Worst Fisherman

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Shybaka289 : Hair of a middle-aged mother. Face of a warrior. Body of a Mario Character.

The Campfire : *Emo He-man*

RE : Dude looks like an NPC that got stuck in the river so he keeps replaying the same looking around while holding sword animation

The Goddess Of Edge : He looks like an OC brought to life

karenagen hunder : Good thing he doesn't know how to use a katana otherwise he would have cut the whole river in half maybe even straight through the earths core

Eevee RealSenpai : I see that when ever anyone says "Why is he so triggered?" or "I don't see what's wrong here" There's always people going off on them saying "Oh you must have a disease like autism or ect." It's it really that bad for some person to ask a question out of curiosity? I think everyone's out of they're mind or something, sure the video looks dumb, nothing to get toxic over.

UnpopularToaster : Charlie, are you sure you're just not jealous of this man? I mean, that is pretty skillful of him to catch a fish. I know I'm jealous.

Clone Man : u seem mad bro is it because he is tall enough to wade through 1ft of water without being carried away? B^)

Hasan Ramic : Charlie needs to stop bullying Thor

Slo It Down : How many experience points did he get? He looks close to leveling up.

Thy MetalMan : Low key though this is actually pretty cool. Even though its dumb.

JPOG7 TV : Why are people so impressed by this? Like it's basically spear fishing with a katana heck the fish was huge so it's not hard to miss it.

Reality : So why is he bashing on him?

A D : He looks silly but this was actually pretty cool

Flame of Udûn : *teleports behind you* “Psssh...nothin personnel, fish...”

Rankurusu777 : Why the hate? IMO, I don't know if Charlie feels this way or he just hates the events that unfolded but what I saw was a dumbass who thought he'd advertise an impractical product by way of stabbing a large fish, putting himself at risk, then not using his catch, disrespecting the prey. You don't be wasteful of your catch, you don't do inefficient and risky methods of hunting... unless you're a dumbass. Nothing to do with if it was or wasn't cool or how successful it was or if the fish felt pain.

smashSpikeMC : hay penguinz0 you misspelt best Fisherman

Monika : The thumbnail looked like he was holding a leaf blower and was about to suck up the fish

CyberMario : I don't know. He was just doing things for fun. And it worked. It looks impressive to me.

Kaonus Maximus : Nemo got lucky again

Vixen Dais : *When your follower detects a slaughterfish*

S.O.A.D fanatic : "Congratulations Inbred Flintstone."

Sarude Danstorm : I'm kinda shocked at how few people see what's wrong in the context of this "fisherman" and what he's doing. Since when did Charlie have so many irrational fans?

Lil Miss Jay : I... I hate to disagree, Charlie, but, spearfishing's a regular thing that happens all the time, he just used a katana instead, and admittedly he caught an enormous fish in one strike, I don't get what you're so upset about? Not your best content, Charlie, gotta say, seems like you were really fishing for negative things to say about this guy with no real good reason.

Dacalsta : I don't know about you lot, but running a fish through in the middle of a stream whilst looking like the embodiment of a DayZ custom character seems a pretty good way of selling a machete shaped like a Katana to me.

VillYum : This is cool lol

Freakin'Usernames : I find it far more stupid that you seem to be personally offended by this. Am I missing some other bit of context? Is the fish endangered or something?

Uncle Tim : I actully didnt really find a problem with this video at all

snaco : i guess you could call it... swordfishing

Sunguluez456 : Why is he so triggered over this? He stabbed the fish and it worked, what’s the issue?

Almeogo Ogoemla : His hair is majestic tho

chef jeef : Whining about a dead fish being disrespected and how a somewhat admirable feat was just really dumb (however true that may be) This isn't content.

Miles Edgeworth : From the way you twisted your panties I thought I'd see him fail or something. Nope. You just made a double truckers style, butterfly buddha knot for a guy who did something he said he'd do. Alright, Charlie. I know content is getting dry but making fun of random people can't be the solution.

No this is Patrick : After the events of infinity war thor decided to catch a fish with a katana

seriall1337 : i actually thought it was kind of cool. A sword wouldnt be my first choice for fishing, but it looked badass. I love your channel, penguin, but there are better stuff out there to rant about.

The Captain : I think it's kinda cool actually

brett dalton : I can smell the cheap booze and trailor park trash emanating from this man

Ashman792 : I don't know. That was pretty cool, why all the hate? People spearfish all the time, and even if it's not efficient or just plain lucky, why does that really matter when he only wants to entertain?

Sidney Isais : *That’s a lot of DAMAGE!*

Bearded Man Bear : 23 y/old depressed Fortnite gamer gets triggered by elite fisherman hunting with a katana.

TheNadless : Charlie's content has declined badly over the years.

Eska Eskaria : Eh I don't see an issue with this. He said he was going to catch a fish, then caught a fish. Doesn't really matter how I mean its similar to a spear fisherman. A lot of native tribes still do it similar. Wade in, wait for the fish to stop noticing them then quick skewer it. Might have been funny if he fell over or failed but just a guy catching a fish in a slightly unorthodox way and a pretty big fish for two minutes of waiting is pretty damn good waste of time. Also fish don't have the pain receptors like most mammals and a quick skewering is probably more efficient than a 30 minute fight with a hook through the jaw, or being left to suffocate in a catch box on land, or worse deboned whilst still alive, or 99% of nature, getting torn apart by other animals whilst alive. This content seems pretty dry for your usual stuff.

FleshMincer : Holy shit though

Devon Palmer : I mean he did catch the fish so he's a decent fisher.

Kokonut Binks : He-Man looks like he's taking the adjustment to Earth poorly. He's reverted to savage ways and living in the wild, only one katana slice away from starvation.

1000 subscribers with Videos : Animal planet 2 reveal?

Totally Not A Bot : The new Aquaman looks good

INFStiff : “While you studied the rod, I studied the blade”

A Vsaucy Boi : *Bass Pro Shop training video* Where do you get these employee training videos?

Booson : You could stab that fish with a piece of rusty rebar. That doesn't make it combat rebar.