Gavin McInnes Explains What 'The Proud Boys' Are

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Tony S : Never joined a club in my life. Where do you sign up, it’s time....

Little PAW 1969 : This guy is absolutely hilarious! I haven't laughed this hard in forever.

Bat Shit Crazy : I’m so happy about this proud boys club and I’m a girl. Best speech ever. I’m so happy to see our boys getting their balls back.

Mischa : They beat up ANTIFA, all that matters in my book. Keep breaking jaws!

Proud Boys : I sold him that shirt.

Joe Latam : A single antifa kid showed up to our rally in Brantford. He asked for a fight one on one until he beat all thirty. I outweighed the kid by atleast 70 pounds. I offered to go first. He left lol i wasnt even the toughest guy with us.

Brother Jake's Konservative Evolution : Milo's outrageous, Shapiro's a pit bull, Dr. Peterson's a philosopher, Coulter's an amazon shark in a mini-skirt and McInnes is a comedian. I could go on and on. Conservatism's becoming a big tent; an example of true diversity!

Louie Watson : I'm in the army and I support this message.

Rec87 : Love the Proud Boys. Glad to be a part of it. I just don't see how people can hate on it. You may not like it or find it silly, but the way the left paints us is just ridiculous. God forbid that a group or men get together and love the civilization that has created not only the modern world but the highest standard of living the world has ever seen. Why would we want to be a bunch of left wing commies trying to destroy the world that has given us such a great life?

Mark w/a C : Actually, "white" human males are most often a pinkish red hue at birth and only attain their whiteness after: a) Answering the Riddle of Steel. b) Slaying a dragon c) Pulling up bootstraps

FortheLuIz : This dude is supposed to be masculine? Lol

Matthew Hylton : GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Lor00D : Why cant we watch a Gavin video without the comments being blurred out by soy. Despite literally explaining the group, people are still in the comments crying like12 year old boys who's parents are telling them its cool to transition

Donald Trump's Space Force : In 1814 we took a little trip.. along with colnel jackson down the mighty missip...

FragPoppa : Proud Of Your Boy! Uhuru!!

PAUL HAMMERSLEY : proud boy's, respect from england, keep up the good work,

Charlie Gaston : With the fall of the USSR in the 90's the United States has become the scapegoat for all things evil. Whether it be commies in sheep's clothing, feminists, liberals or whatever, Western Civilization is the lightening rod to attack. Proud Boys are a fantastic response to this mania.

Tommy Estrada : He actually has a tight 10 minutes of a stand up routine.

Terra Plastering : Well Done Gavin! If being a normal dude is a crime.......... guess I'm a criminal.

M Halvaresh : You're fighting pawns. It's time to skip them & go directly for their leftist masters at the top instead.

Dave B. : Is my choice between "Proud Boy" and "Soy Boy"? Any other options?

HomeValue Glass : Bunch of emasculated dudes on here, all triggered by a men's club, damn.

Steven Brown : You are so awesome!!Keep up the fight!

FrecklyCash1488 : The proud boys are a bunch of queers.

Ron Stevens : Gavin the great

Cardan011 : Gavin can be amusing, on some things he has a point but man it’s all diluted by deep rooted resentment he has, he does remind me of caricature of Tyler Durden from fight club

Jorge Diaz : I need to start some shit like that in México. Feminazis are going to flip!! LOL

Jambix McHades : This guy's a hero

yeah boy : The west side is the best side

Seth Rowley : i love this man

Chackers : "coming from a nation of homos": I'm confused: McInnes seemed to use "homos" disparagingly, yet started what's basically a homo CLUB. I mean, c'mon: no club rule is gayer than "no girls", right? Remember the Little Rascals' "He-Man Woman Haters Club"? McInnes's seems like the same thing, except they're not as mature.

Katrina Parham : Amen DILLY DILLY 🍻 to being Normal!

Seven Proxies : Gavin McInnes isn't redpilled enough. He still believe civic nationalism works.

Chris Bauman : This guy says he fights and wins yet doesnt know the basics of throwing a

Dub Gabriel : Even the moron leader is surprised how well sheep mentality works.

Ray winston smith : never start a fight, do your best to finish one.

Comicbookstoreguy177 : They should rename themselves the Butt Monkeys

Fredrick Parker : If your not racist then why dont you have a problem with the klansmen

Macca Dundee : Boys will be boys

John Tatum : I support the Proud Boys...good club!

AntoniaLeigh : My heart goes out to these boys. This is a shitty time in American history for sure, and the anger, frustration and desperation to act out in the last year or two is palpable.

Mike Bonavia : Imagine masculinity so fragile you create a whole club

Howard Fortyfive : Where do I *sign up?*

jeffrey brothers : contributing to the divided and qonquered narrative is pathetic when 75 % of the country don't identify with either fictional party,these imbeciles are the last of the problem,but not for long

Marcus Henderson : The very definition of Dunning-Kruger in action.


3in1butnotforfun : Meet the real life equivalent of the dude with the cleft lip in American History X. Everything he says is a joke. No substance, just a cult of personality. A bunch of dudes espousing the virtues of being “alpha,” yet worship a dude like he’s a king, joining a club because they have no sense of belonging and want to feel protected. Proud Boys join their gang for the same weak reasons anybody joins any gang. If you want to show your undying love for the West, be a “patriot” and feel like a badass, go join the military. If Proud Boys were actually fighting for the ideals they say they are, it might be different, but they aren’t. They prey on the weak kids with no sense of direction and no prospects, give him a club to join where they’ll make him feel like a prince just for acting like an ignorant douche bag. Unfortunately this means that almost any Proud Boy page you see ends up getting filled with comments about how good of feels to hit women and how they like to jack off to images of liberals in pain. Just a bunch of trash. And just for the sake of ethos, I’m from Oklahoma and I have a John Wayne quote tattooed on my leg. I know what traditional western values look like. Proud Boys ain’t it. They’re just another iteration of troll culture, which is actually one of the many banes of the West.

Sportsfan7 M : Loved it, I laughed the whole time! Love what you stand for !

Ben Hutchins : This 'proud boys' shit has got to be the lamest little boys club I've ever seen. I just watched an NBC video on it, full of beta males looking for someone to worship. Very sad.

Rowdy Proudy : proud of your boy!