Thomas Sowell - Legacy of the Welfare State

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EthioMod : Wealth, Poverty, and Politics by Thomas Sowell has got to be one of the best books I've read.

fzqlcs : The officially stated goal of the War on Poverty was to reduce dependency on government. 50 years later. How did that work out?

Gordon Stewart : You learn more from Thomas Sowell by accident than from others by design.

glanemann : Someone put a mic in Sowells hand so he can drop it after he's done talking.

Phil Prof : Imagine how much greater this country could be if we had a thousand more Thomas Sowells...

Guardian of Gods Country : The democrat party destroys everything they touch .

kmg501 : People will vote to enslave themselves, I've known this for years. This is why our founders tried so very hard to make this nation a republic which they technically did. However (and they knew this would happen), it became a democracy. In a democracy people will eventually vote to enslave themselves, this is as plain as day and undeniable at this point.

Kon Berner : I can't get enough of Thomas Sowell: thanks for posting!

Brian Cox : Liberals are not the friends of the Black community, nor are they the friends of any minority. Indeed, liberals are not the friends of anyone. They are wolves in sheep clothing, intent on stabbing everyone in the back.


Devin Booker : Read, read, read, read Dr. Sowell. Disagree with him, attack his positions, formulate your personal philosophy against him. My favorite aspect of Dr. Sowell's work is that it is grounded in logic and backed by evidence. Weigh his logic, weigh his evidence, confirm it or cast contrary evidence it. All the while you will learn how to think, how to write, how to own an opinion and be proud of it.

heyitsablackguy : Wow this is outstanding information.

The Gerny : This guy is great. He's using common sense mixed with little known facts (that should be widely known) instead of emotion. Of course, because of that he's called Uncle Tom all the time by the left.

Kwaj : I'm willing to bet that 4 out of 5 black people don't even know who Thomas Sowell is. And that's woefully unfortunate.

Lisa T : EVERYONE should watch and read Thomas Sowell. He's one of the most brilliant and insightful men of our time. Not many people know this but he was once a leftist in his college days, but after working in the Govt he quickly found corruption and an agenda and neither were tolerable to him. He did a complete 180 degree turn to the right because he's smart enough to see the truth of things. Too bad vanity keeps too many others from realizing the same truths. No one wants to admit they were "taken for a ride by the left". Unfortunately, the mainstream GOP is going left and we the people are no longer represented by the majority of either side. Something's gotta give and soon because this country won't survive too much longer under leftist "rule" or policies. I was hoping that my fellow Americans were smarter than a fifth grader and that they'd stop electing Democrats into office. Especially since they aren't really Democrats any more. The Blue Dog moderate Dem is dead and has been replaced by socialists and communists. In 2012, even the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) complained that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) stole their platform. This is a known fact and can found here on the internet. As a matter of fact, look at Bernie Sanders, BHO and HRC, Terry McAuliffe, Martin O'Malley, Elizabeth Warren, Bill DeBlasio, etc., etc., etc. They aren't even hiding it anymore. O'Malley, DeBlasio and McAuliffe are all self-avowed communists but because they run under the (D) idiots will vote for them without batting an eyelash. Why? Because they are too ignorant or lazy to do a little research into who and what they are voting for. Sad times in America. No wonder the rest of the world thinks ALL Americans are fat, stupid and lazy. Quite a few of them ARE!

Tom Forsythe : It is also worth noting that 1960 was only 15 years after WWII and seven years after Korea. Most single-parent homes in the post-war era were so because the father was killed in combat, not because of illegitimacy.

Cevanfx : this guy used to be a Marxist until he saw the light. we need more people like Sowell

Houston Randolph : I agree Liberals are not minorities friends.

KarasekUS : Mr. Sowell, any form of forced redistribution of income *is by definition* slavery. Socialism or welfare state is slavery.

aburg10s : The Ultimate SJW head-explosion video

Cdr Paige : This man is a racist . . .oh . . .wait . . .

army av8r : I don't give a shit what color Sowell is (he could be purple pocka dotted for christ sake) the man is one of the few who simply states what everyone knows and are too scared to say simply because the Liberal PC Proletariat Police slanders anyone with an opposing opinion as 'racist' (Liberals are patently the most racist people I have ever seen in my lifetime)

Carlos Segovia : Thomas Sowell conversations should be mandatory in schools and colleges.

buru kenge : Can't believe I have never heard of this gentleman !

jae evans : Very informative information...

Flyin Fish : to put this another way, It's highly doubtful any company in the cold remedy business is spending its time and profits trying to come up with a cure

jakemf1 : I think drugs and the prison system and the break down of the family and society norms have change a lot! I bet the divorce rate among whites was as high as minorities! I also believe society has gotten more violent even if gun violence is at an all time low

SoonKickedOff : A modern, born free Freddie Douglass. A great man!

E101ification : As I'm getting older, it's becoming increasingly obvious to me that all the Left's attempts to 'help' black people are actually incredibly subtle methods of re-enslaving black people in the most insidious manner possible - by getting them to enslave themselves. I'm not blind to the racism the Right has been guilty of, honestly both ends of the political spectrum have got blood on their hands in this regard - but the current racism of the so called 'liberal' Left is by far more dangerous today.

Joseph Wells : Thanks, +LibertyPen for distilling this interview so well. I find the last point in this segment especially potent. He probably took the best available example from an allegorical standpoint, from what I can recall of inwardly collapsed insurgencies. It's a shame there doesn't seem to be anyone else with his level of basic economic nuance and grounded philosophical brilliance. I'm afraid that when he's gone we will never see another Thomas Sowell.

Goedelite Kurt : Pick your dates and your context, and you can demonstrate whatever bias you have. From the mid 1970s onward, the neoliberals gained control of the economy and crushed what was left of unions, and labor could no longer make demands based on the increasing productivity of the work-force. Real wages remained flat while productivity and corporate profits climbed. What climbed as well was long-term unemployment and with Bill Clinton administration, NAFTA began the shifting of US production and jobs to foreign locations. Clinton also began the hopeless deprivation of children by ending the ADC (aid to dependent children) that was part of the New Deal and Great Society heritage of the US. LBJ's programs to help the poor were sacrificed to the US aggression in southeast Asia. With Reagan began the bloating of the military budgets and austerity for the domestic side of the budget. Local services, dependent on federal subsidies, yielded those benefits to the arms merchants and war-mongers in a process that has grown worse, more punitive to most Americans, especially blacks to this very day. Prof. Sowell knows all this. He is a tool of the ruling elite.

Adrián Sanabria Sanabria : He should voice Darth Vader. "Luke, get a job and stop blowing things up!"

Christian : How does the War on Drugs play into this explanation? It seems noticeably absent from his list of things affecting minority communities :-\

joliettraveler : I almost always agree with Dr. Sowell, but from family experience, the Czechs did not want their language and culture to be overwhelmed by the Germans.  It was a matter of survival.

jumbojet8 : <3 Dr. Thomas Sowell. An American treasure. Thank you for posting!

The Triggering : Everyone in the USA should watch this. Thomas Sowell is a National Treasure.

Vlasta Molak : This is what misdirected compassion had created in USA: an underclass of dysfunctional people who have a plantation mentality. When 75% of black anbd 45% of white babies are born out of wedlock and often do not know who is their father, the poverty and crime go up as this kids grow like weeds on the streets having as role model drug dealers and pimps.

herb richmound : My family still prospered in the midst of segregation in Houston, Texas in the 50's-60's, we had separate bathrooms, water fountains, yet we owned a three bedroom home, had outstanding schools, black business flourished. When LBJ so-called 'War on Poverty' went into effect, black business dwindled and our best teachers were sent to other school districts that were mostly white. Liberals sabotaged the upward mobility of blacks, I witnessed it first-hand. Right On Sowell!!!

crabtrap : can you imagine an all black university made up of men/women staff like this? would produce so many great minds instead of the victim mentality of the kids today

CrowdPleeza : I think conservatives too often blame the welfare state for problems that are actually caused by high unemployment. Many Blacks who are on welfare are on welfare because they live in high unemployment areas. Many Blacks worked in manufacturing jobs. Those manufacturing jobs have declined.

Joey Doherty : The one problem I have with Sowel's argument is that he doesn't consider the population increase. It's true what he says about the difference of Black people now and 30 years ago, but you have to consider population increase when you compare now and then.

tatarjantar : I am Czech and I dont really get mr. Sowell´s point about our national revival, but i am surprised he did even mention that and that he even knows about it. The thing is - most people here in Czech lands (Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia) were bilingual, no matter if they were czech, german or jewish. Even Franz Kafka did speak czech, through he was german jew. The point was to make czech culture (and economy) competitive with german, which eventually led to improvement of the whole country.

Bill Darby : Man!  I'd never heard of Professor Thomas Sowell before watching this video.  His intellect and ability to correctly analyze and suggest solutions for many of our Country's problems today is amazing!  I wish that I had Professors of that quality!

Molon Labe : Forgive me for my late posts. I had no idea Dr. Sowell was still around.

Anthony Jackson : Unbelievable wisdom here...

Kha'al Amen : they're not liberals Tom, but otherwise I agree

Balty More : genius. Absolute genius.

Justin Wise : imagine how much better our society would be if People of ALL races listened and lived by the ways of basic decency and respect that Thomas Sowell displays? how is this man not in a more prominent role in our eroding society? It's amazing what happens when we remove God from government and society. divorce and lack of family are the direct result of what we see today. people put their selfish ambitions before family, and sustainability for future generations. I used to be an atheist, always trying to justify my disbelief with philosophy and science. There is no reason or explanation for love to exist without god. science can't explain it. If people like Dr. Sowell were listened to, our moral standing and quality of life would improve in America 10 fold.

CrowdPleeza : I think people need to know the difference between people who are welfare dependent and those who are welfare cheats. Most people who are dependent on welfare are like that either because of a lack of good paying jobs in their area or many of them not having enough education or job training to move out of poverty. Welfare cheats are simply those scamming the system in various ways. People should know the distinction between the two. Anyway,it's the welfare cheats who should be targeted with reform.

Wayne H : Awesome. Liberals are worse than slave owners upon the Black family.