How to open the gates

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Rage X : harvard : you want scholarship?

SilentMemer : I was stuck in my house for all these years.. thank you!

Chipettes eat Chips : *1:10* That little “hmmm..” at the end when he’s so chuffed about his joke. Lol it gets me every time 😂😂😂😂

Nikita A. : Does it work with any other color of gate or only red?

Dipesh Rawat :

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : Wait, so i dont have to dig a hole under the gate to get in there?

Daniel Duvert : *im so proud of this community*

Spookypichacat : Thank you Genghis Khan, very cool

Himalayan cuber : So today I learnt to open a gate

RandomisedGaming : I would jump it... Then faceplant on the grass.

Morgan Lemons : Very educational

nunjoon : golly this clears things up

FNAF Adventures and more! : This is the real "HowToBasic" channel. (No offense to anyone if this is somehow rude?)

Dawasarion : Time.... I didn't save him. It was too late. Now he is gone... R. I. P Time 2000 - 2018

016 rlk : sorry sir but I believe you are not supposed to be within 500 metres away from the parks

Laurennntiu : Why this video isnt in the educational category

Comboq_ : Gee thanks I can escape the playground with the kids I capture

Avocado Sauce : Why didn't they teach us this in school?

AlykMaster : And that's how Mafia works.

Jake Wolfie : 1:06 through 1:11 “I hope you pull the gate like I pull the girls 😘😘😘”

Fressh : Not even lying this is genius. I will only pull gates from now on.

TB Tech : Instructions unclear I decapitated my fish

•김정은 : Bill gates way of success in a nutshell

Alex Sullivan : i was stuck behind the gate, then i watched this and once i made it through i found a winning lottery ticket on the ground

S4Ollie : The videos in my recommend gets weirder every day....

Andrew Novitsky : I didn`t get the mechanics for the first time but after 4 watches I finally did it. Thanks for the helpful info

Gabriel Caluya : Title: HowToBasic Explanation: The Action Lab

Caliou The fireman : If anyone who is confused I believe he is using magnets because usually gates never open Don’t quote me on that though

eduard0Fernandes : this made sense for like 2 seconds xd

MetroVerse : Now I have an easier way to grab a kid and take him to my van! Thanks!

Vishwadeep Sonawane : But does NASA approve this?

Scaxed : Thank you so much, I've been searching and there isn't any tutorial, you saved me!.

YN4Y : Every second I could have saved by this, I already wasted to learn this (:

10,000 Subscribers with no videos! : I've watched alot of Rick and Morty and I know for a fact that the fastest way to get past a gate is to jump over it!

Whaine Tongol : *Will in Stranger Things wants to know your location*

NadeKing : thanks for the tutorial!

duck : Why does this guy likely sound like Ainsley 🤔

Brady : Paedophiles love this video

Normal Boy : Now , do a video on how to close a gate.

Dawood Sayyed : So you were the one who pulled the girls.. 😂😂

FlyingOverTr0ut : Damn this is pretty advanced, I'm going to have to avoid gates until I get the hang of this.


youtube user : IQ level = infinity

Midnight Music : Omg I remember u from the x factor😂

Tesco is Cool : How did u figure this out?? Been looking for this for years

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : 1:11 This is the face of an educated person

MR SR20 : What a clown 😂

Zekijoy - : Your body would not be moving forward if you expect the gate to be opened so you lose time when you pull and its a push door since you're expecting a pull. It's rng 50% chance you lose time either way

Lil Bing : what is this 😂 lmaof

ALClips : How to open youtube