Gavin McInnes Explains What 'The Proud Boys' Are

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Tony S : Never joined a club in my life. Where do you sign up, it’s time....

Andrew Says : Noticed an up-tick in negative comments probably due to negative media coverage (such as CNN); here is the reality: I am in no way affiliated with the Proud Boys, but I have to call it like I see it. Calling them racist, anti-gay, connecting them to white-supremacists or neo-nazis is insane. I've seen countless hours of footage of the Proud Boys and they have never said or done anything racist. They have white, black, and asian members and one of their most recognizable members is Samoan. I've even seen them chilling with a guy who wears a woman's wig. It just doesn't make sense to label them far-right or anything like that, they barely express any views at all besides promoting America & Free Speech. Watching Don Lemon connect them to neo-nazis and calling their spats with Antifa "attacks on anti-fascist protesters" is a disturbing story to twist. For a long time they didn't even react to provocations by Antifa. It only became a two-way street after countless pepper sprayings, interference and attempts at de-platforming etc. from Antifa (whom is a designated terror group for a reason). Independent journalists who are on the ground (such as Tim Pool or Duerst) would likely say the same. Of course, I am open to being proven wrong. If you wish to post links to actual evidence of them saying or doing anything racist please do so here. For all other clever quips, follow me @AndrewSaysTV on tw@r

Mischa : They beat up ANTIFA, all that matters in my book. Keep breaking jaws!

Stoned Prophet : Make Men Great Again!

Ray winston smith : never start a fight, do your best to finish one.

Little PAW 1969 : This guy is absolutely hilarious! I haven't laughed this hard in forever.

James Leber : Proud Mexican American interested in a Pittsburgh chapter..this is what I've been looking for.fight these Antifa and Liberal left..

Amie Baldwin : Proud boys make pussies wet! Love you guys!

HomeValue Glass : Bunch of emasculated dudes on here, all triggered by a men's club, damn.

Basillio11 : These are the guys the media wants us to fear??? They seem like grown up punk rockers....Where do I sign up?

onaturalia : I have more respect for this club than the Antifa.

bob ur uncle : People need to be around other people they are comfortable with and that is OK...why is every group allowed this but these men??Odd isn't it.

burants : Gavin I think that's the Scottish blood that pumps through your veins....I've got my black and yellow Fred Perry's are pretty similar to us British football lads who like a good mash up on a Saturday and you's have very similar views to most of us British white Christian males

crashingtiger : Outstanding! The West is the Best! Proud Boys!

Katrina Parham : Amen DILLY DILLY 🍻 to being Normal!

Joe Sabatino : Certain people -- the Left or otherwise -- cannot handle when someone fights back. They are completely unnerved.

Taka : This is so funny and when he talks about antifa its all so true tons of video's prove it.

breeze 3215 : antifa called for a rally in gastonia nc recently and alot of proud americans showed up to greet them.But guess who didn't show up! Maybe they were pulling in and suddenly had a change of heart.Don't mess with the south!

Bat Shit Crazy : I’m so happy about this proud boys club and I’m a girl. Best speech ever. I’m so happy to see our boys getting their balls back.

Tommy Estrada : He actually has a tight 10 minutes of a stand up routine.

cory k : Proud boys, just to let you know...this may not be your purpose, but you definitely have this girl swooning with the testosterone. You guys rock!

AntoniaLeigh : My heart goes out to these boys. This is a shitty time in American history for sure, and the anger, frustration and desperation to act out in the last year or two is palpable.

Trey Gowdy : I am Proud of my Boys. Unfortunately, there is no Chapter in my state. Hopefully that will change soon.....

Conor Court : “I felt bad as I was plowing through them”😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jorge Diaz : I need to start some shit like that in México. Feminazis are going to flip!! LOL

Mike Bonavia : Imagine masculinity so fragile you create a whole club

Kerry : Love you Gavin. Proud of the ProudBoys!

DutchComedian : People keep claiming the proud boys aren't about race, it's only about gender. But why do they always talk about how the west is better than all other cultures? Even if I agree with that idea, What does that have to do with gender roles? And It seems backwards: it's actually those other cultures in other parts of the world which have kept a hold of their patriarchal cultures. So how is western culture better if we have lost control of our women and let gays take over the media? The logic of the proud boys makes no sense, and that's because it's a lie anyways. They are just racist xenophobes who don't have the balls to admit it. They hide behind the sound bite of "We're a 'Men's Movement'!" while in reality they're basically neck bearded incels with racist leanings.

firesting81 : Proud Boys are just incels who are too afraid to admit it.

Paige Bennett : I guess I don’t have the right equipment to join. I still support The Proud Boys and BTW, I am not a bull dyke.

Darren Goree : It Shows How Crazy the left Has Gone. The left is Loopy. Common Sense is no longer Common. And Conservatives Should Not Have To Battle For Free Speech And Also Should Have The right To Defend Themselves Against Abuse And the left Attacking Them.

Adalberto Fernandez : I can tell u one thing I LUV VAGINAS AND I'M NOT GAY!!!🇵🇷♥️💀☠

Robert Espinal : I love this where do I join up!!!😎

Donald Trump's Space Force : In 1814 we took a little trip.. along with colnel jackson down the mighty missip...

Xplocial OnlineNetworking : I’m white supremacist I know what it means to be - they are not - they really aren’t ! That’s why there’s other races in there...

M Pardew : Go Proud boys

Anbuchudar Christie : What is wrong with this is that the group is not defending themselves but reacting to violence, violently too. Yes. We do need men's behaviour but let's be gentlemen. Be in the group and make us proud but be gentlemen too.

FriskyPoptart : I can't convince anyone that I've shown these "Proud Boy" videos too that this isn't actually a bunch of liberals trying to make conservatives look bad.

johntrip07 : We are basically guys that can't get laid and are pissed off about it!! Gavin McInnes is trolling everyone!

Tom Haflinger : "We're a male group of chauvinists, but that doesn't make us male chauvinists!" I wonder where people would get the idea that McInnes and his club are sexist. It could be the numerous sexist things he has said in the past. Or maybe it has something to do with the things he said in this very video. Like how beating up people who don't know how to fight is like hitting women. Or how "drunk women" are scary. Or how the liberal media is a "crazy ex-girlfriend". His little club is being investigated as a gang. Which makes sense when you think about it, since he has called it a gang in the past. And members are commended for committing crimes. And don't give me "yeah, but ANTIFA!" Who's the leader of ANTIFA? What are their membership requirements? It's a movement. Proud Boys is an actual gang.

Pyjter Hazok : wikipedia says proud boys is hate speech club :D

Jerome Pizinger : He has no soul!!

Esteban Nemo : He’s not funny. He’s not insightful. He seems to be very very insecure about his own manhood.

Sue Civiero : I hope it is okay if I find this funny. Clearly humour has been eliminated from the left.

Adalberto Fernandez : Can u be a PROUD BOYS of LATINO EXTRACTION?!!!💀☠

Street Deacon : I sing all the time Gavin. I support you but just because a dude does something you think is less masculine doesn't mean they're not conservative men. Look at Eastwood.

Sportsfan7 M : Loved it, I laughed the whole time! Love what you stand for !

Jesus Crust : I just don't understand log cabin republicans.

Brother Jake's Konservative Evolution : Milo's outrageous, Shapiro's a pit bull, Dr. Peterson's a philosopher, Coulter's an amazon shark in a mini-skirt and McInnes is a comedian. I could go on and on. Conservatism's becoming a big tent; an example of true diversity!

Jyoan Moyo : The Proud Boys is bunch of alpha male....