Bootsy Collins - Space Bass Solo

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Actual Ghost : This might be the coolest shit i've ever seen

I Luv Innovative Music : This is Jimmi with a Bass...My Opinion and I stand by it...This was done in the 70's...Not many, if any , played the Bass as a Lead back then

james hart : this was futuristic for the time back then in the 70's and it's still from the future in the 10's....i don't think the world will ever catch up in light years to this....

Marvin Berry : Bootsy straight up felt every note he payed on this solo.

Samuel Crain : if Hendrix mad it into the 70's, and I mean in... Hendrix and Bootsy would have been a Mutha Funken thang.

Me2times : he's making love to his guitar

Jeffrey Alan Dbury : bootsy is a god !!!!

Delano Shelton : Jimmy on the bass. Period

C Cherry706 : don't you know I'd rather don't you know I rather be with you yeah yeah yeah yeah

DJ Knockin Beats : Best solo by him by far!!! FUNK ON BABY!!!

Justin LaBoy : Holy ShhhhhhhhhhhhhhAT!! That's funky as HELL!!

Rod Harris : Bootzilla baby bubba ..Funkin us up 4 lifetimes and he ain't thru yet <3

SCHRODINGER’S CAT : this is one of my favorite videos on youtube

Michael Parker : OOOH WEEE!!! FUNK AT IT'S RAW ESSENCE!!!!!

IkeGee1973 : I've heard a lot a dudes make the guitar talk, but Bootsy only one that made the bass talk!!!

J Land : we could take the funk make ourselves some tasty shakes travel the world

spookybee : I hope that bass was 18 yrs old.

Adam Burns : What show is this from God damn

David Casey : incredible, to say the least....

Justin : Straight Dope

dom 123 : 🔯 hebrew bootsy

BugsySiegel07 : Man... ANYBODY has or know a recorded version of that jam ?? I keep coming back on this video for years and years just to listen to that incredible performance.

The Nation : I’m going to catch you Bootsy my favorite Bass guitarist!!! I’m even name my Bass the space bass in honor of you!!

MagmaPanda : Does anyone have a video of this entire concert?

Jonathan Denny : The hendrix of bass

WatupItz tyrone : I wanna play this

Brandon Bisenberger : I hope that bass was over 18

william woeger : Superb performance but this isn't the original space bass. You can tell by the headstock, Bootsy in white letters - the original was with red letters. The original was stolen in 1975, he didn't get it back until 1977. He had another space bass made (the one played in this recording) believing he'd never see the original again. Thankfully Bootsy eventually got the original back.

Moises Soares : Name music complet movie???

David S. : Anyone know why he's wearing the Star of David? I also seen Sly wearing this in an interview.

Becky Gulla : God damn! I love that bald side singer. I forget his name right now but he's got a voice that could levitate the blocks of the Great Pyramid! Damn he's good! I like this solo a lot. Some of his others are a bit TOO out there (just a mesh of noise), but this one has more funk to it.

Deebo Nash : Funk!

MrCharisma : Not very up on my bassists is bootsy consider one of the best in terms of technique or is it his style?

Sl0th Beats : Which song is this

Illya Reid : Too dirty, and it's worst live,he have it on 11000 and u can't tell a note

Plain Vids : this is Jimmi Hendrix, not bootsy but still tight asf