Gavin McInnes Explains What 'The Proud Boys' Are

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Gavin explains who and what the Proud Boys are at David Horowitz's restoration weekend. What they stand for, why, and shares a few stories about confrontations he/they have had. Go to for more content! Tweeter: @AndrewSaysTV Minds: @AndrewSays

Comments from Youtube

Ray winston smith : never start a fight, do your best to finish one.

bob ur uncle : People need to be around other people they are comfortable with and that is OK...why is every group allowed this but these men??Odd isn't it.

Basillio11 : These are the guys the media wants us to fear??? They seem like grown up punk rockers....Where do I sign up?

Joe Sabatino : Certain people -- the Left or otherwise -- cannot handle when someone fights back. They are completely unnerved.

Taka : This is so funny and when he talks about antifa its all so true tons of video's prove it.

crashingtiger : Outstanding! The West is the Best! Proud Boys!

James Leber : Proud Mexican American interested in a Pittsburgh chapter..this is what I've been looking for.fight these Antifa and Liberal left..

Conor Court : β€œI felt bad as I was plowing through themβ€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

onaturalia : I have more respect for this club than the Antifa.

Paige Bennett : I guess I don’t have the right equipment to join. I still support The Proud Boys and BTW, I am not a bull dyke.

Stoned Prophet : Make Men Great Again!

HomeValue Glass : Bunch of emasculated dudes on here, all triggered by a men's club, damn.

cory k : Proud boys, just to let you know...this may not be your purpose, but you definitely have this girl swooning with the testosterone. You guys rock!

Trey Gowdy : I am Proud of my Boys. Unfortunately, there is no Chapter in my state. Hopefully that will change soon.....

Pyjter Hazok : wikipedia says proud boys is hate speech club :D

BigSteve : Black power for the Proud Boys! HAIL BROTHERS!

marc atkinson : Curb-stomp Antifa now. For fun and exercise.

79tazman : Al Bundy had the No Ma'am club "Men Against Amazonian Masterhood" LOL!!

Darren Goree : It Shows How Crazy the left Has Gone. The left is Loopy. Common Sense is no longer Common. And Conservatives Should Not Have To Battle For Free Speech And Also Should Have The right To Defend Themselves Against Abuse And the left Attacking Them.

History_Nerd 7290 : 939 Frenchmen disliked this video

Michael Ratliff : Thx for being yourselves and reminding us how awesome our ethics and strength is, opposed to sissy soy boys.

burants : Gavin I think that's the Scottish blood that pumps through your veins....I've got my black and yellow Fred Perry's are pretty similar to us British football lads who like a good mash up on a Saturday and you's have very similar views to most of us British white Christian males

Lawrencerice : Correction: "It's crazy ex-girlfriend cat lady fake news"

Daniel Johnson : After watching this I'm going to watch "Fight Club" tonight.

William Cobb : Non gay love you guys any Kentucky groups i can join

robert20351 : "the subsequent ones chip away your soul" . Lol that's a good one

Donald Trump's Space Force : In 1814 we took a little trip.. along with colnel jackson down the mighty missip...

Finding Ra : Keep it up Boys!! This lady is by your side!

M Pardew : Go Proud boys

CelticWolf : Anyone against Antifa is ok in my book.

Winston : Brother, I need this! A New Yorker lost in translation in Paris. Goodness knows France needs this!!!

Joshua Dory : I don’t think the west is the best. I KNOW IT IS.

Adalberto Fernandez : Can u be a PROUD BOYS of LATINO EXTRACTION?!!!πŸ’€β˜ 

Adalberto Fernandez : I can tell u one thing I LUV VAGINAS AND I'M NOT GAY!!!πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·β™₯οΈπŸ’€β˜ 

Richard Teng : Antifa is soy boys, pretty true, that's why they cover themselves up

Katrina Parham : Amen DILLY DILLY 🍻 to being Normal!

Og Sluts1000 : I love Gavin McInnes (no homo) he's a real Realest of a Maan and look up the video for Proud Boys vs Antifa it's called Battle of Portland

Elizabeth Buonvicino : Keep up the good work boys! From a grateful woman happy to see men be men!

Chris Kilmer : Hilarious. I will burn candles to your sainthood. Thank you !!

Heu Valadao : Well, I was born man. Where do I sign in?

Terra Plastering : Well Done Gavin! If being a normal dude is a crime.......... guess I'm a criminal.

StealthyMonk : The Fred Perry T-shirt, the ubiquitous uniform of the skinhead/racist.

XtremeBudgetMusician : I'm a proud Proud Boy!

Sheila Curenton : Proud of you Proud Boys. TY for being brave and fighting back.

Leonard Phillips : Glad their 15 minutes is just about up.

Mischa : They beat up ANTIFA, all that matters in my book. Keep breaking jaws!

Chantelle Telford : As much as i love the idea, you are still a joo shill

Bones12x2 : The strip club comment was pretty legit.

FriskyPoptart : I can't convince anyone that I've shown these "Proud Boy" videos too that this isn't actually a bunch of liberals trying to make conservatives look bad.