The Pharcyde - Ya Mama (Official Music Video)

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herman kroon : Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is still one of my favorite albums ever.

The Onyx Viper : Pharcyde's style has always been so unique, real gem of hip-hop they are.

Mathew Edwards : In an era when all other rappers were trying to look cool and gangsta these dudes weren't afraid to have fun

Profound79 : "Ya mama's an extra on The Simpsons." They cut it too early!!

windell0612 : Timeless mama jokes.. Will still roast people who never heard them lol

Lelee S : ya mama got snake skin teeth 😂😂

Vic V. : These rappin' smokin' lovin' life cut ups come off like valedictorians by today's standards. A shame "Ya Mama" must have thumbed downed this classic.

TIEZILAGEL : $till the BE$T ....CLA$$IC. 🚙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Stanlayy7000 : My man said ya mama got the wooden legs wit' real feet!

Majozi Kabini : Classic.

L.A5 : Better jokes than the Yo Mama channel..

MassiveGat : The Pharcyde is easily the most fun and energetic group to ever exist. It's impossible to not get hype and bullshit while listening to these guys. Bizarre II The Pharcyde still remains one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time

Creep_Lyfe : CLASSIC!!

Forcik : I am here because of Mike Shinoda

Kevin263 : Glass eye with a fish in it! Peg leg with a kickstand... Snakeskin teeth... Afro with a chinstrap... Lmao!!!

oreoemsa : Me love this shiit😍

Frost_sF : Genius

Shawn Golembiewski : WURD UP BISOTCH!

Austin Edwards : When hip hop was hip hop real creative and raw💯💯💯💯

ashiimi : I'll remember this song in 2050

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Wato Wat : One really long yo mama joke lmao I love it

Daniel Flannelly : That is still the funniest video

Omar Miguel : The best hip hop album ever!

Daniel Flannelly : Style is so close to ODB.

Mubupo : I had forgot about this song. Some funny lyrics from some very talented brothers

True Oracle : Can't wait for Hiero Day so i can finally see these dudes live in the Town.

Sairam LP : wow what a song

Paul Sherwood : I still have the CD single of this :-)

malika iyer : I am sad to see so less views my childhood in 2008 2:30 wow

José Augusto dos Santos : BRAZIL"

David Fernleigh : +1 favourite album, so wish they'd done more like this before J-Swift went off the rails and Fatlip broke off

Денни В : love

Perry King : lmmfao! I miss this!

¿UFILME? : I was there saw these guys live twice in 93 and also 94. ✋🏽🤚🏽

OldTrafford King : Shit is classic 😂😂😂😂