pirate spy in disguise.

SatanicBeige [SB] : I don't know if anybody's already said it or not, but *oh my god, that chicken sound was the fucking **_best._*

CarozQH : These audio bugs make the game scarier than Slender...

DeOut Gaming : Someone went through the trouble of creating an engine for this game. Creating models, animating, texturing. And for what? Really really bad voice acting.

Hambone : turdsniffer

James Salvatore : Jerma. They just re-released this game. Saying its an improved version of it. Will you consider giving it a playthrough ? The game is now called = Vendetta: Curse of the Ravens Cry

Lib&ccio : Pirates of the Carribean 5: The brave Madafackaz

HonestGhost : Wow this game is a mess xD

TrashTierTelevision : they charged money for this???

ihatetrolling : when the ship sank, the swear guy said "It's all your fault"

Marcos Sanchez : Such a broken game for €50? What?!

Willard Squire : R.I.P Swear Guy

chickencooger34 : The lady pissing got me XD

Augusto Poliche : 5:40 you have to be brave to see that

MicKy : *Jerma passes through lady takin' a piss* Jerma: Wait a second.. Don't even tell me- *Gets back* Jerma: Is this lady- What?! No! Yeah this is a lady pissin' into a bush..

Leon 4808 : 2:45 look at the bottom right. How how no one notices that ? XD

TheInterweb'sMaster : Jerma used to do TF2 videos, but that was before the plague hit.

:steamsalty: : *B E B R A V E , S H I T A S S E S*

Shaffi Rosdi : The part where the woman was pissing into the bushes was beautiful.

Cielo Pachirisu : Did they patch back in Be Brave Man :(?

grasscid : Ride to Hell: Retribution: Standalone Pirate DLC

Lime Doe : i used to be brave, but that was before the plague hit.

Damned Wolves : 2:47 I just can't breath anymore.

Joshua B. : "Wait.. don't tell me.. Yup, this lady is pissing into a bush.."

PairOfDucks : Be Brave, Poopyheads

alexcola archive : Ride to Sea: Retribution 

PolarStarBlue : You may be gone, but never forgotten. So long, Be braaaaave guy.

Garch012 : To be honest, I want Jerma and Star to play some don't starve together just to watch them fail miserably.

Hooble. : We dun dai 2day u bishes *sinks*

Robin Fan : I never liked before the plague hit jokes... But that was before. Ok they are still bad

ForbiddenIronHammer : "No" guy and "Be brave" guy confirmed for The Jerma Rumble 4

Snazzy Pierre : Two questions: 1: How do you get a decent voice from a voice actor and YET GET WORSE SENTENCES THAN GOOSEBUMPS? 2: WHAT DOES THIS GAME OFFER COMPARED TO ASSASSIN'S CREED 4: BLACK FLAG??!?! WHAT IS DIFFERENT AND EVEN CONCEIVABLY BETTER!?!? 3: Okay I lied, it's 3 questions: HOW DO YOU CHARGE $55 FOR THIS GAME!??! REGARDLESS OF COMPARISONS TO OTHER GAMES, THIS BUGGY, UNPOLISHED TURD IS ONLY WORTH IT'S WEIGHT IN STUPIDITY. I mourn for humanity, as things like this and AAA games that become so basic and uninteresting for the sake of large audiences are being made, and the AAA games don't even make their money back within the first year. :\

eric jiga : For anyone wondering, this is a 54.99$ game, 59.99$ For the "digital deluxe edition" This was not some 10 or 15 dollar some what finished project that you can get for cheap, this Is a full price release, that is (In my opinion) a scam.

andy wharry : oh my god everybody i think this, may be this years ride to hell.

jason jean : R.I.P. BE BRAVE dude. you were untimely patched.