How to open the gates

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This is the best way to open any gates For licensing and usage contact


SREE : *Top 10 people who are more intelligent than Einstein*

Dipesh Rawat :

MetroVerse : Now I have an easier way to grab a kid and take him to my van! Thanks!

Hey Dani : Sorry guys they patched it this update

Agamer : Who else scrolled down to the comment section to check if it still works or it got patched πŸ˜‚

Paradox Foke : And that's how Mafia works.

youtube user : IQ level = infinity

TroDaPro Z : Disliked. Instructions unclear. I ended up opening a can of beans.

Nikita A. : Does it work with any other color of gate or only red?

Grammar Police : I clicked on this video to laugh... I clicked off this video a new man...

FNAF Adventures and more! : This is the real "HowToBasic" channel. (No offense to anyone if this is somehow rude?)

Chewbacca Flocka Flame : Speaking of wasting precious time...


Cerdaspedia Indonesia : Wait, so i dont have to dig a hole under the gate to get in there?

34678643322 : The videos in my recommend gets weirder every day....

eduard0Fernandes : this made sense for like 2 seconds xd

LL Stylish : hue hue hue


FlyingOverTr0ut : Damn this is pretty advanced, I'm going to have to avoid gates until I get the hang of this.

Fringin Yogurt : You are really bold by bringing a camera into a kids play park πŸ˜‚

bgtkv4 : Instructions unclear. Accidentally threw my house out of the window.

_Bob McCoy : 1:11 The face you make when you trying not to laugh in serious situation

muhamad shafiq : Thank you for the tips. You've been a great help.

christopher sumi nags : I love gatis mandisπŸ’— Love from Nagaland India

Mustak Miah : The amount of time you have spent making the video is longer than the entire world opening the gate the wrong direction

JACOB LOL : Nobody This guys IQ 1000

ITSJUSTEDEN : I’ve been bambozold

SilentMemer : I was stuck in my house for all these years.. thank you!

DahChickenWing : Top 10 smartest anime moves

eknir27 : Why is this in my recommendations?!πŸ€”

Max Harvey : lvl 100 mafia boss

A F : Hi is a master of gates, that is why he is called Gates Kandis.

Laurennntiu : Why this video isnt in the educational category

Vector Moments : What was the point of this video?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

the anime guy : Can u open eight inner gates like might guy?

Kresna Mahendra : einstein left the chat

Mayank Vats : Thanks I had been struggling for a long time.πŸ™‚

Taureg : imagine saving this much time, it must be like living two lives at once

I'm the lost boy from Neverland : All of these recommendation video's are try to drive me crazy.. But thank god! Now i know how to open a gates πŸ˜€

Tulsi Purushothaman : You have the most beautiful gift : an accent

Kanklys : But the 1 minute and 11 seconds sacrifice will be always remembered..

I'm the lost boy from Neverland : I just wonder about something this time... Is he still there? And still try to make some variation of "how to open a gates"

P. Vat : Ooh.. This very helpful.. Now don't need to climb the fence/gate to go inside (-,-)

Kram : Hanibal ante portas, Dont Open!

Ajr Arif : What if it was a fence painted to look like a gate and you can't open it

King Aragorn II : This guy is a creep... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜ *Kidnappers guide.*

Justin : My parents bought me a few gates to practice on in my backyard until I get the hang of it

Adnan Aadil : Wlecome to your new recommended video without any reason

UNKNOWN FLAME : This guy is smart maybe the next Einstein