How to open the gates

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Morgan Lemons : Very educational

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : 1:11 This is the face of an educated person

Liam Wilson : harvard : you want scholarship?

hmm yes interesting. : *"Open Says Me"*

NadeKing : thanks for the tutorial!

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : Wait, so i dont have to dig a hole under the gate to get in there?

Laurennntiu : Why this video isnt in the educational category

-Đ a n t ē- : When she say she only like bad guys Door:(PULL) Me: *PUSH THE DAMN DOOR*

Vishwadeep Sonawane : But does NASA approve this?

martin 0000 : Think he's been nominated for the Nobel prize. Hope he gets it

Andrew Novitsky : I didn`t get the mechanics for the first time but after 4 watches I finally did it. Thanks for the helpful info

random zoe : *like I pull the girls*

Ashlynn Diviney : *INSTRUCTIONS UNCLEAR* I ended up with a gate stuck on my head!

Mike the Headless Chicken : Thanks bro was stuck at this gate wondering if i should lift it upward to open it

R3N3GAN : A Legend

Fressh : Not even lying this is genius. I will only pull gates from now on.

Noisey_ Melzy : You don’t pull no girls 😂😂

Mike the Headless Chicken : Great vid for alien spies in human world

FuriousNinja : The guy is living in 2058, while we are living in 2018

ElPénor : It's been 17 years since I'm locked behind this portal close to my home. My wife remarried, my son does not know whom I am. My name is Pierre and that's my story.

Sumukh : Non-misleading video doesn't exi...

Faiz The car guy : Is it patched tho?

Master Weegee : Man I cant believe that I was always wasting 1 second of my existence opening the gate the wrong way.😑

Shova Singh : Its all over my recom.... I am seriously gonna kill myself

Youssef Abdulkader : I am having a hard time clicking the subscribe button, do a video about it next!

Zapum Playz : Thanks for wasting my “precious time”

ALFA WOLF : *Of all the things I have to do... I am watching this... I am really really bored..*

This Person : LiKe I puLL tHe GorLS

Julz : James Blunt

FlyingOverTr0ut : Damn this is pretty advanced, I'm going to have to avoid gates until I get the hang of this.

Dhia Ghouma : How to open the *gatis*

All eyez On me : In College I thought this to my friends and teacher now I'm the no1 student of the College thank you

Jerry McDreamy : What if it’s locked

Ary Sh : *Harvard wants to know your location

Chirag Khurana : 1985 - We hope we'll get to see flying cars in 2015 2016 - *How to open a **_GATE_*

T the hedgehog : He pulls the gates then he pulls the girls

Steve KM : Like I pull the girls 😂😂😂

Panda Studioz : *Guys This got patched in update 1.3.. For now there is now possible way of opening this gate.*

nimo hobbs : Very informative.. Many thanks..

Mercutio : I don't get why this video got dislikes. It's exactly what the description said, it's not misleading at all

ZT Ghost : 100% Quality Content!

Anthony johnson : Why was this recommended

Bibo le Habib : This is excellent british humour !!!

Timotius _10 : Wow never thought i would have to use this!

Dan Motovlogs : After spending about 5 minutes of processing this video, this guy actually has a solid point.

Gald : I learned something new today :)

warriorprince101010 : Life saver.

Jab B : Lol this guy was on Britain's got talent

Akshay I : You have a very special talent.

Dean Natuno : *This is advanced level information!*